Rocksteady Studios releases DLC content for Batman: Arkham Knight

Article by Christian A., on December 22, 2015

Rocksteady Studios has released a slew of downloadable content for the Batman: Arkham Knight game. These DLCs are available from the PlayStation Store. Here’s a rundown of what people can expect when they download these new content to their copy of Batman: Arkham Knight.

First and foremost, the DLC updates now add the 2016 Batman vs. Superman Batmobile and Batsuit Skin. This means that, through this DLC, Batman: Arkham Knight players will be able to dress up the Dark Crusader in the game with the Batsuit that is set to make its big screen debut in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. They’ll also get to use the Batmobile version in the movie as well.

With the new DLC, players can now gauge the performance of the new Batmobile. They can now cruise through Gotham City in Zak Snyder’s vision of the vehicle, or even compete in the racetracks.

Rocksteady Studios has worked in cooperation with the production team of Dawn of Justice to make sure that the digital version remains faithful to the incarnation that will appear on the film. Everything, from the handling to the sounds of the engine, was copied with somebody from the production team providing oversight.

The studio encourages players to take a photo of what they do with the Dawn of Justice Batmobile, and share it on PlayStation Share. Best of all, the Batman v Superman Batmobile Pack is available for free! Season Pass holders, however, have the privilege of getting the pack one week early. The DLC updates also continue the story of Batman: Arkham Knight in the main campaign. Through these DLCs, players can play as Catwoman and Robin.

Catwoman, or Selina Kyle, is playable in the “Catwoman’s Revenge” episode where she takes revenge on the Riddler by attacking the villain’s robot factory. On the other hand, Robin’s episode, “Flip of a Coin,” has Robin on the heels of Two Face after he escaped detention in the Gotham City Police Department.

Assisting him is Barbara Gordon. The episode will feature the iconic Hells Gate Disposal and Legal Services, where Robin will confront Harvey Dent, a/k/a Two Face. Aside from the main storyline, players can also take on two AR Challenge maps that are included with each episode.

The new DLCs will also bring two AR Challenges to the Nightwing Arkham Episode: GCPD Lockdown, as well as introduce a new Crime Fighter Challenge Pack that will bring content that includes Freeflow Combat, Silent Predator and Dual Play Predator.

With these new DLCs, players can now select which character they’ll want on any of the Silent Predator maps released thus far. You’ll also get the chance to stretch all of your Batmobile’s legs on two new racetracks as part of the WayneTech Track Pack.

These fiendish courses were designed by Bruce Wayne to test the limits of the Batmobile prior to tackling the forces of The Arkham Knight. And staying with the Batmobile, we’re also bringing you a new Riddler themed Batmobile skin and the Tim Drake Robin Skin Pack that not only includes a bright red paint job for the Batmobile, but also has a new Tim Drake skin for Robin himself.

Furthermore, the WayneTech Track Pack DLCs will bring two new racetracks that players can test out the new Batmobile in. You can expect these racetracks to be extreme, as they were designed to push the Batmobile to the limit as part of Bruce Wayne’s preparations for squaring off against the Arkham Knight. Finally, the Batmobile gets a new paint job based on the Riddler while Robin can wear a brand new Tim Drake skin.

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