2016 Geneva Motor Show: French Pop Group inspires Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen Concept

Article by Christian A., on February 10, 2016

French automobile maker Citroen, in collaboration with the popular French pop group “HYPHEN HYPHEN”, will unveil its latest 4x4 concept vehicle in the upcoming 2016 Geneva Motor Show. It is dubbed the Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept.

Geared towards an adventurous mindset, the CitroenSpace Tourer HYPHEN concept is best described as breezy, bright and unlimited. Because of this, it can easily motivate worry-free unrestricted journeys. In addition, its wide spacious interior encourages families and groups to travel together as it sends out the message that everyone is welcome to partake of this adventure.

Coming from the same mold, joining forces with the pop group HYPHEN HYPHEN is only natural. The group from Nice, South of France is known for their upbeat, vibrant music and is so popular among its fans that the group was even nominated for the 2016 French Music Awards.

Arnaud Belloni, Citroen Director of Marketing and Communication, notes that the ability to spot talent that others might have missed as well as an innovative and pioneering spirit have always been the hallmarks of Citroen.

It came as no surprise then that when the opportunity to meet HYPHEN HYPHEN presented itself, a collaboration invariably followed. Belloni added that the group’s vibrant and unconventional appeal is a good fit as it best exemplifies the spirit of the new Citroen Tourer HYPHEN. Belloni said that their coming together may be a “communication campaign” but it is also more than that – it is the meeting of core values that both the pop group and Citroen pride in, values such as “optimism, sharing and creativity.”

The Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN offers all the standard features of the production version, with the following additions:

  • Supercharged Design – more welcoming while at the same time gives a sense of security, a perfect blend of functionality and freedom, brought by its ruggedly bright and adventurous palette. Invigorating Interior – provides a casual atmosphere for all its passengers with its colorful hue that is both comfortable and welcoming.
  • Enhanced Mobility – unparalleled freedom while traveling in luxury, provided by its 4x4 drivetrain developed by Automobiles Dangel. At home with off-beaten tracks, ready at a moment’s notice should wanderlust kick in.
Exterior Design

One glance at the Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN and, unbidden, your mind will start imagining all of the possible hard to reach off-road adventures this SUV will open. The model radiates that energy and controlled strength suitable for leisurely, open-air activities.

By highlighting the original’s SUV character, the CitroenSpace Tourer HYPHEN comes off as more robust and incredibly suited for off beaten destinations. The concept features a broader front bumper design, sill protectors akin to the Aircross concept and wheel arch trims all gleaming in a striking matt Dark Moondust finish with red-orange accents.

HYPHEN’s 19-inch alloy wheels are finished in diamond-cut matt black with red-orange highlights that give it a higher ride-height than its production cousin. Optimum road grip is suggested by five elastomer straps positioned on each tire announcing its all-terrain capability.

Mirroring the strap design for the wheels, anodized aluminum straps are also featured on the concept’s front and rear bumpers, implying strength and durability. The concept’s color also stands out as well, making an unmistakable visual statement.

Reflecting nature, the body is done in iridescent green accentuating the SUV’s fluid visage and beautifully contrasts with its gloss black roof and red-orange decals.

While fully functional as a car, it can be used daily in all terrain surfaces. The SpaceTourer HYPHEN concept really shines in family or group of friends adventures, where memories that last a lifetime are made.

Interior Design

Opening the Citroen SpaceTourer HYPHEN’s sliding passenger doors reveals a welcoming and roomy interior and predisposes one to a fun but relaxed journey. Packed with outstanding features that promote comfort, the interior is even made more lively and engaging with its bold color choice.

Each seat has a unique color scheme, which seems to celebrate each passenger’s individuality and eventually makes everyone experience VIP treatment. Continuing its pampering, the lower portions of the HYPHEN concept’s seats are done in sea-green Nappa leather with contrasting top stitching.

The interior’s cozy yet mindful ambiance is heightened with the luxuriously thick, soft wool floor mats, providing acoustic insulation. Nothing suggests its outdoor tendencies more than the broad glass sunroof, providing ample natural light to come in which brings the outdoors closer than ever.

Likewise, the roof lining and dashboard did not escape the discriminating eyes of its designers as they are also wrapped in special fabric to complement the seat patterns and color scheme.

Taking everything into account and especially with its asymmetrical style, the Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen’s interior managed to radiate the SUV’s core personality: adventurous, fun and free. Ultimately, an SUV will have to be judged in terms of mobility performance.

Citroen Tourer HYPHEN does not disappoint in this area as well. This is achieved by an impressive drivetrain comprised of a Blue HDi 150 S&S diesel engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, and an on-demand four-wheel drive developed with the help of Automobiles Dangel.

The same dynamic handling capability is also present in production model SpaceTourer. Even in conditions where lesser vehicles might have a hard time dealing with reduced grip scenarios, the all-terrain capability of this SUV is sure to deliver improved traction.

The HYPHEN concept has the slight advantage over the production counterpart being higher in ground clearance. Nevertheless, the 4x4 transmission delivers practicality, comfort and safety.

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