Lamborghini commemorates founder’s 100th birthday with ultra-exclusive Centenario LP 770-4

Article by Christian A., on March 3, 2016

2016 is a special year for Automobili Lamborghini as this year would have been the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the illustrious Italian Sports car manufacturer. In honor of the late founder, Automobili Lamborghini recently unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show the ultra exclusive, ultra powerful Lamborghini Centenario.

The new Lamborghini Centenario is certainly fast, but that’s not so surprising when one considers the V12 naturally aspirated engine powering this supercar. The V12 engine delivers 770 hp which propels the amazing car to a breathtaking acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and it reaches 0- 300 km/h in a short 23.5 seconds until the Lamborghini masterpiece achieves its maximum speed of 350 km/h. Yes, it is that fast that one would be forgiven if one thinks it’s a spaceship on wheels as it zips by in a blur. Yet the analogy might not be totally off given the car is extremely light, achieved by a fusion of high-tech monocoque design fully done in carbon fiber resulting to a very low weight of 1,520 kg. With a small weight to power ratio of only 1.97 kg/hp, the supercar can’t help but almost fly down the road. And yet, taming this speedy beast is relatively easy; the car brakes from a fast 100 km/h to a complete standstill in a short 30 meters.

Ensuring that the supercar stays on the road is its aerodynamic design which includes the extending rear wing gluing the car to the road with its downforce at high speeds. Additional stability and agility is made possible by the rear-wheel steering system. The supercar is also occupant-friendly, with a host of top-of-the-line convenience features such as the touchscreen controlled infotainment system, internet browsing capability and the Apple CarPlay.

Mere mortals may ogle all they want but this car is super exclusive, with a limited 40 cars to be produced – 20 coupes and 20 roadsters. And by the way, it comes with a 1.75 million Euro price tag that does not yet include tax so it may not be the car for everyone. Still, even if one has the cool 1.75 million Euros to play with, all the 40 cars have been presold.

Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO, offers the Centenario to Ferruccio Lamborghini on his birth anniversary saying it is a fitting tribute for the late founder who believed that anything was possible. Winkelmann added that with the Centenario Lamborghini designers and engineers achieved the pinnacle of performance as well as demonstrated that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand. The Centenario is the result of that perfect fusion, a truly remarkable and desirable collectors’ car – a super sports car worthy of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Exterior Design

Centenario is what happens when Lamborghini designers and engineers are given a free hand to create a limited edition technology demonstrator. At first glance, the Centenario exudes a new design language characterized by pure and essential lines representing a bolder and innovative way to interpret the Lamborghini quintessence principle of ‘form follows function.’ Other visually prominent features are composed of the car’s intakes, outlets and ducts that provide superior aerodynamics while at the same time serve as design elements that underscore the car’s permeability.

Its clean, mono-body shape is highlighted by a mono line from front to back, creating that distinctly Lamborghini contour, which is also accentuated by the car’s low overhangs for both front and back. Measuring 4.924 meters long and 1.143 meters high, every detail of the car is made for both form and function, from the aerodynamic inlets composed of several fins prominent in its front and rear, to the large air scoops in the front bonnet with its allusions to sports cars of the ‘70s that not only add to a major design statement but also function as downforce contributor in the front axle area.

Cooling is optimized with the improved airflow to the rear radiators, thanks to the air flowing through ducts within the front headlight casing as well as in the sideskirts. The Lamborghini Centenario’s body is made of gloss carbon fibre. Characteristic scissor door panels are found in all V12 models. The front bonnet and the roof line forms one aerodynamically superior shape that is both stylish and functional. The carbon fibre parts done in matt such as the front splitter, side skirts wheel arches and rear diffuser not only add a touch of elegance to the supercar but were actually designed to function as aids in the car’s overall aerodynamic superiority.

Similar to other Lamborghini models, irregular wheel arches for both rear and front done in matt carbon fibre add a distinct design appeal to the supercar but also conceal the airflow ducts as well as enhance the car’s exceptional aerodynamics. Its attention-grabbing rear wheel arch profile also highlights the rear-wheel steering of the car. Specifically developed for rear-wheel steering, Pirelli PZero tyres sit on the 21” rear rims in forged and milled aluminium while 20” rims of the same material are used in the front. The rims’ spoke fan shape is accented in carbon fibre as well and conceals the ducts extracting hot air from the carbon ceramic brakes, and is capped with a central-locking wheel not with the exclusive Lamborghini bull logo.

