2013 Chevrolet Captiva Facelift announced for the Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on February 22, 2013

Chevrolet presented the sharper-looking edition of the Chevrolet Captiva at the Geneva Motor Show this year. This restyled compact SUV complemented the carmaker's other main attractions, the Spark Electric Vehicle and the Corvette Stingray coupe and convertible. The Captiva, together with its smaller sister car -- the all-new Trax -- underscores the brand's proven experience in coming up with highly capable SUVs.

According to Susan Docherty, Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe President and Managing Director, Chevrolet will offer two greatly distinct sport utility vehicles in Europe with the Captiva and the Trax. Both Captiva and Trax feature the brand's iconic design.

Doherty said that the Trax combines a small car's agility and an SUV's versatility, making it ideal for today’s urban explorer. Meanwhile, the Captiva is larger and more powerful, and boasts a more upscale presence. It is the perfect companion if you want to go on some adventure but would also want to have more space, some extra convenience, and more capability.

The Chevrolet Captiva is one of Europe's most powerful compact SUVs. Its space is big enough for seven passengers or for up to 1,577 liters of luggage. This new model also introduces several design enhancements that further accentuate its assertive stance.

Moreover, subtle design changes have been carried out on the vehicle's front and rear. These changes include angular chrome exhaust tips, new LED tail lamp, and remodeled bumper, contributing to the SUV's sharper and more defined look. Up front, the new Captiva sports a lower bumper, restyled foglamps, and a new grill mesh, highlighting its purposeful looks. Further enhancing the Captiva's road presence are new 18-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the new Captiva also features several novelties, such as new fabrics for the seats, fresh seat colors, and restyled trims for the instrument panel. It also boasts a dual zone climate system as well as heated rear seats, offering additional comfort on select specifications. Meanwhile, Chevrolet's ice-blue ambient lighting illuminates the vehicle's footwell area. The 2013 Captivas also comes with keyless entry as well as keyless start on the upper trims.

What's more, the new Captiva offers you a choice of four efficient and powerful gasoline and diesel engines, with displacements that range from 2.2L to 3.0L. It is also worth noting that the SUV has been awarded a top safety rating of 5 stars by EuroNCAP and is equipped with ESC or Electronic Stability Control, Braking Assist System, electric park brake, and Traction Control. It also has Hill Start Assist, which eliminates roll-back on hills. The Captiva can also tow trailers and caravans that weigh up to two tons.

On the other hand, Trax boasts athletic and inspired styling, responsive and sporty ride characteristics, and a choice of 3 fuel-efficient engines. It has sufficient space that can accommodate five passengers in a comfortable high-seating position. It can deliver car-like handling and at the same time enable off-road capability. Its engine line-up comprises a 140-hp 1.4L turbocharged gasoline unit, a 1.7L diesel engine that generates 130 hp, and a 1.6L gasoline engine.

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Restyled Captiva and new Trax to form Chevrolet's SUV backbone in Europe

A sharper-looking edition of the Captiva is among the highlights Chevrolet presents at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The restyled compact SUV complements the other main attractions, the much anticipated Corvette Stingray convertible and coupe, and the Spark Electric Vehicle. Along with its smaller sibling – the all-new Trax – Captiva underscores Chevrolet's proven experience in building capable sport utility vehicles.

"With Captiva and Trax, Chevrolet will offer two very distinct SUVs in Europe, both featuring Chevrolet’s iconic design" says Susan Docherty, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet and Cadillac Europe. "Trax combines the agility of a small car and the versatility of an SUV, making it perfect for today’s urban explorer. The larger and more powerful Captiva has a more upscale presence. Captiva is the ideal companion for those who want to have some adventure, but feel that they could do with more space, capability and that extra bit of convenience."

Captiva delivers sharper looks and more comfort

The Chevrolet Captiva is among the most powerful compact SUV on European roads. It offers enough space for up to seven occupants or for a maximum of 1,577 liters of luggage. The new model introduces several enhancements to its design that further accentuate the vehicle's assertive stance.

Subtle design changes were carried out on the rear and front of the vehicle. They include a new LED tail lamp, angular chrome exhaust tips and a remodeled bumper, which contribute to the sharper, more defined appearance of the new Captiva. Up front, it sports a lower bumper, a new grill mesh as well as restyled foglamps, which highlight the vehicle's purposeful looks. New 18-inch alloy wheels further enhance Captiva's road presence.

Inside, too, the new Captiva boasts several novelties, including fresh seat colors, new fabrics (upper specifications: leather seats), and restyled trims in the instrument panel. A dual zone climate system and heated rear seats offer even more comfort on select specifications while the footwell area is now illuminated with Chevrolet's stylish ice-blue ambient lighting. Model year 2013 Captivas will come with standard keyless entry and keyless start on upper trims.

Captiva offers customers a choice of four potent yet efficient diesel and gasoline engines, with displacements ranging from 2.2L to 3.0L. The vehicle has been awarded EuroNCAP's top safety rating of five stars and is equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control (TC), Braking Assist System (BAS) and an electric park brake. Hill Start Assist (HAS) eliminates roll-back on hills. Captiva is capable of towing trailers and caravans weighing up to two tons.

