Geneva Preview: Alpina offers more powerful S trim for B3 and B4 Biturbo

Article by Christian A., on March 3, 2017

With the success of its two platforms, the B3 Biturbo sedan and the B4 Biturbo, Alpina is offering the S trim for these models. This particular trim was developed by the celebrated BMW tuner with the goal of being able to offer a lot more in terms of both performance and power.

If it’s power you want, famed BMW tuners Alpina are more than happy to give it to you. Building on the already successful B3 Biturbo sedan and B4 Biturbo coupe platforms, the company is offering an even hotter S version that delivers more power and more performance.

Starting with the B3, the S version continues to be equipped with the same engine, specifically the turbocharged straight-six 3.0-liter unit. Under the S trim, output is increased from 410 hp (301 kW) in the base model to 440 hp (324 kW). Peak torque is higher as well with the base version having 442 lb.ft-. (600 Nm) and the B3 S at 486 lb.-ft. (660 Nm).

These are the same figures for the B4 S as well considering that it is fitted with the same engine. In terms of performance, the B4 S is capable of going from 0 mph to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 4.2 seconds and is fitted with the rear-wheel drive. When an all-wheel drive is equipped, this time is lowered to 3.9 seconds. To entice more customers, Alpina is offering the B4 S to come in either the convertible version or the coupe variant.

Alpina has revealed that for the rear-wheel drive B4 S coupe, prices will start at $79,215. Meanwhile the all-wheel drive version is priced slightly higher at $82,300. For those who want to feel the wind while driving, the B4 S convertible is expected to be priced at $85,630. Though the company has yet to release any figures with respect to the B3 S, the price is projected to be within the same range as that of the B4 S.

For those interested to have these powered up versions, orders are now being accepted at authorized Alpina dealers. With the news that the company now has a presence in both Australia and China, this means a lot more customers will be able to have a chance to get their hands on these beauties. For those who want more information, Alpina is scheduled to officially unveil the B5 during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

Since the S trim focuses mainly on performance, the B3 S will likely continue to have similar features as the base B3. Expect the front to have headlights fully utilizing LEDs with the front spoiler helping give this model a more dynamic and focused appearance. On the rear, the exhaust system, in stainless steel, creates strong visuals while producing excellent sound.

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