Learn crafting tips for Bethesda’s Fallout 4

Article by Christian A., on November 15, 2015

Crafting is an essential feature in the new Fallout game, Fallout 4, that players should be able to master. This feature is very important if you want to come up with the big guns to fight the deadly mutants of the wasteland.

The alternative is to continue exploring the wasteland with the usual 10mm pistols, and the melee weapons that you find along the way. However, that won’t work against the super mutated creatures of the wasteland.

First, to craft, you will have to acquire materials. In a world like Fallout 4, you won’t find it hanging around your workshop. You’ll have to get out there to the Wasteland and find the parts that you need.

In a landscape devastated by a nuclear meltdown, the Wasteland will have all sorts of materials for you to sort through. You’ll be surprised at how much scrap you can find that you can turn into surprisingly useful weapons.

That’s Fallout 4 for you, a post-apocalyptic world where anything is shockingly possible. Head back to your stronghold and get to work on your workbench, and you’ll have those weapons ready in no time. Next step in crafting is to understand which parts of the gun you can modify or upgrade to come up with some killer effects and firepower.

You’ll find the crafting in Fallout 4 a wonderful thing, because modding a weapon, if done properly, can give you a weapon that you can use to blast away at those Death Claws and Feral Ghouls up until the end of the game. You won’t have to discard an enhanced weapon unless you run out of space for a new and more powerful gun.

The first part of the gun that you can modify is the barrel. If you modify your gun’s barrel, you’ll be assured that the gun will have improved accuracy and range.

Handguns sure can be great with a longer range and accuracy, but their firepower renders that upgrade nearly useless. Save those barrel upgrades for the ranged weapons like assault weapons and sniper rifles instead. Barrel upgrades can also improve shotgun spread and firepower.

Next in line is the receiver, the portion where the first stages of firing a gun occurs. The receiver is where the bullet is fed into the chamber, and where the action of the firing pin to launch a bullet is initiated.

If you upgrade your gun’s receivers, it means that it will directly affect your firepower and thus boost the damage that you deal to enemies. However, because it is a central component of your firearm, it will also result to drastic changes in weight and rate of fire.

Sights, when upgraded, also give you better accuracy. Often times, you’ll find yourself upgrading your sights purely for the aesthetics and rarely for the accuracy. However, some guns can have sights that are obstructive or distracting, and could make it difficult for you to aim.

Aside from improving your tunnel vision, sights don’t serve any major function at all even when upgraded.

Magazines can also be upgraded. These bullet carriers can have interesting results when you modify these, so you can experiment and see what’s best for your playing style. Because they carry the bullets for your gun, magazine upgrades can have effects on the gun’s weight. They can also affect firing rate as well.

Stock or grip upgrades demand a lot of material from you. So, don’t attempt to upgrade any gun’s stock or grip if you don’t have a lot of metal or wood lying around.

If you’re planning to do so, make sure to scour through the Wasteland as thoroughly as you can first. Upgrading the stock and grip can have effects that are both functional and aesthetic – they make the gun more accurate, but heavier as well and look different from before it was upgraded.

Finally, we have the muzzle. These are basically attachments that are added to the barrel of the gun. These attachments can perform a wide variety of functions. If you attach a bayonet to a barrel, it gives you an extra melee capability that can get you out of tight spots in close quarters combat.

If you want to silence your weapon, you add a suppressor or silencer. This part of the gun is worth upgrading especially if you want to customize the gun to your own preferences and playing style.

Crafting is but one of the things that you can do in Fallout 4, which is now out on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Grab your copy now!

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