2011 Chevrolet Volt European pricing announced

Article by Christian A., on March 7, 2011

Germany-based Opel just can’t seem to catch a break as while it is planning to launch its Ampera plug-in hybrid, General Motors Co. swoops in and decides to sell the Volt in Europe, in Germany specifically. The Volt is expected to go on sale in the near future and it will be available in Europe for EUR41,950, (inclusive of VAT).

For Europe, GM will offer the same eight-year/160,000 km warranty as in the US on the Voltec power train. GM announced this plan during the recently held 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

Interestingly, Opel had displayed the Ampera, by Wayne Brannon, Chevrolet Europe president, at this show. And at the same time, Opel's PHEV was introduced in production version guise. Wayne Brannon, president and managing director of Chevrolet Europe, said that the Volt is the “best solution on the planet today for worry-free electric driving.”

Brannon said that its price in Europe is based on the U.S. Volt price adjusted for transportation cost, import duties, exchange rates and homologation. Many are now waiting to see how the German authorities will react to GM’s decision to sell the Volt in Germany at this time.

The Voltec propulsion system is the core of the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt has a total of 350 miles of range owing to the combination of the system’s powerful drive and the efficiency of its range-extending engines.

Depending on the terrain, manoeuvring techniques, and temperature, the Chevrolet Volt’s 111-kW (149-hp) electric drive can range from 25 up to 50 miles, and is free from fuel emissions as well as tailpipe emissions. This is achieved using the energy stored in its long life battery, which is a T-shaped 16-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is 5.5-foot long and weighs 435-pounds (198.1 kg).

Manufactured in Brownstown Township, Mich., the Chevrolet Volt’s battery is designed with durability, reliability, performance, quality, value, and safety in mind. It comes with an eight-year warranty for 100,000 miles. The Volt’s battery is 95 percent designed and engineered by GM. Each of its 161 components has been tested and validated to comply with numerous specifications. Even after completing over a million miles and spending four million hours validating and testing the Volt’s battery packs, along with its modules (9) and prismatic cells (288), since 2007, the engineers at GM continue to develop, validate, and test these battery packs.

GM’s Executive Director for Global Electrical Systems Micky Bly said it commits to deliver reliability, performance, quality, value, and safety to its customers at the highest standards, in acknowledgment of their customers’ commitment to reducing petroleum dependence.

When the Chevrolet Volt has depleted its battery’s energy, it transitions effortlessly to its extended-range mode. From its superior 1.4L 63-kW (84-hp) gasoline engine, it inverts power to the unit’s electric drive unit, which allows an extra range of up to 310 miles.

With top speed capacity of 100 mph, the Volt’s electric drive can be dynamic. At 273 lb.-ft. (368 Nm), the unit’s low speed torque is above par. In less than 9.0 seconds, it can reach 0 to 60 mph and in less than 17 seconds, it can achieve a quarter mile.

With regards to battery charging, the Chevrolet Volt boasts of an intuitive and simple system. The unit can be charged using either 120V or 240V electrical outlets. Charging is completed in 10 to 12 hours for 120V outlets and approximately four hours for 240V charging stations. Immediate or delayed charging can be scheduled once the unit is plugged in. In addition, charging can be coordinated to match departure times and lower electricity rates.

The Volt can also be remotely managed and monitored. Owners can check MyVolt.com on their computer or download the Chevrolet Mobile App, a smart phone application powered by OnStar MyLink.

Refined Chevrolet Volt is designed to amaze

The sleek and bold Chevrolet Volt has a high-class sport sedan appeal. Its performance-oriented bearing gives the viewer a gauge of the unit’s electric drive capacities. Its performance is attributed to the premium execution plus wide tracks for both the front and rear (61.2/62.1 inches [1556/1578 mm]), a wheelbase of 105.7-inch (2685 mm), its wheels-out stance, and a sculpted belt line.

According to Director of Design Bob Boniface, they have created a revolutionary car in Volt. Not only does it make a sleek and dynamic statement with its design but it also boasts of premium technical execution.

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