Meet latest hypercar competitor: the 1000hp shark-inspired Arrow by Apollo Automobil

Article by Christian A., on March 5, 2016

Apollo Automobil GmbH announces the launch of its latest hypercar, the Arrow. With this release, the recently rebranded company will start a new chapter in its history and is optimistic that the Arrow will be able to exceed the records set by the Gumpert Apollo.

It was back in 2015 when the company, then known as Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH, underwent restructuring, came out of it as Apollo Automobil. In fact, it’s now owned by Ideal Team Ventures Limited. A holding company, Ideal Team has investments in various industries in addition to the auto sector.

These include leasing and chartering, food and beverage, and financial services. Ideal Team owner Norman Choi shares that when it came to the Gumpert Apollo, he has always been a fan of this hypercar as it manages to stand out from the rest.

He adds that he is excited to be given the chance to revive, reinvent and then rebuild this excellent vehicle. Mr. Choi further adds that he is happy about the upgrades done to the Apollo N and the newly released Arrow, aesthetically and technically.

The CEO for Apollo Automobil is still Roland Gumpert, who is also the Chief Engineer. Mr. Gumpert led the team consisting of technical experts and engineers to develop the Arrow. According to him, the Arrow is indeed a magnificent car as it manages to blend automotive art with the engineering that Germany is known for.

While this is still a prototype, he adds, the company is confident that this vehicle will be able to reach the unimaginable.

Meanwhile, Managing Director Bailey Xu shares that its UK and Germany teams have managed to transform what was already a powerful engine while taking into account the aerodynamic factors and vehicle dynamics. Mr. Xu adds that he was excited by the notion of using the F22 Raptor’s characteristics on the Arrow.

Inspired by marine biology, he continued, the engine in the Arrow is expected to provide a maximum 1000HP of power while giving a torque of 1000 Nm, allowing Apollo to reach new heights. Having a new investor is not the only significant event that became a part of the Apollo’s new history as it will also be following a new design philosophy and will be implementing new engineering insights.

In addition to its new technology center and factory located in Denkendorf, Germany, it will also be starting a new network of dealerships and showrooms in order to make the Arrow known worldwide.

With this new corporate vision, the company wants to show its renewed commitment in its goal of becoming the world’s best hypercar manufacturer. Speaking of the new design philosophy, the one on the Arrow is clearly inspired by the ocean and all its ruthlessness.

However according to the company, this will not be limited to this model as it will be appearing in what will follow as the brand moves forward. The reason for this is that many people generally have a highly sensitized response when it comes to design and often unconsciously link the signs that start from a main principle.

It was important then for the designers to make sure that the rebranded Apollo would follow this as it will set the style of its future cars. The Arrow has a fluid design that evokes the image of a shark giving it the appearance of being in constant movement even when it is just standing still.

However, human intervention is still important. With the team facing a design mission of having a high aerodynamic threshold, the best way was to go to Mother Nature. When it comes to design, the cues that are utilized from plants or animals are generally efficient.

Take for example the notion of moving gracefully on the ocean. One of the best examples that do so is the shark as it is not only pleasing to look at but is also mechanically efficient.

This is the reason why the design of the Arrow was inspired by this predator. Aside from the already unique features, the Arrow’s speed also displays why this hypercar is truly the best symbol of the ocean.

The seats and the rest of the interior have a dynamic and aggressive look that fits the message that the Apollo N is trying to convey. On the center of the dashboard is the newly developed instrument cluster.

The display is fully digital and even adjustable. There are three driving modes to choose from: Basic, Race, and Sport. The company will also be offering personalization options at the request of the buyer.

Exterior Design

This particular design is in fact inspired by the F22 Raptor. To ensure that the Arrow can transfer the force that it can deliver, all of the components of its drivetrain have been reinforced. In addition, when the turbochargers are paired with a decrease in its back pressure, it lowers the fuel consumption even with the higher power output. While power is a requirement, it is just as important to provide road safety. To address this issue, engineers had to reconfigure the chassis.

