Ford expands Vignale lineup, also launches exclusive customer service

Article by Christian A., on March 9, 2016

At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Ford introduced the new Vignale vehicles and the accompanying exclusive customer service that comes with these high end vehicles. The company introduced the new Ford Edge Vignale, its first entry into the upscale SUV market for Europe.

Another vehicle making its debut in the European market is the new Ford S-MAX Vignale which is available for orders now. Pricing for the Ford Edge Vignale will be revealed later this year. Ford likewise revealed a five-door model, the Ford Mondeo Vignale that’s slated to be available in the market by 2017, as well as a concept version of the Ford Kuga Vignale.

Further customization options for the Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S-MAX Vignale will arrive next year. According to the company, order books for the expanded Ford Vignale model range will be open across Europe via FordStores and Ford retailers.

A dedicated Vignale Lounge will be installed in all 300 Fordstores in Europe manned by a Vignale Relationship Manager to provide a personalized customer experience. Ford likewise plans to increase the existing 300 Fordstores to around 500 by next year.

Pampering Vignale customers further, Ford introduced a new travel, event and lifestyle service, which includes offers and access to various travel and lifestyle events like the Chelsea Flower Show in London and the F1 Monaco Grand Prix as well as VIP premiers at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ford Europe Chairman and CEO Jim Farley notes that the Ford customers want more from Ford as evidenced by the sales of the top-of-the-line Titanium gobbling up an astounding 70 percent of all sales in this segment.

Answering to this demand for premium variants, the company added the Ford Mondeo Vignales to Ford’s flagship products such as the Edge and S-MAX and the Kuga that will arrive very soon.

Ford Vignale brand ambassadors include Joe Casely-Hayford OBE and Charlie Casely-Hayford of the fashion powerhouse Casely-Hayford fashion label and German designer and founder of the blog Kai Petermann.

A Stronger Ford Vignale model range

The new five-door Ford Vignale Mondeo also comes with customization options that include dark alloy wheels and foglamp surrounds and exterior without chrome detailing. According to Ford Europe Design Director Joel Pjaskowski, the design language for Ford Vignale is an exquisite combination of sophistication and elegant sportiness.

Pjaskowski added that the Ford Vignale is for customers who want a more personalized styling and luxury. All three cars, the Ford S-MAX Vignale, the Ford Edge Vignale and the Ford Mondeo Vignale, come with the SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system with an innovative 8-inch touch screen capable of deciphering pinch and swipe gestures.

Premium convenience is demonstrated by the system’s simple access. By pushing a button named “I need a coffee,” “I need petrol,” or “I need to park,” the system will display nearby cafes, petrol stations and car parks, with additional capability of locating train stations, airports and hotels.

In addition, the system guides the driver to the destination via its navigation. These premium Ford vehicles also come with a very sophisticated noise dampening system called Ford Active Noise Control.

It uses three microphones to monitor engine noise inside and cancels the noise by emitting the opposite sound waves creating a quieter ride. The vehicles are powered by a host of powerful yet fuel efficient engines that include the Ford’s 210 PS bi-turbo 2.0 litre TDCi diesel.

Ford S-MAX Vignale Concept

Ford is showcasing the Ford S-MAX Vignale at the Geneva Motor Show done in pearlescent-metallic Vignale Milano exterior and in Vignale White Platinum. On the other hand, the Ford Edge Vignale has a rich metallic brown Vignale Metista Scura colour and Vignale White Platinum.

The distinct Ford Vignale hexagonal upper grille design with its polished aluminium surround and dark matte finish adorns both vehicles, signalling its premium quality.

Exterior design touches enhance its premium, exclusive appeal which includes the Ford Edge Vignale’s bespoke chrome-finish foglamps, the aluminium Vignale-embossed wrap-around appliqué of the Ford S-MAX Vignale’s rear liftgate and the 19-inch wheels of polished aluminium that is standard for both models.

The hexagonal-quilted Windsor feather in tuxedo style stitching for the seats and door interior brings the premium quality inside, and is available in either light Cashmere or dark Ebony. The instrument panel is elegant, with its woven aluminium appliqué and ebony leather that extend to the armrest and storage console.

Press Release

Ford Expands Upscale Ford Vignale Line with Four New Models, Exclusive Concierge and Travel Services

Ford today at the Geneva Motor Show revealed new Ford Vignale vehicles and exclusive customer services that will enhance the upscale product and ownership experience.

