PS4 gamers await arrival of Gran Turismo Sport in spring of 2016

Article by Christian A., on October 28, 2015

The latest Gran Turismo iteration: GT Sport has been launched at the Paris Games Week PlayStation Press Conference to the delight of gamers all over the world. No less than Kazunori Yamauchi, together with SCEE CEO & President Jim Ryan, was present at the unveiling.

Set to arrive in PS4 next year, the game was built with technologies that have upgraded its sound, graphics, and physics. Because of these achievements, this game is now being lauded for being the most realistic driving simulator ever created.

However, GT Sport goes beyond being a totally awesome simulator. Its creators had intended this game to kick off a motorsports revival as it offers a novel way of experiencing driving. Let us look at how the FIA Gran Turismo Championships are laid out.

In the world of Gran Turismo Sport, two online championships that have been officially sanctioned by the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) are taking place at the same time. If you enter the Nations Cup, you can choose the home country you wish to represent.

Meanwhile, in the Manufacturers Cup, the choice is made among the car brands. The awarding for those who win the championship is similar to how actual motorsport winners are celebrated. They experience the prize-giving ceremony.

This moment is anything but trivial as this marks the first time that a video game will receive official recognition in the real motoring industry. Online racing won’t ever be the same again as players’ experiences will become more authentic.

This won’t have been possible without the assistance of the FIA who helped develop the game. Its impact isn’t limited to online racing as the GT teams have boosted its accessibility so that everyone can enjoy the game. The spring of 2016 is quickly creeping up so PS4 players need not wait long before they embark on another glorious journey.

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