TECHART Magnum Sport package for 2016 Porsche Cayenne

Article by Christian A., on March 6, 2016

TECHART Magnum Generations have maintained an established identity of offering premium refinement, state-of-the-art performance, superior design, and powerful delivery for more than a decade now. The new TECHART Magnum Sport’s global debut is slated from March 3 to 13 at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Representing a sport-focused version of TECHART Magnum, the special edition model features better aerodynamics and new carbon fiber parts. It is packed with a stunning, dynamically-shaped, three-part front splitter and additional winglets inside the front air intakes.

The new carbon front wheel arch air outlets and the two additional carbon fiber rear air outlets underscore the sportiness of the TECHART Magnum Sport. Visibly distinguishing the vehicle from any Porsche Cayenne is its powerful rear diffuser.

Like a classic TECHART Magnum model, the TECHART Magnum Sport’s rear diffuser is detachable, allowing the tow ball to be deployed. Completing the package are additional carbon fiber trims and a detailed, sporty interior.

The vehicle can deliver a power output of up to 700 hp or 522 kW depending on the base model. This is achieved by TECHART’s engine power kits. Its power boosts range between an additional 28 hp (Cayenne Diesel) to 180 hp (Cayenne Turbo).

TECHART Magnum over the Years

Since it was launched in 2004, TECHART Magnum immediately rose to prominence in the automobile sector with its distinctive and bold exterior styling cues for every Porsche Cayenne unit.

With over 1,200 TECHART Magnums produced worldwide over three Magnum Generations, TECHART Magnum has established itself as a promising car brand in terms of quality, technology, and design.

TECHART Magnum takes pride in offering a highly dramatic and dynamic styling language along with an unlimited variety of personalization options. Aside from this, TECHART Magnum is also known for providing user-friendly products that boast practicality and peace of mind.

It is under this commitment that TECHART Magnum uses OE-quality materials, reliable production procedures, and precise tooling. This results in convenient installation and unquestionable quality.

Moreover, even if TECHART Magnum is an extensive modification of the Porsche Cayenne, it is easy to maintain. It features exquisite details and an excellent aerodynamic concept with versatile compatibility with the Porsche Cayenne’s features.

Unique, Classic TECHART Experience

For a unique and personalized experience, the new TECHART Magnum models can be purchased with a wide array of optional features. For the chassis, the TECHART Magnum can be personalized with the TECHART Air Suspension Module Sport.

The Automatic Parking Level, a unique TECHART functionality, allows the vehicle to prefer more agile and direct ride height levels. Moreover, the body is automatically lowered to create a more powerful and distinct stance at a standstill after it is locked.

Also, perfect for the new vehicle is the 22-inch TECHART Formula IV wheel. Despite its enormous dimension, it has undergone weight-reducing manufacturing processes.

An individual color match also gives customers additional opportunities to customize their respective vehicles— color-coordinated brake calipers with interior decorative stitching, dual-color or multi-color painted, and matte surface finish or a contrasted, distinctive wheel edge.

Exterior Design

The front is distinctly shaped. The bumper, side air intakes and front spoiler are seamlessly integrated and surrounded by the classic TECHART form. Moreover, the front apron design and the splitter, which can optionally be availed as a carbon fiber part, reduce the Porsche Cayenne’s height visually and create a solid and wide stance that is further complemented by the excellent wheel arch extensions and side skirts.

The central radiator grille, on the other hand, is combined with the side air intakes. The Airframes, which hover in the air intake ducts, are fitted with the TECHART daytime running light system. The shape of the Airframes creates the impression of aircraft engine intake systems.

The entire modular construction of the front apron also offers many possible accents such as carbon fiber and custom color. Meanwhile, the TECHART Aero Engine Lid, which is completely carbon-fiber-made, has a distinctive and dynamic styling.

Available in body color, matte, and high-gloss carbon fiber finishes, it has two air outlets. The rear part, on the other hand, is emphasized with side air outlets reiterating the front apron’s Airframes. The rear diffusor is one of the key design cues located at the rear.

It can be improved further with optional carbon fiber finish or contrasting color. The new TECHART Magnum also comes with newly-shaped sports tailpipes formed using a hybrid structure design.

Mounted in concave ducts employed in the rear apron, the tailpipes are built using carbon fiber that surrounds the inner stainless steel pipes. Completing the whole body kit of the new TECHNUM Magnum are a roof spoiler and a spoiler trim with better aerodynamics.

