SsangYong unveils SIV-2 Concept at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 7, 2016

SsangYong Motor Company revealed to the international media its latest Smart Interface Vehicle, the SsangYong SIV-2. This was during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show held in Switzerland. The first version, the SIV-1, was first unveiled at the same show two years and with this new premium midsize SUV development concept, the company hopes to take this 'Dynamic Motion' design concept to the next level.

This midsize SUV is based on the company’s 'Robust, Specialty, Premium' development theme. Under this new concept, SsangYong hopes to provide an emotional interface between the car and driver which it will then progress to become the key strategic model of its product range.

CEO Choi Johng-sik shared that when the company first launched in 2015 its Tivoli B-segment crossover, it showed that the company had the ability to design, manufacture, and then sell a modern-day car that was able to meet customer preferences.

It has not only been it most successful launch to date but it has even managed to beat expectations, he added. Using the confidence and experience from the Tivoli, the company wants to make cars that will have the features, technology, and even the style, of the future, Mr. Choi continued.

Having that kind of forward thinking is important and this is the reason why the company is happy to show a glimpse of the future with the SIV-2 concept, he further continued.

Exterior Design

In terms of style, the design of the SIV-2 clearly displays the dynamism and power often seen in nature. It also symbolizes the company’s 'Nature Born 3 Motion' design principle.

This same principle has long been at the center of its design language since it first exhibited the XIV concept series. It is clear that the style is inspired by the canyons and mountains as it also captures how strong nature is in order to form them.

The car has a smooth flowing shape as it complements the silhouette clearly inspired by the formation of weather rock. Starting from the front, the strong character lines flow to the rear while the L-shaped 'up-kick' treatment just in front of the rear wheels gives it that unique contrast and adds to its character.

Going back to the front, the design of the shoulder wing is a familiar sight as it is the same with some of the company’s prior concept car and was even in the first production version of the Tivoli. The shoulder wing encircles the slim radiator grill and then extends out and reaches the headlights.

The grill and the bonnet are contrasted by the lower bumper which gives it a stronger and purposeful look that follows the Robust Aesthetics design theme. The powerful character lines on its side and large rear bumper best exemplify dynamic motion.

It has a glasshouse style moulding which separates the floating roof line with the wide C pillar. This also hints at its sporting characteristics.

Interior Design

Going to the interior, it is clear that the design is just as modern and dynamic as that of its exterior. Designers therefore created a look that highlighted this simplicity and mixed it with gentle but strong elements to ensure that user satisfaction reaches new heights. Its overall look makes use of elegant lines from its doors and goes through its center fascia.

The way it has been designed gives the impression of stringed musical instruments like sitar, violin, or even a Korean gayageum. A number of the tones and materials used in the interior are clearly high-end like the woodgrain floor. The result is that it offers a feel of elegance like being on a luxury yacht. It also offers a sense of refreshing space.

Remarkably, the materials used here have a soft texture. With the use of the Alcantara Italian suede on the pillars and headlining, the ambience of luxury is increased even further. There is also a subtle interior lighting that highlights the steel, wood, and seating, resulting in improved refinement.

Emotional connection between the people inside and the car was one of the goals, and this is made possible with the music and light that give the feel of being in an opera house. Mounted within its bucket seats are speakers that not only provide sound but also give off vibration to the passengers.

This makes for a truly wonderful surround-sound experience. The lighting graphics that are emitted from the side consoles and door panels respond to the beat of the music enhancing the experience even more.

The SIV-2 offers a modern, sporty and youthful atmosphere which is enhanced with the use of the dynamic graphics found on the instrument cluster, the latest IT devices that connect with state-of-the-art technology, and the metallic center fascia.

It offers a passenger-friendly interior and offers enough space to challenge the usual normal driving experience. It has four independent bucket seats and bilateral symmetrical instrument panel. This gives the sports coupé its safe driving spirit and protecting nature.


Since it is a hybrid car, it uses an electric motor and a petrol engine. It is equipped with a 10 kW electric motor-generator while the turbocharged 1.5-liter direct injection petrol engine is combined with the electric motor and the 500Wh lithium ion battery.

The result is a mild 48V hybrid system to provide efficiency and quiet driving. It also has lower CO2 emissions and runs silently whether idling or moving at low speeds.

This particular eco-friendly concept has a low center of gravity and a lightweight body, chassis and suspension system. These can be developed even further to serve as alternative models for other powertrains like that of the EV, HEV, and PHEV.

