2018 Alpina XD3 is a BMW X3 with 4 turbos, set to launch at Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on February 28, 2018

A lot of people, especially in Europe, love the diesel engine despite the fact that it is one of the dirtiest things you could also talk about these days. While automakers like BMW are shifting to hybrid and electric vehicles for their upcoming models like the next generation X3, there are some models that still remain to build diesel engine vehicles. For instance, Alpina had just given the diesel powered SUV engine a boost. That is something BMW will definitely not do.

Having said that, this is exactly what the Bavarian tuner did: they tweaked the BMW 3.0 liter straight six engine with two turbochargers and common rail high pressure direct injection of the regular X3 diesel. Overall, this gives an output of 333 horsepower (245 kilowatts) and a torque of 516 pound feet (700 Newton metres).

If these numbers do not sound impressive to you, Alpina wants to boast that in only 4.9 seconds, the XD3 can accelerate to 62 miles per hour from standstill (0-100 kilometers per hour). It achieves a top speed of 158 miles per hour (254 kilometers per hour). In other words, this could be the fastest, diesel powered SUV in the market today.

On average, for every 100 kilometers, the vehicle will need about nine liters. That is equivalent to 26 miles per gallon. CO2 emissions, on the other hand, are 238 grams per kilometer. All these were measured by the new WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Vehicle Test Procedure) cycle.

The said 3.0 liter engine is paired to an eight speed automatic gearbox together with the BMW xDrive intelligent AWD system. This has been retuned so it features an Alpina specific torque distribution. With this setup, you could expect neutral driving dynamics and high levels of traction.

Furthermore, the XD3 now also has a new sport suspension with electronically adjustable dampers and active rear limited slip differential. The SUV sits on a set of 20 inch with lockable wheel covers and concealed air valves. You could also opt for larger 22 inch lightweight wheels.

Alpina says that this model will be out in the market sometime in the second quarter of 2018. Before that, we should get a more detailed version of the standard and optional equipment. Deliveries will then begin early next year.

This, in other words, is the car for those who do not want to stay away from diesel engines. As mentioned earlier, this Alpina XD3 will be available in the European market, and therefore, will likely not be available in the United States market. Right now, we are just waiting for the automaker to give us complete details about this. The official debut will be made at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show!

Source: Alpina

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