Much like in motor racing, the Arrow has quick-responding dampers which greatly enhance control and help with the balance. To achieve unmatched lateral acceleration, the tyres are housed in alloy flow-formed "Arrow"-type monoblock wheels measuring 20 inches on the front and 21 inches on the rear. It has center-lock fixing to give more stable handling. Improving the safety even further is the addition of AP Racing’s intelligent high-performance braking system with the ESP/ABS from Bosch.

The Launch Control has also been reconfigured so that it starts a little later. What this does is that when the Arrow is accelerating on corners, dynamic performance is ensured. The higher output also meant that the brake-cooling system had to be reconfigured as well. Already unparalleled in terms of performance and stability, the brakes in the Arrow benefit from larger air intakes. The Arrow’s vehicle ground clearance meanwhile can be configured between 40 mm and up to 120 mm.

In terms of the body, the company made a new carbon body for the Arrow and integrated a carbon monocoque for its safety cell. The new spoiler does not only help with the aesthetics but serves a function as well as it can buffer the interior while lowering the wind noise. A number of the key features in the F22 Raptor are its central ram air intake, the window sill depth, and the gull-wing doors. All of these are still in the Arrow but have been adapted well to match the new design.

These same features wrap the front and back of its redesigned cockpit. Looking at the exterior, it is clear that everything is made of carbon. Even the fuel cap, oil cap, and air ducts are made of carbon. Covering the exterior is the paint in metallic bright Wulfenite orange. It starts from the bumper and goes to the wings behind its doors. It is sure to make some heads turn. Another major highlight of its design is the Wulfenite paintwork on the inside of its double diffuser and the bottom of the rear wing. Completing the new design are the wheel rims and its center-lock fixing.

The color scheme chosen echoes the "New Dawn" logo of the company. Though these are already impressive features, the company reveals that it will still offer customization choices. In fact, the company intends to make 100 unique units with each of the Arrow units personalized for the owner.

Gumpert Apollo S is known as the "Fastest Street-Legal Production Race Car" due to its holding for more than four years the Nurburgring record.


The Arrow is equipped with the 3.993-liter V8 engine. This allows it a 1,000 HP of output at 6,750 rpm while maximum torque is 1,000 Nm at 3,650 rpm.

As a result, the Arrow can reach a maximum speed of 360 km/h (220 mph) while acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) is possible at just below 2.9 seconds.

The reason for the high horsepower is the placement on the top of the two large turbocharges instead of the bottom. It also comes with new intercoolers and even a new exhaust system.

Press Release

Awe inspiring Apollo Arrow unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show – heralding a "New Dawn" for legendary hypercar maker Apollo Automobil GmbH

Apollo Automobil GmbH is delighted to premier the Arrow, a new hypercar that it hopes will surpass the records set by its predecessor, the Gumpert Apollo. With the launch, the rebranded automaker is celebrating a new chapter in its corporate history.

A New Dawn

Following restructuring in 2015, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH was rebranded as Apollo Automobil GmbH. The company's new owner, Ideal Team Ventures Limited, is a holding company with investments in a range of industries including the automotive sector, financial services, food and beverage, and leasing and chartering.

"I have always been a big fan of the Gumpert Apollo. It was, in my opinion, a thoroughbred hypercar that stood out among its competitors," says Norman Choi, owner of Ideal Team Ventures Limited. "I'm excited to have the opportunity to revive, reinvent and rebuild this legendary, record-breaking vehicle. I am very happy with the upgrades we made to the Apollo N and extremely proud of the Arrow which is being debuted today, both technically and aesthetically."

Roland Gumpert remains CEO and Chief Engineer at Apollo, leading a team of engineers and technical experts in the Arrow's development. "The Arrow is truly magnificent – it is the perfect combination of German engineering and automotive art," comments Mr Gumpert. "Although it's still a prototype, we are confident that the Arrow will achieve the unimaginable."

"Our team in Germany and UK have managed to transform an extremely powerful engine to a new hyper-car, while taking all vehicle dynamics and aerodynamic parameters into consideration," says Bailey Xu, Managing Director, "I was instantly electrified by the idea of applying the characteristics of the F22 Raptor to the Apollo Arrow, with the inspiration of marine biology, the Arrow could deliver up to 1000 HP and 1000 Nm of torque, and thus taking Apollo to a new level."

