Two Tailor Made Ferrari California T models unveiled in Frankfurt

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2015

One day into the 66th Frankfurt International Motor Show and it is clear who has emerged as the start of the show. The 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider indeed caught the attention of everyone especially that of the press. From the journalists to the TV cameras and photographers, everybody crowded from morning until evening in order to see Maranello’s exhibit.

However the excitement did not start with the presentation of the 488 Spider. Rather it was with the announcement that Apple’s CarPlay will now be included in the whole range of Ferrari’s offering. It initially debuted with Ferrari FF and will now be part of the Ferrari California T as well.

In fact, two of the Tailor Made California T’s also drew additional attention. The first California T has the Grigio Titanio glossy bodywork. Meanwhile, the interior has the black and Antracite top leather with the fabric Blu Microprestige interior trim.

The second one is a throwback to the sporting legacy of the 1957 250 TR. This particular model was originally unveiled during the 1,000 Kilometre race held at Buenos Aires in January 1958. This California T carries that Piano Black exterior with the white and red detail for the front bumpers plus the Grigio Ferro Met matte grille.

The cabin on the interior mirrors the exterior by mixing the Rosso Cremisi with black leather as expected from the classic car.

Making the California T even more enticing is the use of the F1-Trac. For one it gives maximum acceleration especially when cornering.

The F1-Trac also makes use of the ESP 8.0 Premium system integrated with the CCM3 carbon-ceramic brakes with the latest composite pads and discs. This can control the ABS in order to achieve short stopping distances, specifically 34 meters 100 km/h to 0 km/h. By combining everything, it gives what every customer wants from the California T.

Dynamic controls, uncompromising architecture and a relaxed yet challenging driving experience – all of these truly reflect the Grand Tourer style. In order to retain the original dimensions of the California T while giving it a new personality, Ferrari’s own Styling Center worked in partnership with Pininfarina to revise its design.

The result is that the flanks serve as a tribute to the famed pontoon-fender styling of the 250 Testa Rossa. Other changes include the front wing line which stretches to its muscular and compact rear giving movement to its sides and an aerodynamic sleekness. The rear portion gets additional benefit through careful research on aerodynamics with the triple-fence diffuser.

The hood now has air vents that enhance the front radiator’s efficiency while helping to reduce the overall dimensions. Furthermore, the front bumper’s lower section has been profiled in order to better channel the air to its intercoolers.

Finally the cabin is hand-finished and has been trimmed with the luxurious semi-aniline leather. The actual space in the cabin is flexible. It also offers a generous boot capacity with either the top opened or closed. This is due to the exchange between the rear seats and the luggage compartment.


Powering the California T is the 3855cc V8 direct-injection turbo engine that’s able to have 560 cv at 7,500 rpm. The engine has the highest power output for its class at 145cv/l while torque peaks at 755 Nm when running in 7th gear.

Acceleration is remarkable, taking only 3.6 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h. Such acceleration is possible even when running in higher gears while delivering excellent fuel efficiency. An amazing addition to the engine is the technology that reduces inertia; thereby almost completely eliminating the turbo lag.

This is aided with the state-of-the-art twin-scroll turbines plus the flat-plane F1-derived crankshaft. Its trademarked Variable Boost Management software allows for an increase in the power of the pick-up by adjusting the amount of torque delivered, meeting the needs of the gear selected.

This also cuts down on the fuel consumption. Much like a Formula 1 car, turbocharging was implemented in order to address the need for an increase in the efficiency. Unlike the prior California T model, the new model has 70 cv more in power output and a 49% increase in its maximum torque yet manages to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%.

CO2 emissions have been lowered to 250 g/km and the CO2/horsepower ratio was reduced by 20% as well to 0.44 g/km/cv. Thus, the result is that the range of the new California T has been increased by 15%. California T’s turbo engine manages to attain unparalleled achievement by creating very powerful sounds that becomes imposing as the revolutions increase.

This is due to the meticulously designed turbo housing, three-piece cast exhaust manifold, and flat-plane crankshaft, made with the latest and cutting-edge production techniques. In addition to the engine power, the California T is also proud to show its sports car dynamics.

This is all due to the improvement in the response of the steering wheel and reduction of the steering wheel activity which has been made possible with a new suspension set-up and steering box.

Considering that it has the latest springs plus the magnaride dampers that are 50% faster and then combined together with the body motion accelerometers, these allow for the reduction in the pitch and roll of the car. Thus handling is made more precise while comfort remains guaranteed.

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As the first day draws to a close, there is no doubt about the real star of the Frankfurt International Motor Show: the 488 Spider. Maranello’s stunning new V8 dazzled on a Ferrari stand thronged from morning to evening by journalists, photographers and TV cameras.

But the 488 Spider was far from the only good news from the Prancing Horse at Frankfurt. First and foremost came the announcement that Apple CarPlay is being extended to the entire range having premiered on the FF and then been made available on the California T.

The two Tailor Made California Ts on the stand most definitely drew the cameras too. The first is strikingly modern with glossy Grigio Titanio bodywork, an Antracite top and black leather and Blu Microprestige technical fabric interior trim.

The second California T clearly references the sporting heritage of the famous 1957 250 TR which had its maiden outing in the Buenos Aires 1,000 Kilometre race in January 1958. It has Piano Black bodywork with sporty red and white detailing on the front bumpers and a matte Grigio Ferro Met grille. The livery colours are mirrored in the cabin which mixes black leather with extensive Rosso Cremisi, exactly as per the classic track car.

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