2016 Bentley Flying Spur V8 S is jam-packed with exclusive features

Article by Christian A., on February 19, 2016

Bentley Motors has introduced the latest addition to its family of superb vehicles, the Flying Spur V8 S. Tuned to perfection with a revamped suspension and an increased engine output, the Flying Spur V8 S is taking its place between the Flying Spur V8 and W12.

The new Bentley offering is made with sporting styling cues, highlighting its new athletic capabilities. For dramatic and better functionality appearance, the Flying Spur V8 S is equipped with a black radiator grille, a one-of-a-kind grille insert, and a rear diffuser.

Bentley Motors CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer believes that the Flying Spur possesses an unrivaled array of abilities that perfectly blend premium comfort and reliable dynamics.

Dürheimer claimed that the vehicle is perfect for those who seek an unquestionably refined driving experience. The Flying Spur V8 S is set to make its global premiere at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show that is happening on March 1 to 13. Deliveries will begin in the summer.

Exterior Design

To represent its boldness, the Flying Spur V8 S is designed with dark exterior highlights. It comes with the black legendary matrix grille and a Beluga gloss rear diffuser for a more dramatic look.

The new Bentley is styled with a redefined front grille that goes together with a body-colored insert. To further establish its luxurious and athletic identity, the Flying Spur V8 S comes with a V8 S badge on the rear haunch, 20-inch open-spoke painted wheels, and V8 S treadplates, mirroring those of the Continental GT V8 S.

For a bolder appearance, the new Bentley can be further specified with a variety of available aggressive design cues. The Flying Spur V8 S can come with dark-tint lights on both the front and the rear, a unique Mulliner Driving Specification 21-inch black and bright machined siz-spoke wheel, and black gloss exterior mirror covers.

Interior Design

The interior is made up of piano-black wood veneers and a three-spoke sports steering wheel. A knurled gear lever and gear shift paddles enhance the vehicle's tactility, delivering a better experience. Other unique cabin features include the two-tone seats matched with a contrasting roof center bow. A V8 S headrest stitching is also available.

To attract more customers, Bentley Motors has made available a number of optional features that can be customized on the Flying Spur. For a more luxurious experience, the W12 and V8 S models can come with a semi-aniline hide feature, the best hide available in the automotive sector.

There are also contemporary straight-fluting on the leather seats for better aesthetic and Mulliner Driving Specification with small diamond quilting pattern, which is reminiscent of a British jacket.

The Flying Spur justifies its claim to being the world's finest and most luxurious sedan with its powerful combination of effortless driveability, onboard innovation, and remarkable craftsmanship. The production team has built a vehicle that blends traditional Bentley design elements and strong athletic stance.

The muscular rear haunches paired with distinct feature lines, LED daytime running lights, stylish allow wheels, and subtle brightware elements give the Flying Spur a modern appeal. The cabin is spacious and comes with advanced connectivity and audio wrapped in hand-crafted wood veneers and leather hides.

The exquisite onboard technology makes the Flying Spur an ideal vehicle for both work and leisure. The Touch Screen Remote, incorporated from the veneered rear center console at one touch, provides control of the vehicle's cabin and infotainment systems from the comfort of the rear seat. The optional Multimedia Specification offers extensive Rear Seat Entertainment as well. For better connectivity, a WiFi hotspot is also available.


The new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 S engine delivers 528 PS (521 bhp/388 kW), better than the 507 PS (500 bhp/373 kW) delivered by the V8. It has a torque of 680 Nm or 502 lb.-ft. that delivers 1,700 rpm. This improved engine allows the Flying Spur V8 S to accelerate up to 100 kmph in just 4.9 seconds or 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds, shaving 0.3 seconds from the standard model’s record.

The Flying Spur V8 S can run up to a maximum speed of 306 kmph or 190 mph. The excellent ability to cover over 837 km or 520 miles between fill-ups, fuel economy, and minimized emissions are not compromised. The new Flying Spur V8 S offers a combined cycle fuel efficiency of 10.90 liters per 100 km or 25.90 mpg and emissions of 245 g/km.

