Vauxhall/Opel introduces ‘The One Euro Car’ ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show debut

Article by Christian A., on September 11, 2011

Vauxhall/Opel will introduce a radical concept car for the Frankfurt Motor Show that will outline its future plans for inexpensive personal urban mobility. Vauxhall said that this concept, which has not been named yet, has “production potential.” It claims that it may “revolutionize urban transport,” particularly for the younger buyers and those who have a limited budget.

Vauxhall/Opel hasn’t revealed plenty of details about this vehicle but we know that it is a two-seater in a tandem layout and is approximately one-third of the weight of a contemporary small car.

Vauxhall/Opel asserts that as the concept’s weight is lower, it becomes agile and more enjoyable to drive. An electric powertrain, which has yet to be specified, powers this concept.

As a result, it has a 60-mile range and a top speed of 75mph. Vauxhall said that this is enough for the concept to be practical on short motorway trips.

The concept’s styling is loosely based on Vauxhall’s Ampera extended-range electric saloon, specially the front end. Another nifty design detail is the integration of the door mirrors into the front wings.

The passengers would find themselves inside a big aerodynamic glass pod and its doors will probably not be traditional. In addition, its rear two wheels are housed outboard.

The Opel RAKe’s vast potential is seen in its innovative design. It has bodywork that uses a fully recyclable material while also having a tandem passenger compartment that looks like a glider. The car has a huge and spacious cockpit that gives passengers better visibility.

The front seat, armrests and steering columns can tip forward for easy access, and this may be controlled via your smartphone. The driver can also adjust the steering wheel and the pedals for more comfortable driving.

The sporty look of this two-seater is made even more obvious by the chassis components that you can see, such as the rear swing-arm and the wheel-integrated front disk brakes. The rear wheels have a 600 millimeter tread width, making it more agile.

Low running costs for the "1-Euro Car"

The development philosophy of low mass, utmost efficiency, simplicity and outstanding performance is also seen in the RAKe's overall look. The car appeals to a wide range of customers, including the young, the technology fans and those who care for the environment. As such, the cool appearance of the car is a selling point on top of its fuel efficiency.

The car measures three meters long and 119 centimeters high, making it very aerodynamic. The car also gives you no-emission driving at very low running costs. Charging the battery takes three hours, costing you about a euro. And that single charge can take you to up to 100 kilometers! This is achieved with the help of the car’s light weight, minimalist front, very efficient electric propulsion, and the low rolling resistance.

Energy consumed for every person is up to 10 times lower than a traditional small car. The cockpit has displays that show you the battery’s remaining charge and the nearest charging station, as well as heating and cooling controls and infotainment system

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