Trax sales to start in spring

Trax is scheduled to arrive at dealerships in Europe as of spring this year. Chevrolet's new small SUV boasts an athletic, inspired styling, a choice of three fuel-efficient engines and sporty, responsive ride characteristics. With sufficient space to accommodate five persons in a comfortable high seating position, Trax will deliver car-like handling while also enabling off-road capability when needed. The engine line-up will comprise a 140 hp (103 kW) 1.4L turbocharged gasoline unit, a 1.6L gasoline engine as well as a 1.7L diesel engine which produces 130 hp (96 kW).

All manual transmission variants come with Start/Stop technology. Both the 1.7L diesel and the 1.4L turbo gasoline engine will also be offered with a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Fuel consumption figures will average 4.5L/100 km with the 1.7L diesel engine, and 6.5L/100 km with 1.4L turbo (manual transmission). Trax is offered in front-wheel-drive (FWD) and all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations. The AWD system, available on variants equipped with the 1.4L turbo gasoline or the 1.7L diesel engine, automatically kicks into action and significantly improves road holding on slippery or graveled roads.

Trax' numerous storage compartments include an available under-seat storage tray, a loading space capable of accommodating 1370 liters as well as further stowage space under the cargo floor. Up to eight seating configurations can be chosen from. In addition to a 60/40 split rear seat, Trax has a front passenger seat that can be folded flat, offering additional flexibility for objects of up to 2.3 m length. The rear seat row incorporates a regular 230V socket that can be used for recharging laptops and other electronic devices without the need for an adapter.
With the brand new Trax, Chevrolet is introducing its first-ever contender for the small SUV segment. The market for this class of vehicle has grown particularly fast, defying the headwinds the industry has recently been facing. Five years ago, small SUVs accounted for 0.75 percent of all cars on European roads. By late 2012, that share more than doubled, increasing to 1.9 percent or about 264,000 vehicles. Buyers of small SUVs tend to be young professionals who desire a car with a sporty feel and looks and delivering agile handling in dense city areas.

Chevrolet MyLink enables safe, voice-activated commands and navigation

MyLink users who own a compatible iPhone* (as of 4S) running iOS6 will be able to use the Siri assist system to perform a number of tasks while they safely keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. In the Siri Eyes Free mode, which can conveniently be activated through a steering wheel button, they will be able to:

Make voice-activated, hands-free calls to contacts on their iPhone
Play songs in the iTunes library and switch music sources automatically from AM/FM radio to iPod mode
Listen to, compose and send an iMessage or text message to a phone number or anyone in saved contacts
Access calendar and add appointments
Minimize distraction. While in Eyes Free Mode, Siri will not provide answers to complex questions that require displaying a web page.
A dedicated navigation app called BringGo will also become available in Chevrolets that come with MyLink. It will project the route from the smartphone onto the system's touch-screen. BringGo features lane guidance which will help drivers by displaying the correct lane(s) to stay in while 'live traffic' will provide real-time traffic information, such as detailed incident reports and the ability to reroute to avoid traffic jams. The traffic service requires an active network connection through the smartphone.

BringGo has the ability to store maps on the customer’s smartphone, giving them access to locations and turn-by-turn directions even when the phone signal is poor. En eco icon at the bottom of BringGo’s main menu will enable drivers to estimate how far they can continue until their fuel is exhausted. An average and minimum eco-driving efficiency rating can be calculated.

On top of that, owners of a Chevrolet MyLink-equipped Trax will be able to listen to radio stations via TuneIn. TuneIn is a streaming audio powerhouse that will provide seamless connectivity to live local, international and internet radio and links listeners to a global network of 70,000 stations. To access TuneIn through the Chevrolet MyLink radio, customers will simply download the TuneIn radio app to a compatible smartphone and connect the phone with MyLink.

Upper trims of the Chevrolet Trax will feature Chevrolet MyLink technology as standard, a system that aggregates content from smartphones onto a seven-inch high resolution full-color touchscreen display. With Chevrolet MyLink, phone calls can be conveniently placed by selecting a name from a stored directory and then touching the call function. The system and provides easy access to personal playlists, photo galleries, phone books, and other stored media and data. MyLink-equipped Trax SUVs will incorporate a standard rear-view camera.

* Siri is available in Beta only on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad (3rd and 4th generations), iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation), and requires internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply.

General Motors traces its roots back to 1908. GM has 12 joint ventures, two wholly owned foreign enterprises and more than 55,000 employees in China. GM and its joint ventures offer the broadest lineup of vehicles and brands among automakers in China. Passenger cars and commercial vehicles are sold under the Baojun, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Jiefang, Opel and Wuling brands. In 2012, GM sold more than 2.8 million vehicles in China. It has been the sales leader among global automakers in the market for eight consecutive years. More information on General Motors in China can be found at GM Media Online.

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