The Walking Dead: Season Two, Magicka 2 available for free for PlayStation Plus members in November 2015

Article by Christian A., on November 2, 2015

The full lineup of free games for members of the PlayStation Plus service has been announced. Leading the pack is the bestselling PlayStation 4 game based on the popular TV series – The Walking Dead: Season Two.

The game is all about the young girl Clementine, whom the player has to control and guide through the post-apocalyptic world devastated by the zombie outbreak. The second game takes place many months after Clementine’s ordeal in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine still continues to search for a place of safety. She is haunted both by the undead hordes and some living people will evil intentions.

The game allows the player to make critical decisions that will have an impact on Clementine’s fate and her survival in the face of the undead. This way, the game tests your sense of morality and your will to simply survive the world that has been turned into a slaughterhouse by the undead hordes. Your decisions will influence the flow of the story, so get set for a very unique experience courtesy of the developers at Telltale Games!

PlayStation 4 gamers can also download Magicka 2 for free in November. Prepare for some funny moments when you use your spells on your friends as a prank, or when your friends play tricks on you as well. Of course, you can also fight monsters using your elemental magic. Get ready to explore a world that almost has no wizards around, except for the protagonists.

Wizards have almost been wiped out in Midgard, thanks to the events of the Wizard Wars. You’d find few wizards around, but they’d be traumatized by what had happened that they’d probably not take you in that easily.

However, evil continues to lurk in Midgard prompting Vlad and four wizards to cleanse Midgard of any bad elements in this comedic take on magic and wizardry. You can look forward to exercising your creativity in Magicka 2. You can create your own spells using the 8 available elements. Mix these elements together and come up with interesting spells that you can use to your advantage against enemies, and even on your friends!

Of course, you can also craft powerful Magicka spells using occult mixes. Create those spells and cast them to see hilarious and interesting results. You can also use Artifacts, a new feature added to Magicka 2. Artifacts give you the ability to do certain actions in the game, like strengthening certain elements, pranking your friends and enemies, and many more!

Here’s the full line-up of the free PS4 games for November: The Walking Dead: Season 2 (PS4), Magicka 2 (PS4), Mass Effect 2 (PS3), Beyond Good & Evil (PS3), Dragon Fin Soup, PS4, PS Vita (PS3 Cross-Buy when available), and Invizimals, PS Vita. The games can be downloaded for three on your console, so get those hard disk space ready for these great games.

Only available for members of the PlayStation Plus service! Happy playing! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think about the PS Plus November 2015 lineup of free games! 

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