2011 Geneva Auto Show: Hamann Guardian based on Porsche Cayenne

Article by Christian A., on March 4, 2011

Hamann has always been known for its slogan of “Nothing is impossible.” This was proven when Hamann revealed the extensive parts programme it used for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Based in Laupheim, the company has been around since 1986, developing products aimed at improving sporty automobiles. Technicians of the company used the knowledge gained from the numerous successful motor sports races and it is this competence that they use which becomes the foundation for the Hamann refining programme.

The different results include having a firm sports brake system, aerodynamic parts that help lower the uplifting forces, and powerful performance improvements. Extending the product range even further are the exquisite interior modifications that include carbon and aluminum as well as the light XXL alloy rims. With its new design, the Hamann Guardian is now an attention grabber that gives on-road and off-road driving pleasures.

Highlighting the quality of its aerodynamics kit are the perfect surfaces and the custom-made production. The front part is now more dynamic with the main feature being the front apron that has been extended farther and that houses the large air inlets. While the full beam headlights and the fog light already come with LED technology, the addition of the integrated daylight running lights, which also use LED, boost the passive safety of the vehicle.

The front engine benefits from having an ultra-light carbon bonnet, that has a slit "power dome", since it allows for optimal ventilation. Its muscular appearance is all thanks to the wing extensions and its side skirts which lengthen the vehicle at the front by 120 mm and at the back by 160 mm.

Completing this perfect appearance is the integrated diffuser on the rear apron. The rear apron also allows for the two central stainless steel end pipes, each having a width of 120 mm, which underscores the deep sports exhaust system. In addition to having amazing sound, this South German customization expert also made sure to increase the performance.

By being able to combine different components like an optimized engine map, sports air filter, sports catalysts, and sports silencer, the performance has been upped to 550 hp / 405 kW, which is possible at 6,100 rpm. Torque has been increased as well and is now 770 Nm and available from 2,300 rpm to 4,600 rpm. Because of this, the improved Porsche-SUV has a 300 km/h top speed with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in merely 4.6 seconds.

Capable of excellent deceleration, the Hamann Guardian owes this to the CERAMIC sports brake system that was developed alongside MOV´IT. On the front are the six-piston calipers with brake discs measuring 420 x 40 mm, while the rear has the four-piston calipers with the 380 x 32 mm brake discs.

When it comes to the wheel-tyre combination, the company suggests the ultra-light Unique Forged 11Jx23 inch rims, which fits the 315/25 R23 Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres and give it an individual yet powerful look. Improving its virile appearance even further is the Hamann underbody components.

Since the Cayenne has air suspension, the company made sure to develop for this a sports module. Because of this, it is possible to lower the Hamann Guardian for a maximum of 35 mm. For its interior, Hamann made sure to exclusively use first class materials.

The dashboard has masterly stitched embroideries with the seats getting an additional emphasis due to the amazing overall impression resulting from the full leather equipment. Its steering wheel has been redesigned and this allow for a more comfortable grip. Enhancing the center consoles and instruments is the use of carbon components.

Press Release

Hamann Guardian - Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Nothing is impossible - Hamann sticks to this motto when presenting its extensive parts programme for the current Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Already since 1986, the company based in Laupheim develops products for refining sporty automobiles. The Hamann technicians thereby draw their knowledge from hundreds of successful motor sports races. The competence gained there is the basis for the Hamann refining programme. This results in powerful performance enhancements, aerodynamic components reducing uplifting forces and a firm sports brake system. Striking XXL light alloy rims and most precious interior modifications made of aluminium and carbon further extend the product range.

Haute Couture for Porsche SUV

With its new designer outfit, the Hamann Guardian turns into a striking eye-catcher for on- and off-road driving pleasures. Tailor made production and perfect surfaces underline the quality of the Hamann aerodynamics kit. The far more extended front apron with larger air inlets is the core component of the dynamic front.

Integrated additional daylight running lights as well as full beam and fog lights in LED technology increase the passive safety. An ultra-light carbon bonnet with a slit "power dome" renders optimal ventilation of the front engine. The Hamann Guardian draws its virility from wing extensions with side skirts which extend the car by impressive 120 millimetres at the front axle and 160 millimetres at the back. The

Hamann rear apron with an integrated diffuser perfects the superior appearance and provides room for the two central stainless steel end pipes measuring 120 millimetres in width, the highlight of the sonorous sports exhaust system.

Rich V-Sound renders pleasant goose pimples

Apart from excellent sound, the Southern German refiner puts special emphasis on an extensive performance increase. By combining the Hamann components sports silencer, sports catalysts, sports air filter and an optimized engine map, a performance increase to 550 hp / 405 kW at 6,100 r.p.m. can be achieved. Also, the torque rises to enormous 770 Newton metres at 2,300 - 4,600 r.p.m. The modified Porsche-SUV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.6 seconds and increases its top speed up to 300 km/h.

MOV´IT CERAMIC sports brake and XXL designer wheels

The Hamann Guardian presents excellent deceleration measures due to a CERAMIC sports brake system which was developed in combination with MOV´IT. Brake discs measuring 420 x 40 mm (in the front) and 380 x 32 mm (in the back) are clamped by six front piston calipers and four rear piston calipers.

As the maximum wheel-tyre combination, the refining specialist recommends the ultra-light 11Jx23 inch rims Unique Forged which at that range are suitable for Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres sized 315/25 R23 and render a powerful, individual look. The virile appearance can be further enhanced by Hamann underbody components. A sports module has been developed especially for the Cayenne´s air suspension and thanks to this serial enhancement, the Hamann Guardian can be lowered by up to 35 mm.

SUV with luxury ambience

Hamann solely uses first class materials for its interior designs. Masterly stitched embroideries on the dash board and the seats further emphasise the beautiful overall impression of the full leather equipment. The ergonomically re-designed airbag steering wheel renders a comfortable grip. But this is not all: carbon component parts enhance the instruments and the centre consoles.

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