The delivery, efficiency, and power of the new Flying Spur V8 S are a result of advanced technologies integrated into the engine. Four out of the eight cylinders shut down variable displacement when cruising, allowing the engine to reduce fuel consumption without compromising refinement. The engine seamlessly and automatically switches back to the full eight cylinders when more power is needed.

Moreover, the all-new engine features low friction bearings, high-pressure direct injection, advanced thermal management, turbo charger packaging for greater efficiency, and energy recuperation via an electrical charging system. The modified engine and transmission calibrations sharpened throttle response, allowing the vehicle's power to be accessible lower down the rev range.

With the 'S' mode, drivers are offered a sharper throttle response and further engine braking from the transmission. In addition, the eighth gear is locked out when engaged in the 'S' mode. The knurled paddle shifters are also harmonized with the improved sporty features. Modern Bentley delivers power with an all-wheel-drive technology complemented by a 40:60 rear-biased torque split.

This ensures a sure-footed, engaging drive in all driving conditions. These upgrades include a new responsive suspension for an improved handling and body control, and an aluminum double-wishbone front and trapezoidal multi-link rear self-levelling air suspension matched with Continuous Damping Control (CDC) for maintained refinement.

The recalibrated CDC ensures better handling and superb comfort. The Electronic Stability Control was also enhanced to provide increased wheel slip at higher speeds with the torque reinstated quicker following an engine intervention. With this technology, the driver can unleash the maximum potentials of the uprated chassis. There are optional carbon ceramic brakes available with black or red calipers. Despite the performance-focused modifications, the Flying Spur V8 S retains its luxurious features.

Press Release


Bentley Motors is today announcing the introduction of a new model to its range – the Flying Spur V8 S.

Taking its place between the Flying Spur V8 and family flagship W12, the V8 S is tuned for power and performance, with increased engine output and revised suspension offering a more focused, precise driving experience.

The Flying Spur V8 S features a number of sporting styling cues which hint at its new and improved sporting capabilities. A black radiator grille and rear diffuser along with a unique grille insert give the new model a dramatic and purposeful appearance to match its enhanced performance.

Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors, said: “The Flying Spur remains unrivalled in its ability to combine class-leading comfort with remarkable dynamic ability. It’s the perfect choice for the customer who wants ultimate refinement as well as an exhilarating, spirited drive.”

The Bentley Flying Spur V8 S will make its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show between 1 and 13 March 2016. First customer deliveries begin in the summer.

More Power, Sharper Handling, Same Class-Leading Comfort

Tuned for power, Bentley’s renowned 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 S engine develops an additional 21 PS, delivering 528 PS (521 bhp / 388 kW) compared to its V8 sibling’s 507 PS (500 bhp / 373 kW). A mighty 680 Nm (502 lb.ft) is on offer from 1,700 rpm. This powers the Flying Spur V8 S to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds (0-60 mph in 4.6seconds), shaving 0.3 seconds from the V8’s already athletic sprint time. Top speed is 306 km/h (190 mph).

The increased performance is achieved without detriment to the V8 engine’s impressive fuel economy and CO2 emissions, or its ability to cover more than 837 km (520 miles) between fill-ups. The new Flying Spur V8 S returns a combined cycle fuel economy of 10.9 L/100km (25.9 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 254 g/km.

This combination of power, performance and economy is the result of an array of advanced technologies employed in the design of the Bentley V8 engine. Variable displacement, in which four of the eight cylinders shut down when cruising, reduces fuel consumption without any loss of refinement. When more power is required, the engine switches back automatically and seamlessly to the full eight cylinders.

The high-technology V8 engine also features high pressure direct injection, low friction bearings, advanced thermal management, energy recuperation via the electrical charging system and innovative turbocharger packaging for greater efficiency.

Revisions made to both the engine and transmission calibrations have sharpened throttle response and made the Flying Spur V8 S’s power accessible lower down the rev range. In ‘S’ mode, drivers will find a sharper-still throttle response and additional engine braking from the transmission. Eighth gear is locked out when ‘S’ mode is engaged and the knurled paddle shifters are harmonized with the car’s new, sportier side.

