2013 Geneva Motor Show: Mansory Carbonado is a Lambo Aventador with 1250 hp

Article by Christian A., on March 4, 2013

Mansory has an impressive lineup prepared for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. After the Bentley Sanguis and the Ferrari Stallone, the well-known tuning company also unveiled the Carbonado, its tuning programme created for the Lamborghini Aventador. As its name says it, the Mansory Carbonado is in fact a carbon fiber-wrapped Aventador but the things don’t stop here as the vehicle features a new front skirt with redesigned air intakes, new daytime running lights, a new bonnet, newly designed side skirts which steady the air flow between the axles and feed additional cooling air into the drive unit.

Moreover, the vehicle comes with an impressive rear air diffuser with integrated exhaust system and a new rear wing.

The body styling kit is completed by the replacement of the roof and engine compartment cover by all-carbon elements. The big surprise is that Mansory completely reworked the 6.5 litre V12 cylinder and fitted it with two turbochargers. Furthermore the pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank and cylinder head have been replaced by motor racing parts and now meet the high demands of Kourosh Mansory.

If the standard Aventador delivers 700 hp, the Mansory Carbonado comes with an impressive 1250 hp (920 kW), while the maximum electronically-limited torque increases to 690 Nm. This translates into a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 2.6 seconds (even faster than the 3 million euros lambo Veneno) and a top speed of 380 km/h or 236 mph.

The vehicle uses new ultralight striking forged rims with carbon fibre inlays wrapped in high performance Pirelli P ZERO tires. The interior is features only the finest materials and just like any other vehicle offered by Mansory it can be customized.

New Aventador is your quintessential Lamborghini, possessing just the right combination of aggressive power and elegant looks. Emanating from the expert crafting and meticulously detailed design of its highly acclaimed Centro Stile Lamborghini, the Aventador is a car that is visually consistent with the brand's identity, language, and heritage. The Aventador is strong, built with precise proportions, exact lines and surfaces, and compact muscularity that gives it its power.

Lambo Aventador is a fine piece of art, characterized by Avantgarde workmanship in its incredibly dynamic sculpture, from the sharply honed front end through the extremely low roofline to the distinctive rear diffuser. One would think he was describing a Picasso and not a car. Every line in the Aventador was forged purposefully, and every tiny detail is dictated by the Aventador’s need for speed, and the over-all result is a marvel of technology and Lamborghini’s fine attention to details.

The doors open upward

But the Aventador is more than just a masterful piece of visual beauty. It has outstanding features that match and give justice to its exterior and interior looks. We mentioned its precise proportions, and this is seen in the Aventador’s overall length of 4,78 meters (188.19 in.) which is matched by its width of 2,26 meters (88.98 in.) including the exterior mirrors, and further accentuated by an extremely low height of 1.136 mm (44.72 in.).

As can be expected from a sports car, the Aventador’s doors made of carbon-fiber monocoque open upward. This is to stay true to the Lamborghini’s legacy by keeping a feature first introduced in the iconic Countach and maintained in the V12 models like the Diablo and the Murciélago.

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