2011 Geneva Motor Show: Suzuki unveils sporty Swift S-Concept

Article by Christian A., on March 2, 2011

Suzuki based the SWIFT S-CONCEPT on the new generation of the Swift. Suzuki wanted the vehicle to go in line with a “more sporty and exciting” theme. The new Swift had been unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The SWIFT S-CONCEPT is the embodiment of designing a premium sport compact without compromising the performance.

Compared to the standard Swift, the body is lower and is 60mm wider. As a result, it doesn’t appear as compact as it really is. It features dynamic-looking front and rear bumpers and a big rear spoiler, evoking high levels of acceleration and power.

Its 18-inch wheels also provide a sense of solidity and stability. Its headlamps and rear combination lamps boast exclusive designs with high-tech accents. The SWIFT S-CONCEPT has been given a yellow paint finish, conveying its intensity and depth.

Its paint also has a high luster that makes it look different from various angles, suggesting dynamism and speed. An athlete’s running shoes had inspired the yellow, black, and dark-grey metallic color scheme for the exterior and interior.

The steering wheel, seats, and meter clusters were all exclusively designed. The cabin layout shows that it can accommodate four adults. Bucket seats are installed in front, enhancing the driver’s perception of oneness with the car. Some parts of the centre console are made of carbon fibre, which gives it a premium feel.

As the performance flagship of the Swift model range, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is able to provide a whole new level of tuning, steering and braking performance that’s significantly better than a standard Swift.

Its predecessor went into production in Japan in 2005 and in Hungary in 2006. Now, the new Suzuki Swift Sport will continue the momentum its predecessor has built, looking forward to taking advantage of its sportiness and practicality that allowed it to gain devoted fans in around 40 countries and territories worldwide.

While the new Swift Sport features the same genes as its predecessor, it draws inspiration from the fact that it is the sportiest version of the new Swift that Suzuki introduced in the United Kingdom in autumn 2010.

As the new performance flagship of the Swift range, the new Suzuki Swift Sport boasts of enhanced handling, better driving performance and environmental compatibility as well as of better quality. In terms of dimensions, the new Suzuki Swift Sport features compact measurements of 3,890 mm in overall length, 1,695 mm in overall width, and 1,510 mm an overall height.

Its wheelbase is characteristically short at 2,430mm and features wide treads. Its chassis systems feature an exclusively designed rear suspension that offers sharp handling and superb high-speed stability.

The new Suzuki Swift Sport features an exterior that clearly contributes to its evolution into a sportier machine not only in terms of performance but also of looks. It is specified with a large front grille -- indicating its road potential – as flanked by big unique finned fog lamp bezels.

Suzuki Swift Sport is given a ground-hugging form that provides a sense of stability. Moreover, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is fitted with model-exclusive aerodynamic parts that help control the airflow and minimize lift as well as allow a lower visual center of gravity. The front end is also specified with newly developed high-intensity discharge headlamps featuring a metallic-grey coating while the rear end comes with rear combination lamps.

The sporty nature of the Swift Sport’s exterior is also reflected inside, thanks to exclusive design features that help heighten driving enjoyment. For instance, the interior of the new Suzuki Swift Sport features newly designed sport seats wrapped in exclusive fabric as well as a five-dial meter cluster. As the performance flagship of the Swift series, the new Suzuki Swift Sport is provided with whole new levels of chassis performance for a great blend of controllability and stability.

Stability at the rear during hard cornering is enhanced by employing larger rear wheel bearings, greater toe and camber rigidity for the torsion beam as well as greater lateral rigidity in the torsion-beam bushings.

Moreover, stability is also enhanced by increasing spring rates on the front and rear coil springs as well as by adding rebound springs in the front struts, revisions that provide greater roll stiffness.

In addition, Suzuki tweaked the Swift Sport’s steering-gearbox member, its larger front wheel bearings and its suspension-frame member – all allowing for handling that’s better than that of the previous Swift Sport. The carmaker is planning to commence sales of the new Swift Sport in a number of countries on October 2011, with sales in the United Kingdom to start early 2012.

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