2013 Geneva Motor Show: Peugeot RCZ with View Top by Magna Steyr

Article by Christian A., on March 4, 2013

Magna Steyr revealed that it will be showing the world its capabilities when it comes to roof systems during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The exhibit will be held at Booth 6261 on Hall 6. For those not familiar, Magna Steyr is the operating division of Magna International Inc., the world leader in automotive supplies. It was during the 2012 Geneva Auto Show that Magna Steyr revealed its MILA Coupic concept.

For 2013, the roof system it will be presenting is an industrialized solution dubbed as the View Top. This is an advanced folding roof with glass elements integrated to it. It results in that distinct open-air feeling, be it closed or open. To describe the View Top, it is a combination of design and functionality. As already mentioned, it has transparent glass segments, all of which have been incorporated to the textile materials.

In addition to being narrower and wider, the glass components come with special curve pattern alternatives. This gives this model that perfectly formed look and corresponding appeal. It also helps improve the intensive open-air experience. Once closed, the View Top begins at the windscreen and spreads all the way to the rear lid. As such, it delivers that attractive textile-glass touch.

Opening the View Top takes 12 seconds and folds in a special pattern that stacks itself. Once it is completely opened, the stack only has a height that measures 200 mm. By being placed on the rear shelf, the folded top takes little space. This results in enough room for two people to sit in the rear seats. To be able to better demonstrate the functionality of this View Top roof, the company converted the production Peugeot RCZ sports car to a coupe concept.

In fact, Magna Steyr revealed that it has entered into an important contract manufacturing milestone with at least 50,000 RCZ vehicles at Graz, Austria. Magna Steyr said that being an ideal technical solution, the View Top can be adapted on various models. The solution is so flexible that it can be able to different design elements, even those on complex surfaces.

Thus, with the Peugeot RCZ coupe concept for example, the production version continues to have that well-known “double bubble” rear window. The brand made sure to make this a unique design feature for the folding sliding roof. In addition, the already distinct profile is also maintained. Further, the lateral walls have been retained resulting in small changes when it comes to the base model.

According to the brand, this version is an excellent alternative for those looking for an open-drive experience that is optimized for cost. Without a doubt, this model is a new addition to today’s market portfolio as it relates to roof top systems. Magna Steyr President Günther Apfalter says that for this concept car, the brand was inspired by the MILA concept series.

As such, he explains, it reveals a distinct product design that is unique and mixed with engineering capabilities that customers can expect. He adds that the brand is excited to make use of the original design concept of the View Top and then making the possibility of it being real by revealing it as a concept using a sports car production vehicle. As a company, Magna Steyr has at least a century of experience when it comes to automobile construction.

The company is Magna International’s subsidiary and because of the wide and extensive range of services, has become the world leader of brand-independent engineering. Magna Steyr has also become the top choice as manufacturing partner for many automakers.

Overall, the range of services being offered by Magna Steyr falls into four categories which are Engineering Services, Fuel & Battery Systems, Roof Systems, and Vehicle Contract Manufacturing. Working as a contract manufacturer, the company has manufactured at least 2.5 million vehicles covering 21 models.

Press Release

Magna Steyr Demonstrates Roof System Capabilities at Geneva Motorshow 2013

Magna Steyr, an operating unit of leading global automotive supplier Magna International Inc., will showcase its roof systems capabilities at Geneva Motor Show 2013 (Hall 6/Booth 6261). Following the MILA Coupic concept from Geneva 2012, Magna Steyr now presents the industrialized solution of View Top, an innovative sliding folding roof with integrated glass elements that creates a unique open-air feeling – open or closed.

To demonstrate the functionality of the View Top roof, Magna Steyr transformed a Peugeot RCZ production sports car into an exciting coupe concept. Magna Steyr recently reached a contract manufacturing milestone of over 50,000 RCZ vehicles in Graz, Austria.

“The inspiration for this concept car stems from Magna Steyr’s MILA concept series, which demonstrates the unique product design and engineering capabilities that we can deliver to customers,” explains Günther Apfalter, President Magna Steyr. “We are excited to take our original View Top design concept and bring it closer to reality by showcasing it as a concept on a sports car production vehicle.”

View Top – Functionality Meets Design
View Top features transparent glass segments integrated into its textile material. Glass elements that are wider and narrower have special curvature pattern alternatives, giving the vehicle not only an appealing and perfectly shaped appearance, but also enhancing the intensive open-air experience. When closed, View Top extends from the windscreen all the way to the rear lid, offering an attractive textile-glass touch. View Top opens in 12 seconds and folds in a special pattern stacking itself at a height of only 200mm once completely opened. The folded top is neatly positioned on the rear shelf, taking very little space and allowing room for two passengers in the rear seats.

MILA Coupic to Peugeot RCZ Concept
View Top is an ideal technical solution for adaptation on many different models. Its flexibility allows for various design elements, even on complex surfaces. For the Peugeot RCZ coupe concept, the trademark “double bubble” rear window of the production version was maintained as a distinct design feature of the folding sliding roof. The vehicle’s unique silhouette is untouched. Keeping the lateral walls has led to only a limited scope of changes on the basic vehicle. As a cost-optimized alternative for open-drive experiences, this product is a unique addition to the current market portfolio of roof top systems.

About Magna Steyr
More than 100 years of experience in automobile construction and its comprehensive range of services have turned Magna Steyr, a subsidiary of Magna International, into the world’s leading, brand-independent engineering and manufacturing partner for automobile makers. Our extensive range of services consists of the four areas of Engineering Services, Vehicle Contract Manufacturing, Roof Systems and Fuel & Battery Systems. As a contract manufacturer, we have produced some 2.5 million vehicles in 21 models.

About Magna International
We are a leading global automotive supplier with 313 manufacturing operations and 88 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. Our over 118,000 employees are focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative processes built on World Class Manufacturing processes. Our product capabilities include body, chassis, interiors, exteriors, seating, powertrain, electronics, mirrors, closures and roof systems and modules, as well as complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing. Our common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MG) and the New York Stock Exchange (MGA). For further information about Magna, visit our website at www.magna.com.

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