2012 Geneva Motor Show Preview: Q by Aston Martin

Article by Christian A., on March 5, 2012

If you like Aston Martin’s color themes and materials so much that you want to extend it to your house, yacht, bicycle, then you’d be glad to know that Q by Aston Martin is now here. This service brings the company into a new personalization era by going beyond the usual range of paint, leather and trim finishes. Customers are able to improve and personalize their Aston Martin with the utmost attention to detail.

The service is made possible with the coming together of Aston Martin's designer and the company's engineers, as well as the help of very experienced craftspeople. It offers both interior and exterior styling. The company modified its approach to engineering to become fast, flexible and modular with the aid of Aston Martin's unique VH (Vertical Horizontal) Architecture, which forms the backbone of its sports cars.

Because of Q by Aston Martin, customers can now more easily commission the design and manufacture of their cars. The wide range of possibilities include matching the color of their Aston Martin to a Brompton bicycle, working with an architect for the design of the customer’s house, and using Aston Martin’s color themes on a yacht’s interior.

All the Virage and Cygnet models shown at Geneva were improved and personalized to get unique color and trim finishes. Q by Aston Martin made sure that each car would be a one-off car to showcase what it’s capable of. The Virage was given a bespoke Mariana Blue satin paint finish with an interior that gets blue carbon fibre, saddle leather floor mats, and stunning yellow detailing.

It also gets some exclusive concept components such as a header mounted track-day HD video camera, luggage rack and striking forged, diamond turned wheel. The team has developed all of these features to demonstrate the service’s scope and to indicate just how extensive the customers can be with their requests.

Aston Martin's Tailor-Fit city car benefits from the bespoke service on the Cherry Tree Cygnet, which is finished in Cherry Tree raspberry paint with a kestrel tan interior. The Cygnet comes with specially developed photographic leather headlining and a tailor-made color-matched three-piece luggage set. There’s also unique brogue leather detailing on the seats and a color-matched Brompton bicycle for additional maneuverability in the city.

Though Aston Martin presents the Virage as a model that displays power and elegance, it is regarded as a rather understated sports car. Customers will soon get the chance to own this class-leading vehicle with its different qualities. Even then, it continues to have the luxury and soul that make Aston Martin distinct. It is safe to say that the Virage lies in between the sporty DBS and the elegant DB9. Thus while the model does continue to be understated and luxurious, it is able to offer better performance. Thus, driving becomes effortless.

With its prestige, dynamism, and beauty, the Virage is truly a sports car that offers a good mix of performance, refinement, comfort, and luxury. Powering it is the 6.0-liter V12 engine that is hand-built and mid-mounted on the front. Output is at 490 bhp (497 PS/365 kW) with maximum torque of 420 lb.-ft. (570 Nm). This is then paired with the automatic Touchtronic II six-speed transmission through the prop shaft made of carbon fiber.

Since the transmission has been mounted on the trans-axle, this has helped with the weight balance ratio of 50:50. Going back to the torque, the figures mean that the Virage is able to offer excellent performance. Combining this with the agility the model is known for and the perfect weight distribution, this provides an excellent balance between the signature sporting luxury and the sports car performance that models from Aston Martin are celebrated for.

Regarding the Virage, Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez shared that, with automotive tradition spanning a century, the brand has shown that it can evolve in order to offer the best solutions of the time. The same is true for the Virage, he continued. This model is the next step in the evolution of Aston Martin’s VH architecture strategy, he said. CEO Bez said further that this is why the Virage manages to do everything in a perfect manner as it shows the best balance of opposites.

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