Infiniti Q60, QX30 will make European debut at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on February 4, 2016

Luxury car brand Infiniti recently launched two all-new cars for European market, which will be showcased in the coming 2016 Geneva Motor Show on March 1 - the Q60 sports coupe and the QX30 premium crossover. They will later be joined by a third Infinity release, the upgraded Q50, with all three sharing the distinct iconic design, precise driving and innovative technologies Infiniti cars are known for.

With a highly-advanced new V6 twin-turbo engine capable of delivering 405PS, the all-new Q60 sports coupe promises to be a mean and powerful machine. On the other hand, the all new Qx30 premium active crossover promises an exciting driving experience with its handsomely-sculpted exterior and uniquely asymmetric cabin design.

The third vehicle to join them is the Q50 sports saloon that features extensive upgrades from the original, creating an enhanced performance and a more enjoyable experience. According to Infiniti Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa Francois Goupil de Bouille, the European debuts of these new daring cars in Geneva shows Infiniti’s expansion and plan to move into a more thrilling direction.

Bouille added that it is an exciting time for the car manufacturer amid improving sales worldwide. The new Q60 is the embodiment of Infiniti’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ design thrust, with its finely crafted and distinctly proportioned masculine exterior. Powered by an innovative drivetrain technology channeled through the rear wheels, this sports car is bound to deliver a remarkable ride.

Following Infiniti’s established heritage of producing highly advanced six-cylinder engines, the Q60 is powered by a high performance 3L V6 twin-turbo engine from their exclusive ‘VR’ powertrain. However, the Q60 to be featured in the coming Geneva Motor Show will have a higher power output of 405 PS -from a V6 engine which translates to having the best power power-to-efficiency in the sports coupe category.

The all-new QX30 is designed to make a bold first impression and is created for the new generation buyers who appreciate the finer things in life. Owners will surely love its elevated appearance, creating a unique but elegant presence that’s another example of Infiniti’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ approach in design.

This new model joins the existing Q30 in Infiniti’s premium compact lineup. As a testament to the Q50’s proven buyer appeal and its role in sustaining global growth for the company in recent years, Infiniti will introduce a newer version of the Q50 sports saloon.

The upgraded sports saloon will feature the same all-new powerful V6 engine found in the Q60. It will also feature the all new Dynamic Digital Suspension, a new technology which Infiniti decided to debut in this upgraded Q50. With this new suspension installed, it gives a more stable ride – a comfortable yet agile and quick-acting response.

Infiniti sold a total of 215,250 new vehicles in 2015, representing a 16% rise from year-ago levels and record sales for the company. In Western Europe alone, Infiniti saw a remarkable 45% increase, having sold 7000 units last year.

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With the European debut of the Q60 sports coupe and the QX30 premium active crossover, Infiniti presents two all-new expressive models at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March, 2016. Joining them will be the further upgraded Q50. All three share Infiniti’s iconic design language, innovative technologies and precise driving characteristics.

All-new are the Q60 sports coupe, promising a powerful drive from a highly-advanced new V6 twin-turbo engine boasting 405 PS, and the QX30 premium active crossover, with its highly-sculpted concept-like exterior, elevated stance and asymmetric cabin design. They will be joined by the refreshed Q50 sports saloon, which features significant performance and dynamic upgrades that deliver a more empowering and rewarding drive experience.

Francois Goupil de Bouille, Infiniti Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa commented: “This is an exciting time for Infiniti, as we have transformed our product line-up and established sales records across the globe and in our region in particular. The new models set for their European debuts in Geneva highlight our commitment to expanding our product portfolio in new and thrilling directions, based on daring concept cars. This is the Infiniti way, and one that will help us achieve further success in 2016 and beyond.”

The bold exterior of the Q60 exemplifies Infiniti’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ design language, with distinctive proportions and taut, muscular lines. Innovative drivetrain technologies and power channelled through the rear wheels deliver an exhilarating drive.

The high performance 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine from the new and exclusive ‘VR’ powertrain family continues the brand’s longstanding heritage of advanced six-cylinder powertrains production. The Q60 to be shown in Geneva features the higher-powered 405 PS V6 engine, providing one of the best power-to-efficiency ratings in the sports coupe class.

Created for a new generation of premium buyers, the all-new QX30 boasts a purposeful, elevated appearance that makes a bold visual statement, joining the Q30 as part of Infiniti’s new premium compact model line-up. Remaining true to the ‘Powerful Elegance’ design approach that guided the original QX30 concept, the car demonstrates Infiniti’s design-led approach to product development.

Alongside the Q60 and QX30, Infiniti will also reveal an upgraded version of the Q50 sports saloon, which has played a key role in the brand’s sustained global growth in recent years. As well as the powerful all-new V6 engine found in the Q60 sports coupe, making its debut in the Q50 is the company’s second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering – comprehensively updated from the ground-breaking first-generation system, and Infiniti’s new Dynamic Digital Suspension, which gives the new sports saloon an optimal blend of ride comfort and class-leading response and agility.

The launch of these new and upgraded models in Europe comes at a time of rapid growth for Infiniti, and in the midst of an intense global product launch period. Infiniti globally sold a record 215,250 new vehicles in 2015, representing a year-on-year rise of 16%. In Western Europe, 7,000 customers bought a new Infiniti last year, an increase of 45% over 2014.

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