Jenny LeClue – a “coming of age” detective story that’s rich in emotion and time period feels

Article by Christian A., on December 19, 2015

Jenny LeClue will bring an interesting and emotionally diverse “coming of age” story of an eponymous young female detective. Jenny lives in a fictional city called Arthurton, which she is bored of, and soon notices that nothing is what it seems in her own hometown.

Things come to a head when somebody accuses her own mother of murdering someone, prompting the young detective to embark on a journey to investigate the clues and leads, and to attempt to reveal the real story in order to exonerate her mother from the charges.

However, Jenny is not without considerable opposition. The local sheriff is watchful, and unidentified forces are hard at work to make sure that she doesn’t get to the bottom of the problem and find out the truth. Unexplained events also occur, including a lake that suddenly decided to glow at night.

As she gets on with her exploration and investigation, Jenny eventually comes to terms with her own limitations – she learns about her own strengths as she stretches her deductive skills to the limit, while facing her own weaknesses. Speaking of strong points, the game has quite a lot that it offers the player.

According to the developers, the game employs an interactive plot where the protagonist, Jenny, is not the only central piece. You also have the narrator of the story, the author Arthur K. Finklestein, who wrote the adventure books that encompass Jenny’s world and who also acts as guide in the game.

The best way to describe Jenny LeClue is to think of it as “choose your own adventure,” as players make decisions in the game that will influence the outcome of not only the game, but future sequels as well! The story is played by a cast that’s populated by characters of different personalities and types.

At the center of it is young Jenny, who is described as a sharp-eyed detective with a very strong instinct that allows her to discern clues when conversing with suspects. When investigating suspects, Jenny can make searches to find new clues, ascertain whether the suspect is innocent or guilty or to expand the dialogue by picking between her options.

Being set in a mid-century world, Jenny is not your usual detective. She has no electronic gadgets or access to Wi-Fi to research clues about her case. You’ll have to explore the expanse of the world of Arthurton, which gives players access to a lot of locations including an abandoned mine, a derelict graveyard, and a museum.

Of course, you have the mysterious glowing lake that you can explore. The developers have completed the immersive experience by populating the world of Jenny LeClue with beautiful hand-drawn works of art that serve as background for the game. The style employed in coming up with the artwork envisions the feel of the atmosphere of the game’s time period.

Jenny LeClue took a year to develop. The team’s three developers took on the Herculean task of creating the story, designing the world and animating the scenes and the game itself. Fully funded by cash generated from a successful Kickstarter campaign, the developers utilized their love for mystery and adventure stories to develop a story that’s not only interesting but is rich with emotion.

Now, they are ready to release the game exclusively to the PlayStation 4, which the developers describe as a great platform for independent game developers. They invite readers to follow their blog, through which they will be sharing facts about the game’s development in the future.

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