With a new investor, a new design philosophy and new engineering insights, Apollo has started a new chapter in its history. The company has a brand new factory and technology centre in Denkendorf, Germany. It is also launching an impressive network of showrooms and dealerships to help it introduce the Apollo Arrow to the world.

With a new corporate vision, Apollo is demonstrating its renewed commitment to becoming one of the best hypercar manufacturers on the planet.

Apollo Arrow

_Design philosophy

Apollo's new design philosophy, which is inspired by the ruthlessness of the ocean, is
important not only to the Arrow – but also for setting the tone as the company moves forward. People today have a highly sensitized response to design and instinctively begin to link together cues originating from a single philosophy. For our designers, the design that heralded the rebirth of Apollo is crucial – because it will have a key influence on the style of the cars that follow.

Perhaps most importantly, the fluidity of the design – like a shark – gives the Arrow the appearance of constant motion, even when it stands still.

In this respect, human intervention is essential. When confronted with a design brief featuring a high aerodynamic threshold, our own instinct is to turn to Mother Nature. The cues that can be borrowed from animals or plants are almost always efficient in terms of design. When considering the optimal conditions for moving gracefully through water, sharks happen to exhibit a truly wondrous aesthetic and mechanical efficiency – which is why the ocean's primary predator has had such an influence on the Arrow's design.

In addition to all its unique features, the singular, breathtaking speed of the Apollo Arrow elevates this exclusive hypercar to the true embodiment of the ocean.

_Dynamics in figures

The new Apollo Arrow boasts a remarkable torque of 1,000 Nm at 3,650 rpm thanks to the 3.993-litre capacity of its hot V8 engine. An output of 1,000 HP is achieved at 6,750 rpm. These impressive figures allow the car to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from standing in less than 2.9 seconds. The Arrow has a top speed of 360 km/h (220 mph).

_Drive system

The improved horsepower is the result of using two larger turbochargers on the top instead of the bottom, with new intercoolers and the new exhaust system. The F22 Raptor inspired its design. Furthermore, Apollo has extensively reinforced all drivetrain components to ensure they can safely transfer the immense force that the Arrow is capable of. Thanks to the larger turbochargers and general decrease in back pressure, fuel consumption has also been reduced slightly – even with the increased power output.


In order to put this unrivalled power on the road safely and expertly, the engineers have reconfigured the Arrow's chassis. Thanks to the quick-responding dampers – adapted from motor racing – the control of the vehicle has been further improved and perfectly balanced. In addition to the unparalleled lateral acceleration, the precise interaction of the tyres on all-new, lighter 20-inch front, 21-inch rear "Arrow"-type flow-formed monoblock alloy wheels with centre-lock fixing ensures stable handling – further enhanced by the intelligent high-performance braking system from AP Racing with ESP/ABS from Bosch. Since the reconfigured Launch Control kicks in slightly later, for example, when accelerating around corners, the Apollo Arrow also delivers more dynamic performance in these types of situations. It goes without saying that the brake-cooling system in the front of the vehicle has been adapted to account for the increased engine output. The brakes, unmatched in terms of stability and performance, also have additional and larger air intakes. Vehicle ground clearance is adjustable between 40 mm and 120 mm.


Apollo has developed a brand new carbon body with an integrated carbon monocoque for the safety cell. A completely new spoiler significantly reduces wind noise and buffering in the interior. The window sill depth, gull-wing doors and central ram air intake were the key signature features of the original car, so these have been carefully retained and blended with the new design treatment – which wraps, front and rear, around a redesigned cockpit for taller drivers.


The entire vehicle exterior, including air ducts and the fuel and oil cap, are made from carbon. The metallic bright Wulfenite orange paintwork, which stretches from the bumper, across the wings to behind the door, ensures that the car will turn heads wherever it goes. Intricate details, such as the Wulfenite paintwork on the bottom of the rear wing and the interior of the striking double diffuser, further accentuate the car's eye-catching design.

This strong colour scheme also mirrors Apollo's "New Dawn" logo. Impressive wheel rims with centre lock fixing round off the car's distinctive look.


There is no end to the customization and individualization options for the Arrow. We plan to produce a maximum of 100 unique Apollo Arrows, each of them exclusively tailored to its owner.

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