Star Wars Battlefront launches today, what should you expect

Article by Christian A., on November 17, 2015

DICE has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in developing war games for various platforms, and it is poised to achieve the same success with the new Star Wars Battlefront game slated for release on PS4 today, November 17.

Star Wars Battlefront carves a niche for itself in the first-person shooter market. Unlike most of its contemporaries, the new Battlefront game features user-friendly controls. Gamers will not have any difficulty at all in learning the ropes in this exciting new Star Wars video game, regardless of their level of experience in FPS.

The game’s intuitive controls are complemented by excellent shooting gameplay. The game itself is fully rounded out by excellent character development, and a wide range of gameplay modes to choose from.

However, what really sets this game apart is its amazing arsenal, which now has been expanded after the multiplayer beta testing that was launched last month. The remarkable weapons so far in Star Wars Battlefront that’s worth mentioning include the T-21B Targeting Rifle.

This is, in FPS parlance, a sniper rifle. It delivers excellent damage from a long range perch. However, unlike the usual sniper rifle in FPS game, the T-21B combines its accuracy with a great firing rate. After all, this is Star Wars. For those who love close quarters combat, the CA-87 Shock Blaster is the weapon of choice.

The Blaster makes short work of armored enemies, shooting forth blaster bolts the way an Earth shotgun does. Of course, there’s Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster Pistol, which is deadly for its accuracy and rate of fire. If you love going rock-and-roll on your oncoming targets, then you can use the EE-3 Blaster Rifle.

No matter which weapon you pick from Star Wars Battlefront’s sizable arsenal, however, you can be assured that each of them will be a joy to handle and watch on the screen. DICE, indeed, is a force to reckon with among FPS developers. In addition to the blaster pistols and rifles, you also have the Star Cards.

These are secondary gear that you equip in addition to your main weapons. However, they can be instrumental to you surviving through a round or not. Star Cards include Chewbacca’s Bowcaster, a Barrage grenade launcher and an Ion Torpedo. You’ll find a lot of unlockable character abilities, as well as power ups that you can collect as you play through the game.

Have you always been frustrated with your blaster heating up too fast that you’d have to step back from the fight, giving your enemies an opportunity to close in? You can use Charged Star Cards, which give temporary boosts like slowing down blaster overheating, or temporarily put up a force field to protect yourself for a limited amount of time.

The feature that you really want to look forward to is the Heroes and Villains that are playable through the game’s Hero Hunt mode. When you play this mode, you have a chance of playing as a Hero or a Villain. The character is chosen at random, and only one player at a time could take on that role.

It will then be the other players’ mission to kill the Hero or Villain, and whoever kills one will take on the role in the next round. It makes for an interesting take on the classic “Tag, You’re It!” game. Playable characters include Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, the bounty hunter Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine, among others.

There’s also the Cargo Mode, a sort of Capture the Flag in Battlefront. The competition is centered on who gains complete control over 10 packages. Last but not the least, DICE has made a breakthrough in the game’s graphics.

All of the sprites in the game are rendered with extreme attention on detail – from the Ewoks to the giant Sarlacc that devoured Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi, and many others.

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