2011 Geneva Motor Show: Skoda unveils VisionD Concept

Article by Christian A., on February 28, 2011

Skoda has taken the wraps off its Skoda Design Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, providing a preview of the future design cues that might be found on its new models. The Czech carmaker has a number of fuel economy goals, and it is pursuing modern stylistic elements and the latest technology to achieve them. This new Skoda Design Concept hopes to underpin the carmaker’s growth strategy with defined features, optimal care and extreme attention to detail.

In particular, the concept identifies the brand’s characteristic styling elements, evolving them for use in the future. The Skoda Design Concept features a long wheelbase yet short overhangs -- elements that provide the vehicle with an amply spacious interior.

Because of its long wheelbase, short overhangs and dynamic roofline, the Skoda Design Concept assumes a high level of visual grandness. As proof of the concept’s sophisticated practicality, the tailgate has been smoothly integrated into the vehicle. Along with its characteristic interior modular design, the concept’s high degree of daily utility and practicality are Skoda’s traditional values now reinterpreted, albeit in a more sophisticated and contemporary form.

Highlighting the stylish commitment of the Skoda Design Concept is its glossy grille featuring fine slats that resemble taut harp strings. One of the new visual highlights of the Skoda Design Concept is its newly arranged and structured logo mounted in the middle of the car. This Skoda logo serves as the starting point for all the contours, intersecting the horizontal line of the bonnet.

Flanking the logo are four headlights, giving the front end of the Skoda Design Concept a four-leaf clover-like appearance. This clover-like appearance provides the Skoda Design Concept with a stylish yet practical expression.

The concept also features the C-shaped rear lights featured on every Skoda vehicle, thereby serving as the rear section's defining element. On the other hand, the sleek yet sporty silhouette of Skoda Design Concept highlights a superb light and shadow play created by the sharp wedge-shaped line. It also features a solid side profile, as marked by the complementary aesthetic portrayal between the rear edge of the door and bottom front area of the side mirror.

As proof of the concept’s high design value and attention to detail, one can find small grooves just above the rear bumper that links the rear lights to the license plate holder. This creates triangular elements that define the car’s precision, character and individuality. On another exciting note, the cabin of the Skoda Design Concept is generously roomy and practical as well as sophisticated – attributes typical of the brand.

This precisely created interior makes use of quality materials and elegant shapes and form. In fact, the Skoda Design Concept makes use of crystal glass – an idea that reflects its special connection to Czech culture, art and craftsmanship.

Moreover, the interior of the Skoda Design Concept is accentuated by a friendly ambience courtesy of pleasant lightning. As it is, the new Skoda Design Concept clearly paves the way for the brand’s culture with its dynamic forms and shapes that do not only stimulate imagination but allow the Czech carmaker to achieve its goals of attaining economic growth while preserving established strengths like performance, value and precision.

Press Release

Skoda VisionD Concept

Škoda is offering a glimpse of the future by unveiling a Škoda Design Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The economic goals set by the carmaker require a new focus drawing on the inspiration of a tradition stretching back for more than 110 years. The use of modern stylistic elements and the latest technology is a logical step. The Škoda Design Concept gives fleshes out the contours of the growth strategy with clearly defined features, maximum care and attention to detail.

Tradition with vision: evolving towards success

The concept singles out characteristic design elements of the Škoda brand and guides them forwards towards the future. The long wheelbase and short overhangs are a prerequisite for successful automotive architecture as they both allow for above-average interior space and, coupled with the dynamic roof line, lend the car a high degree of visual majesty. The fluent integration of the tailgate underscores the entire car's sophisticated practicality. The high everyday utility value and distinctive interior modular design are traditional brand values which are freshly interpreted in a more modern form here. The grille with its unobtrusively shiny finish symbolizes the brand's aesthetic blueprint, its fine slats resembling taut harp strings.

Sending out a clear signal: a new logo and distinctive lighting elements

The newly arranged and clearly structured logo stands out in the middle of the car as the starting point for all the contours. It intersects the horizontal line of the bonnet, highlighting its special status as a symbol of quality and success.

The Škoda logo is bordered on the sides by four headlights reminiscent of a symbolic four-leaf clover. They endow with the concept with a pleasant yet pragmatic countenance expressing warmth and chemistry. The C-shaped rear lights have become a characteristic of each Škoda vehicle unmistakable both in the daytime and at night. In Škoda Design Concept, this precisely rendered lighting architecture has become the rear section's defining element.

The silhouette of spirit: light and shadow play with balanced window design

The Škoda Design Concept's athletically sleek silhouette emphasizes the starkly defined light and shadow play created by the sharp wedge-shaped line, allowing the balanced proportions to come to the fore. The side profile is equally well rendered. For example, the rear edge of the door is complemented by the bottom front area of the side mirror, delivering an entirely new aesthetic impression.

The concept epitomizes high design value to the finest detail. Above rear bumper, small grooves connecting the rear lights to the licence plate holder; the resulting triangular elements represent precision reminiscent of the cut crystal and lend the car character and individuality.

Generous interior: choice materials and crystal glass

In this concept, the exterior precision is mirrored in the interior. Values typical of the Škoda brand, such as the generous space and sophisticated practicality, have been composed very sensitively in terms of the materials and elegant shapes employed. The lighting creates a pleasant environment, friendly ambience.

The use of crystal glass is a completely new, attractive idea reflecting a special link with Czech culture, art and craftsmanship.

The Škoda Design Concept marks another big step into the future for Škoda. Its forms shapes are dynamic, stimulating the imagination of observers without provoking them, and offering an undistorted view of the outlook for cars made in Mladá Boleslav. It is here in this Czech town that designers and engineers have paved the way for future success. This traditional Czech brand is now best placed to achieve its ambitious goals: economic growth coupled with new design full of potential, while preserving established traditional strengths such as great performance, value and precision.

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