2013 Geneva Motor Show Preview: Opel Adam Rocks Concept

Article by Christian A., on February 6, 2013

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Opel will bring the Adam Rocks Concept. The new Adam Rocks not only previews a convertible version of the Adam city car that will take on the Fiat 500C and the Citroen DS3 Cabrio, but also a crossover version of the small car that promises to take on cars such as the Cross Up! from Volkswagen.

The Adam Rocks Concept remains the best personification when it comes to superior German engineering. It has all the strengths of the Adam models in that while athletically small, remains to be an urban lifestyle car that has an exciting design.

The connectivity and personalization remains unrivalled as well. The body is held by a chassis that has been elevated by 15 mm and is wider by 40 mm. This sporty urban crossover concept was inspired by "Parkour" athletes who have given another perspective on city spaces.

The look of the crossover for example is based on the elbow pads and knee pads used by the athletes. However instead of actual pads, it has an OPC style exhaust tailpipe that has been placed on the center instead of the side. The side sills also have protective cladding further emphasizing the pads.

The Opel Adam Rocks shows that it means business with the use of LED headlamps in addition to the already pronounced grille structure. The turn indicators are covered in opaque glass and shaped like boomerangs. This look is further highlighted by having the turn indicators enclosed in fog lamps.

When the light is turned off, it shimmers. Adding in the blinkers located on the front side sills, the style of the Adam Rocks results in a personalized effect. The crossover uses large Twister design 18-inch wheels with the Brembo disc brakes being highly visible.

The wheels are further fitted with exchangeable wheel clips. While this is not new, what sets the Rocks Concept apart is that the clips have been designed and colored in a way that contrasts the grey tones of the body. The tire tread in turn has been highlighted with neon-blue stripes.

This color scheme is not limited to the wheel but is also seen on the roof and even the interior. The interior of the Adam Rocks is also structured in a way that it gives maximum benefit to the passengers. The layout of this crossover allows passengers to fully enjoy the fun that comes with open-air driving but not at the expense of reducing or even losing trunk space.

The reason for this is that when the electric roof is folded from the c-pillars’ front to the tailgate, it does not protrude giving easier access to the car’s trunk even when it is at full capacity. The electric roof is managed through remote control.

While these features mean that mean that the crossover incurs additional weight, it remains to be not that significant even when compared to the pure cabrio concept.

The 'networked' roof also has another fascinating feature which is the special weather app. The crossover uses the IntelliLink infotainment system and displays the app on the color driver-information-center.

What happens is when the weather changes, rain for example, the app will automatically start to close the roof. This is very useful especially if the car is left with the roof open on what appears to be a hot day but a storm suddenly arrives.

Press Release

Opel Adam Rocks Concept

Offering 61,000 exterior variations and nearly 82,000 for the interior, as well as a state-of-the-art IntelliLink infotainment system, the lifestyle Opel Adam is the true champion of individualization - and the best connected small car around. But that is not enough for Opel. At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Opel shows that it explores ways of further enhancing Adam's individualization and reveals an urban mini-crossover study called Adam Rocks. With its new 3-door body style, its 3.70 meters in length, muscular proportions, fierce design and open-air capability, Opel Adam Rocks also is a proposal for opening a new segment of the market.

Showcasing how Adam's unique personalization program can get another twist, the Rocks Concept has been created for those seeking personal freedom 'off the beaten track' beyond the urban landscape. Inspired by Parkour urban athletes, it is higher and wider on its wheels, tougher and more compact in appearance. The Adam Rocks' special feeling of personal freedom is further emphasized by its cabrio looks and fabric roof that offers a free view of the sky above. The fabric extends across the entire width and length of the roof, right back to the C-pillars.

"With even bolder design than any other Adam, the Rocks is an impressive demonstration of how much more potential for individualization our new small lifestyle car still offers after its market launch. It combines the toughness of a crossover with the coolness of open air driving," says Malcolm Ward, Opel/Vauxhall Lead Design Director. Describing the rationale behind Opel's newest concept car, he explains: "As a symbol for fashion-led, active drivers wanting to stand out from the crowd, Opel Adam Rocks is just one possible answer to the question of how new development paths for the absolutely unique car can be forged - and others will follow."

Parkour fun on four wheels

The Rocks Concept embodies the characteristic strengths of current Adam models: just like them, it is an athletic small, urban lifestyle car with exciting design, unrivalled personalization and connectivity possibilities, and the best of German engineering. Its mature new crossover body style is supported by a chassis that is raised by 15 mm with a 40 mm wider stance. Agile "Parkour" athletes, who give city spaces another twist and dimension, were the inspiration for the Adam Rocks sporty urban crossover concept. Its look is emphasized by impressive 'elbow and knee pads': protective cladding around the side sills, as well as a centrally-located exhaust tailpipe in OPC style. The Opel Adam Rocks' assertive looks - with a prominent grille structure and LED headlamps - show this car means business. The boomerang shaped turn indicators, enclosing the fog lamps highlight this effect and, when off, they shimmer in opaque glass. This makes the Adam Rocks' styling even more individual - just like the additional blinkers in the front side sills.

The car rides on large 18-inch wheels in Twister design featuring visible Brembo disc brakes. These wheels, which are fitted with innovative exchangeable wheel clips, are already available in Adam's production program. But the Rocks Concept's clips get a new, bolder, even more expressive design and a selection of new colors makes them stand out in contrast to the body's various grey tones. Neon-blue stripes highlight the tire tread. This color motif is echoed in the interior and around the roof.

Clear view of the sky

The major benefit of this layout is that passengers can enjoy open-air driving fun without losing trunk space. The electric roof folds back via remote control in front of the C-pillars and does not protrude into the tailgate, leaving unrestricted access to the trunk's full capacity. The additional weight caused by this system is minimal compared to a traditional, pure cabrio concept - a major criteria for a car of that size. The 'networked' roof's special appeal is its intelligence: a special weather app, displayed on the color driver-information-center of the IntelliLink infotainment system, knows when a weather front is imminent and automatically initiates closing of the roof. Clever if, on a hot summer day, you leave your car open in front of your house and a storm arrives.

The high-quality level of individualization is also reflected in the Adam Rocks' interior. Elegant Nappa leather upholstery in a Brandy-colored tone from the Cascada gives the Adam concept cabin the premium feel of Opel's new mid-size convertible - all within just 3.70 meters length. In typical Adam style, the neon-blue piping contrasts superbly with the warm, light-brown leather. The piping is also used on the leather steering wheel and the gear shift lever. Additional splashes of color on the instrument panel, center console and door panel molding of the Rocks Concept add a dashing touch - exactly that unmistakable design flair which distinguishes each and every Adam. This Adam Rocks!

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