Ford unveiled the new Ford Edge Vignale – the company's first entry into the upscale SUV market in Europe – and the new Ford S-MAX Vignale. Ford will announce prices for the Ford Edge Vignale later this year. The Ford S-MAX Vignale is available to order now.

In addition, revealed for the first time was the Ford Mondeo Vignale five-door model that will go on sale in 2017, and a concept version of a forthcoming Ford Kuga Vignale.

Ford also debuted new design options that from next year will enable customers to further personalise the exterior styling of the Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S‑MAX Vignale.

The expanded Ford Vignale model range will be available to order at FordStores across Europe, and at customers' Ford retailer of choice. FordStores incorporate dedicated Vignale Lounges that deliver a personalised purchase experience supported by a Vignale Relationship Manager. Ford already has established 300 FordStores and expects to complete its roll-out of 500 early next year.

Ford also is introducing a new travel, event and lifestyle service that will offer Ford Vignale customers valuable offers and access to travel and lifestyle activities, including hospitality experiences at the Chelsea Flower Show in London and the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, and access to VIP premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Our customers have high aspirations, and they want more from Ford. On some vehicles, our top-of-the-line Titanium specifications make up 70 per cent of all sales," said Jim Farley, Chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe. "With Ford Vignale, we can offer them the absolute best of Ford in terms of luxury and personal service. That's why we are expanding from Ford Mondeo Vignale to our flagship products Edge and S-MAX, with Kuga to come soon after."

The first Ford Vignale brand ambassadors – trailblazers from the worlds of fashion, design arts and technology who will feature in the Ford Vignale online media, print media and digital film launch campaigns – are revealed as:
- Joe Casely-Hayford OBE and Charlie Casely-Hayford – the British father and son team behind the Casely-Hayford fashion label, and designers to the stars
- Kai Petermann – a German designer, digital influencer and founder of online blog

Ford Vignale model range grows stronger
Ford is showing the Ford S-MAX Vignale at Geneva in the exclusive pearlescent-metallic Vignale Milano Grigio exterior colour and in Vignale White Platinum.

The Ford Edge Vignale is shown in a rich metallic brown Vignale Ametista Scura colour, and also in Vignale White Platinum. Both vehicles deliver the signature Ford Vignale hexagonal upper grille design with dark matte finish and polished aluminium surround.

Carefully executed exterior detailing enhances exclusivity, and includes the Ford Edge Vignale's bespoke chrome-finish foglamps; the aluminium, Vignale-embossed wrap-around applique of the Ford S-MAX Vignale's rear liftgate; and 19-inch polished aluminium wheels for both models.

The premium character of the Ford S-MAX Vignale and Ford Edge Vignale interiors is heightened with hexagonal-quilted Windsor leather featuring prominent tuxedo-style stitching for the seats and door interiors, offered in light Cashmere or dark Ebony colours. Ebony leather extends to the central armrest and storage console, and to the instrument panel, which features a woven aluminium applique on the passenger side.

The new Ford Vignale Mondeo model in five-door bodystyle is presented for the first time, following the Ford Mondeo Vignale four-door and wagon models that launched last year. Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S-MAX Vignale customers will be offered further customer tailored personalisation options including dark alloy wheels and foglamp surrounds, and exteriors without additional chrome detailing, which are on show for the first time in Geneva.

"Ford Vignale design exudes sophistication and premium sportiness," said Joel Piaskowski, director, Design, Ford of Europe. "For customers, Ford Vignale is a more individualistic way to enjoy luxury and express your style."

The Ford S-MAX Vignale, Ford Edge Vignale and Ford Mondeo Vignale will feature as standard the SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system that delivers faster performance and features a redesigned 8‑inch touch screen that enables pinch and swipe gestures for the first time.

Simply by pushing a button and saying "I need a coffee," "I need petrol," and "I need to park," drivers can find nearby cafés, petrol stations or car parks, as well as locate train stations, airports, and hotels. The system then guides the driver to the selected destination via the navigation.

Further sophisticated technology includes Ford Active Noise Control,* which uses three microphones strategically placed throughout the cabin to monitor engine noise in the interior, and directs opposing sound waves through the audio system to cancel out engine noise and improve cabin ambience. Powerful, fuel efficient engine options include Ford's 210 PS bi-turbo 2.0‑litre TDCi diesel.

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