VW debuts Phideon luxury saloon targeted for Chinese market

Article by Christian A., on March 3, 2016

Volkswagen unveiled its all new Volkswagen PHIDEON luxury saloon at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. However, the new luxury car will be only available at the Chinese market initially -- a move that has dismayed car enthusiasts who were looking forward to driving this latest super luxurious saloon offering from the German manufacturer.

The new Volkswagen PHIDEON is an elegant five-metre four-door saloon, and is more upscale than the Passat and Magotan models. Although the car was designed and developed in Germany, Volkswagen announced that the new PHIDEON will only be available to the Chinese market in the third quarter of this year with no indication when the luxury car will be available to other markets.

According to the company, Volkswagen’s Chinese counterpart – SAIC Volkswagen – was deeply involved in the development of the car. SAIC Volkswagen lent its extensive experience in knowing the latest customer trends as well as its technical expertise.

For this reason, the agreement was that SAIC Volkswagen will manufacture the new PHIDEON, which is dubbed as the new ‘face’ of Volkswagen luxury saloons. Volkswagen Head of Design Klaus Bischoff said that the new PHIDEON, with its graceful yet precise lines, imposes a powerful yet refined presence, superior in all aspects yet charismatic.

It is considered an avant-garde model, completely designed in Europe but meant for the enjoyment of discerning Chinese clientele. PHIDEON is said to be a construct representing elegance and reliability and also symbolically and phonetically alludes to the Roman goddess of fidelity, Fides.

According to the design team, it is even possible to create the PHIDEON from the stunning C Coupe GTE concept unveiled during the 2015 Auto Shanghai, with only minor changes. The car is also the first Volkswagen vehicle developed using the Modular Longitudinal Matrix (MLB).

Exterior Design

One of PHIDEON’s strongest selling points is its stunning exteriors which can be best described as a saloon car that feels like a coupe which can be explained by the following: Sporty Proportions – The new PHIDEON is 5.05 metres long, 1.87 metres wide and 1.48 metres high and features extreme short front and rear overhangs for its size, reminiscent of a coupe design.

This sporty proportion is further accentuated by the long bonnet giving it its characteristic ‘prestigious dimensions’. This combination of a short front overhang and long bonnet gives it the powerful aura and presence yet as the same time, it has an elegant and refined look.

A New Front Look – Another exterior design feature of the card is the improvised front look, which is of course, emphasized by the handsomely contoured bonnet. A wide and high radiator grille made up of four chrome bars and two chrome-plated crossbars that frame the LED headlights forms the new ‘face’ of PHIDEON.

This styling will likewise be featured in future high-end saloons. Classy Silhouette – Viewed sideways, the PHIDEON has two lines that define the luxury car’s elegant profile that runs from the front wings to the boot lid, eventually turning into a powerful shoulder.

In addition, large wheel arches and alloy wheels that came directly from the C Coupe GTE complete the design statement. Powerful Rear – Taking design cues from the front, the rear is also characterized by a horizontal division of surfaces which actually highlighted the car’s ample width.

It runs from the boot lid, and frames the upper rim of the LED rear lines. In addition, a chrome strip in the lower portion ends in the stainless steel exhaust.

Interior Design

As a sporty five-seater, the PHIDEON can be used as a self-driven luxury saloon or as a chauffeur-driven limousine due to its spaciousness. It is the perfect combination of being sporty yet elegant at the same time.

The luxurious seats, front and rear, can be electrically adjusted and can be set for individual preference for the ergonomically curved sides.

The seats also come with heating and ventilation as well as massage function. A wrap-around ambient light strip increased the car’s lounge-like atmosphere.


Of course, the luxurious car is powered by the top-of-the range PHIDEON 3.0 TSI 4MOTION engine with a four-wheel drive that comes as standard.

The top-rated 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged direct injection petrol engine is capable of a 220 kW/ 300 PS output and produces an impressive 440 Nm torque.

For the five-seater version, a 2.0 TSI (with four-cylinder engines) with front wheel drive is standard while a plug-in hybrid is still on the planning stage.

Convenience and Driver Assistance Systems

Convenience systems – A host of innovative convenience features are available for the occupants’ pleasure. The saloon features the Phaeton chassis equipped with an air suspension system, a system similar to that of another Volkswagen luxury brand Bentley. There are five driving modes for this system ensuring the ultimate in driver customization option.

Another new feature is the electric soft-closing for the doors known as “Soft Close,” providing a noiseless ambience for the occupant.

MLB Assistance System – The PHIDEON features the full technology spectrum of the Modular Longitudinal Matrix. The car has a head-up display which projects information into the windscreen as well as a camera based night vision that can warn drivers of people or animals on or near the road – even in zero visibility conditions such as a fog or total darkness.

When the car is maneuvering, the Area View improves visibility with its four cameras with wide angles. It also comes with adaptive cruise control (ACC), Front Assist, Park Assist, Lane Assist, Side Assist, proactive occupant protection system and Light Assist.

In addition, the car offers unparalleled connectivity with its integrated Modular Infotainment Platform (MIB) CarPlay and MirrorLink compatible with any smartphone.

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