Seen from the back, the prominent rear diffuser adds aesthetically to the Centenario’s appeal, highlighting its performance orientation as well as maximizing the downforce due to its substantial dimensions.

The rear tyres are exposed when seen from the back in consideration of the extreme heat exchange. Meanwhile, the Centenario’s Y-shaped rear lights seem to float above the diffuser, stretching the rear’s full width, making the Centenario distinct even in nighttime driving.

Another technological innovation is the extendable rear wing which is indiscernible at low speeds but extends to 150 mm and even rotates 15 degrees to optimize aerodynamic efficiency at high speeds.

Interior Design

Exclusive owners of the new Lamborghini Centenario will be treated to a one-of-a-kind interior. Carbon fibre sports seat come as standard with new stitching for the length of the dashboard, steering wheel, sun visors, rocker covers, and the new carbon fibre inner door panels.

The Centenario also features satellite navigation and a high definition 10.1 inch touchscreen where internet browsing is possible as well as emails, social media and other online applications. The exclusive car also comes with Apple CarPlay which enables the driver to safely make calls, ask for directions and play music from an iPhone.

In addition, a sophisticated telemetry is available in the new Centenario, allowing speeds, times, lateral and G forces to be recorded and even compared to different occasions. As an option, two interior cameras may be installed as well.


The new Lamborghini Centenario is equipped with Lamborghini’s V12 engine, a highly responsive engine even at low revolutions, and provides that uniquely powerful acoustic experience that only comes from naturally aspirated engines. Even without turbocharging, this powerful engine delivers an astounding output of 770 hp (566kW) and with the engine speed limiter raised from 8,350 rpm to 8,600 rmp, it holds the record as the most powerful engine produced by Lamborghini.

As a result of this high power, low weight combination, the Lamborghini Centenario is catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h in a short 2.8 seconds or 0 to 300 km/h in a mere 23.5 seconds before reaching the car’s impressive top speed of more than 350 km/h. Customers in awe of this jaw-dropping speed need not worry, the car has an equally impressive braking distance measure at 30 meters from a speed 100km/h to zero or 290 meters from the unbelievably high 300km/h to a standstill.

High-Tech Chassis produces a High-Performance Drive

The monocoque design of the Centenario’s body is built entirely in lightweight but super strength carbon fiber. The same components were used for its other body parts and trims. This usage of high tech material results in a very lightweight car, measured at just 1,520 kg with unparalleled weight to power ratio of 1.97 kg/hp and a torsional stiffness of 35.000 Nm per degree.

The Centenario comes with a permanent four-wheel drive and a rear-wheel steering system. When the car runs at low speeds, the rear tires turn in the opposite direction of the steering angle, an effect akin to that of a reduced wheelbase marked my extreme maneuverability. This means that the car has a greatly enhanced turning agility at low speeds with a lesser turning radius. At high speeds where stability is needed, the rear tires turn in the same direction as the steering angle which can be likened to extending the car’s wheelbase, only virtually at that. There are three Lamborghini driving modes to choose from, Strada, Sport and Corsa, with the rear-wheel steering adopting to each particular mode.

Lamborghini’s magneto rheological suspension and Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) are specifically tuned for the Centenario’s rear-wheel steering set-up. Automatic transmission is provided by Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) gearbox, a lightweight yet responsive system designed to the fastest gearshifting capability which is a requirement for performance driving.

Only 20 Coupes and 20 Roadsters to be Produced

Highlighting the Lamborghini Centenario’s exclusivity is the company’s announcement that only 40 units will be produced – 20 coupes and 20 roadsters. These new Centenarios are slated for delivery between autumn of 2016 and the whole year of 2014. Unfortunately, all 40 Centenario models have been presold to various collectors and Lamborghini enthusiast at an astounding price tag of 1.75 million Euros plus tax. The car has been developed as the collaboration between OPAC and Lamborghini’s Research & Development department.

The Lamborghini Centenario model shown in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show is done entirely in a carbon fiber finish but the lucky few owners can customize their cars in any colour and finish they want as part of Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalisation programme.

The Centenario is the latest continuation of Lamborghini’s strategy of producing exclusive limited edition models, which makes it possible for the company to explore numerous design languages without the limits imposed by mass production concerns. At the same time, each exclusive car serves as the company’s mouthpiece, enhancing brand awareness with their outstanding performance and design. Past models that have reached iconic status include the Reventon, Sesto Elemento, Aventador J and Veneno, which have shown to increase their value over time.

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