Excellent Core

TECHART is prominent for setting new standards even when it comes to those features not immediately visible to the naked eye. The new TECHART Magnum is characterized with high-grade materials and detailed manufacturing process, guaranteeing genuine flawlessness and technical compatibility. The vehicle sports the original mounting points of the Porsche Cayenne’s structure, ensuring that all design cues are seamlessly integrated together.

Service lids are incorporated at the Magnum front apron’s underbody for convenient maintenance and accessibility. TECHART Magnum made sure that air intakes are not just merely part of the styling language. From the rear view, the front apron reveals the air passages and ducts that guide the cooling air to where it is necessary.

This results in better air flow and optimum heat dissipation, both of which have positive implications on parts such as water coolers, braking system, and intercoolers that enhance the overall driving performance of the vehicle. TECHART Magnum understands that Porsche provides a wide array of optional features in the form of assistance systems or other high-tech equipment in certain countries.

As a result, the new TECHART Magnum offering is built with constructive details. Whether US model position lamps or adaptive cruise control system radar sensor or ParkAssist sensors or headlight cleaning system are to be integrated into the vehicle. Installation is guaranteed to be seamless, easy, and tidy because all the features are pre-installed and are ready to be processed. In fact, the new

TECHART Magnum has been made to accommodate the towbar system of the Porsche Cayenne. The rear diffusor can be easily detached to access the towbar. An electronic safety lock technology is also integrated into models that feature the electrical tow ball to prevent its release as long as the rear diffusor is still attached.

Interior Design

The materials used inside the cabin are mostly handcrafted and world-renowned for their extraordinary quality. The materials for the new TECHART Magnum have been carefully selected to perfectly orchestrate colors and design elements, resulting to precise TECHART craftsmanship.

Customers can choose selective highlights for the interior. They are also given the chance to ask TECHART itself to build them a custom interior depending on their personal taste.

Key modifications and options also include the new TECHART carbon fiber surfaces, instrumental dials, illuminated door entry guards, new TECHART three-spoke steering wheel in individually combined materials and finishes, and sports pedals.


The TECHART Magnum and the TECHART Magnum Sport are both available in five TECHART powerkits, which can improve the power output by up to 180 hp or 132 kW (TA058/T2 for the Cayenne Turbo).

Other configured power gains include additional 28 hp or 21 kW (TA058/D1 for the Cayenne Diesel), additional 35 hp or 26 kW (TA058/SD1 for the Cayenne S Diesel), additional 40 hp or 20 kW (TA058/S1.1 for the Cayenne GTS), and additional 80 hp or 59 kW (TA058/T1 for the Cayenne Turbo).

The intelligent engine management system TECHTRONIC, together with the Cayenne Turbo’s standard engine control unit, coordinates the interaction between the engine and the new components in the new superior powerkit TA058/T2.

The new engine components, which make use of the exhaust energy effectively and efficiently, include TECHART exhaust manifolds and TECHART turbochargers with a ball-bearing compressor or turbine shafts. The state-of-the-art turbochargers improve the air output significantly, characterized by a dynamic response with rapid boost pressure build-up and enhanced stability.

Other modifications on the core include the optimized oil and water pipes and the sport air filters that provide unthrottled intake. Moreover, a specific wiring works together with the TECHTRONIC auxiliary control unit and improves the data communication with the motor sensors.

The new engine powerkit also increases the engine power to 700 hp from a standard 520 hp and the maximum torque to 920 Nm from 750 Nm. The power delivery is regulated in two stages. Under normal operation, 640 hp is available for a full load.

By simply pressing the Sport button, the entire 700 hp is unleashed at about 5,400 to 6,000 rpm. Meanwhile, the maximum torque is unleashed from 4,400 rpm. The significant increase in power leads to an impressive overall driving performance.

The new TECHART Magnum based on the Cayenne Turbo can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. It has a top track speed of 295 km/h. For audible driving pleasure, the Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S, Cayenne S, and Cayenne GTS comes with the EU-type-approved TECHART sport exhaust systems that offer impressive soundscape under all driving conditions. Moreover, the sport exhaust systems are compatible with the tailpipes.

For a better combination, they can also be integrated with the new TECHART carbon fiber sport tailpipes. The new TECHART Dynamic Sound sport exhaust system also provides an exquisite sound experience for all Cayenne Diesel models.

The membranes are electronically operated, generating sound waves for an improved sport-oriented engine soundscape. The exhaust system is also incorporated with actuators, which synthesize the sound sequences depending on the drive and engine load and produce dynamic audible feedback at all times.

The TECHART Dynamic Sound exhaust system can be paired with the TECHART tailpipes. It is also compatible with the tailpipes of the OE Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

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