Press Release


SsangYong Motor Company, (CEO, Johng-sik Choi; unveiled a possible future midsize SUV to the international media at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland today.

“By launching the Tivoli B-segment crossover in 2015, SsangYong clearly demonstrated its ability to design, manufacture and sell a contemporary car that absolutely addresses customer demand; it is already our most successful new car launch, and has well exceeded expectations,” said Mr. Choi.

“Based on the experience and confidence we have taken from Tivoli, we are keen to create cars with the style, technology and features motorists will be looking for tomorrow.

“Projecting that thinking forward is essential, and I am delighted by the glimpse into the future this exciting new SIV-2 concept demonstrates.”

The SsangYong SIV-2 (Smart Interface Vehicle) is a midsize premium SUV development concept. It is the next iteration on from the SIV-1 showcased at Geneva two years ago, and takes a step further under the design concept of ‘Dynamic Motion’.

Based on SsangYong’s development theme of ‘Robust, Specialty, Premium’, this new concept pursues the emotional interface between the driver and car, and will evolve to become a key strategic model within the SsangYong range.


The essence of the SIV-2 design is the association with the power and dynamism found in nature, and represented by SsangYong’s design philosophy of ‘Nature Born 3 Motion’, which has been at the heart of SsangYong’s vehicle design language since it was first articulated in the XIV concept series.

Design characteristics


The styling of the SIV-2 has been inspired from the evolution of mountains and canyons and encapsulates the strength nature required to form them over time. The sleek flowing shape of the car is harmonious throughout its silhouette and derived from the ordered forming of weathered rock.

Powerful character lines flow from front to rear and the L-shaped ‘up-kick’ treatment ahead of the rear wheels creates a distinctive contrast to the those strong lines to give added character.

At the front, the shoulder wing design seen on a number of previous SsangYong concept cars and first in production with the Tivoli, embraces the slim, broad radiator grill and stretches out to include the headlights.

By way of a contrast to the sleek bonnet and simple grill, the lower bumper creates a more robust and purposeful look informed by SsangYong’s Robust Aesthetics design theme, while the intense character lines to the side and the voluminous rear bumper represent dynamic motion.

The wide C pillar is separated from the floating roof line by a glasshouse style moulding, hinting at the car’s sporting traits.

Interior design

The interior of the SIV-2 is designed to be as dynamic and contemporary as the car’s exterior, so the designers have created a look of understated simplicity that blends well with the delicate yet strong elements of the vehicle to engender a new level of user satisfaction.

The overall look is informed by elegant lines that flow from the doors and around through the centre fascia, and is inspired by stringed musical instruments such as the violin, sitar or Korean gayageum, a multi-stringed musical instrument.

Materials and tones are taken from the world of high-end interiors, and include a woodgrain floor to give a sense of the elegance experienced from being on-board a luxury yacht, soft texture materials and an overwhelming sense of refreshing space. The tone of luxury is furthered by Alcantara, premium Italian suede to the headlining and pillars, while subtle interior lighting is emitted to accentuate the wood, steel and seating for a feel of enhanced refinement.

With the experience inspired from being in a modern opera house, passengers can savour an emotional connection to the car through music and shimmering light. Speakers mounted within the bucket seats deliver sound and vibration directly to the passengers, giving a surround-sound experience to enjoy ones favourite music to the full, while lighting graphics responding to musical beat are emitted from the door panels and side consoles.

The car’s youthful, sporty and contemporary ambiance is furthered through the metallic centre fascia, the dynamic graphics of the instrument cluster, and cutting-edge IT devices connecting with the latest technology available.

SIV-2 features a spacious passenger-friendly interior that challenges the rules of normal driving experience, and features a bilateral symmetrical instrument panel and four independent bucket seats to give the dynamic yet cossetting and safe driving spirit expected of a sports coupé.


The SIV-2 is a mild hybrid car, powered by 1.5 litre direct injection turbocharged petrol engine combined with a 10kW electric motor-generator and a 500Wh lithium ion battery. This creates a 48V mild hybrid system which offers quiet and efficient driving, reduced CO2 emissions and silent running when idling and at slow speeds.

This eco-friendly concept features a lightweight body, a low centre of gravity and a chassis and suspension system that can be further developed to create alternative models with high efficiency powertrains such as HEV, PHEV and EV to future proof the SsangYong brand.

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