Grand Theft Auto V to take place in Los Angeles

Article by Christian A., on October 31, 2011

It appears that the next Grand Theft Auto would be set in Los Angeles, a source has confirmed to Kotaku recently. These rumors have been around since years ago but this latest report strengthens the idea.

The game will be set in a version of L.A., bringing it to San Andreas, the last place that received the GTA treatment. Numerous other sources said that the game will make use of more than just one playable character. This would seem to be a natural progression for the series.

After the PlayStation 2's Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City were released, PSP games that were set in the same cities as those console games permitted each player to control just a single new character. These games helped strengthen the idea that there's more than one life worth living in a Rockstar-made GTA city.

After the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, the series' creators at Rockstar Games then permitted gamers to play as a second and then a third character in an identical high-definition version of Liberty City. Those who purchased the base game and the two downloadable episodes have the opportunity to select from the GTA IV's menu.

They could play Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz or Luis Lopez, with each getting their own extended and unique playable story. A GTA V that has more than one playable hero would expand this concept even further.

Grand Theft Auto, the phenomenal open-world video game by Mike Dailly and David Jones, was actually first published under DMA Design’s Rockstar North. The same videogame series was later on given its new titles by Aaron Garbut, Leslie Benzies and brothers Sam and Dan Houser.

The game plots revolve around the famous American neighborhoods (i.e. State of California, New York and Miami). Thus, it only makes sense that the places have been named San Andreas, Vice City and Liberty City. The very essence of the title Grand Theft Auto refers to car robbery (particularly in the US).

The initial release covered the three fictional settings mentioned above. After the first series though, Grand Theft has focused more on one fictional city and its exploitable surroundings. This is the fun part about open-world gaming, by the way. The gameplay is all about the player’s ability to progress in the story (or by doing some objectives). Aside from this, there are several side missions to keep them hooked throughout the game. Overall, Grand Theft has all the racing elements, stealth mechanics, a bit of role-playing, 3rd person shooting and the adventure packed driving theme.

In spite of its popularity, the videogame series went through an awkward stage for its very violent and adult nature. After all, the main characters are mostly criminals involved in car theft. Surprising enough, the anti-heroes are the ones that betrayed the main character along the story. Either way, both sides are involved in something illegal right from the beginning.

In the meantime, Grand Theft Auto III, the 3rd and biggest installment now also comes in 3D. DMA Design started the game series in 1997. In 2014, the British video game developer offers a total of 11 individual game titles and 4 expansion packs under its billing. In September 2015, the British developer exported over 235 million units of the GTA series. The Telegraph considers the brand as one of Britain’s leading exports in the industry.

Shortly after its 3rd installment, Grand Theft became more popular than ever. The critically acclaimed videogame has inspired other developers to create new titles under the “open-world” game category. Also, some famous Hollywood actors and vocalists from the music industry even landed a role in the series. Grand Theft used the voices of Peter Fonda, G’N’R’s Axl Rose, Phil Collins, Debbie Harry, Samuel L. Jackson, Dennis Hopper as well as Ray Liotta and the veteran Burt Reynolds just to name a few.

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