In modern Bentley tradition, power is delivered to the road via an all-wheel-drive system with a 40:60 rear-biased torque split for a sure-footed, engaging drive in all road and weather conditions.

Complementing these power upgrades, a new responsive suspension tuning for the Flying Spur V8 S improves handling and body control, while the aluminium double-wishbone front and trapezoidal multi-link rear self-levelling air suspension with continuous damping control ensure that the Flying Spur’s legendary refinement is maintained.

Careful recalibration of the Continuous Damping Control (CDC) system helps improve handling performance and ensures minimal degradation in ride comfort.

The Electronic Stability Control is also optimised for the Flying Spur V8 S. The retuned system allows increased wheel slip at higher speeds with engine torque reinstated more quickly after a system intervention. This provides the spirited driver more opportunity to exploit the full potential of the uprated chassis and increased power. Optional carbon ceramic brakes are available with red or black painted calipers.

However, despite these performance-focussed chassis revisions, the Flying Spur V8 S retains its luxurious, limousine-smooth ride and legendary ability to transport passengers in unrivalled comfort.

Sporting Styling Cues Signal Performance Intent

The Flying Spur V8 S receives dark and sporting exterior highlights. Bentley’s iconic matrix grille is black as standard and together with a Beluga gloss rear diffuser give the Flying Spur V8 S a dramatic on-road presence.

The V8 S is clearly defined with a new and exclusive front grille treatment; a combination of black grille with a body-coloured insert. V8 S badging on the rear haunch, V8 S treadplates and 20” open-spoke painted wheels further reveal the model’s identity, mirroring those of its Continental GT V8 S stablemate.

For those wishing to display an even more extreme look, the Flying Spur V8 S can be specified with an array of aggressive, dark styling elements. Dark-tint lights (front and rear), black gloss exterior mirror covers and a unique Mulliner Driving Specification 21” black and bright machined six-spoke wheel can all be specified to menacing effect.

Inside the cabin, changes are perfectly matched to the sporting exterior. Piano-black wood veneers and a three-spoke sports steering wheel are standard, while a knurled gear lever and gear shift paddles add tactility to the driving experience. A colour split unique to the V8 S features stunning two-tone seats with a contrasting roof centre bow. V8 S headrest stitching is also offered.

Customer Choice Extended for Flying Spur in 2016

To make the Flying Spur even more attractive to customers, Bentley has added an array of exceptional optional features.

A semi-aniline hide option is now available in W12 and V8 S models. The highest quality hide available in the automotive industry, it gives the cabin an even more comfortable, luxurious and natural feel.

Contemporary new straight-fluting on the leather seats adds visual impact, while the Mulliner Driving Specification gains a small-diamond quilting pattern reminiscent of a tailored British jacket.

Flying Spur – Exquisite, Powerful and Individual

With its unrivalled blend of effortless driveability, exquisite craftsmanship and onboard technology, the Flying Spur rightly lays claim to being the world’s finest luxury sedan.

Bentley’s design team has developed an athletic vehicle that combines traditional Bentley styling cues with a sporting stance. Sharp feature lines complement muscular rear haunches, while LED daytime running lights, subtle brightware elements and a choice of stylish alloy wheels afford the Flying Spur a modern, contemporary feel.

On the inside, Bentley has created a luxurious, spacious cabin that encases advanced acoustic and electronic technologies in exquisite hand-crafted leather hides and wood veneers.

The Flying Spur comes complete with a suite of onboard technology to make it an ideal place for work or relaxation on the move. An innovative Touch Screen Remote, deployed from the veneered rear centre console at the touch of a button, allows control of the car’s climate and infotainment systems from the comfort of the rear seat, while the optional Multimedia Specification brings an extensive Rear Seat Entertainment system.

The Flying Spur is available with a WiFi hotspot for connectivity while travelling – confirming the Flying Spur as the ultimate car for work and relaxation.

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