Big names in auto industry came together to build Aston Martin Valkyrie

Article by Christian A., on March 15, 2017

When Aston Martin first gave the world a glimpse of the Vulcan, everyone felt shock and awe. This happened considering that this track-only model was equipped with the V12 engine that could offer 820 hp (611 kW).

Well, be prepared for another surprise as the brand’s talented team of engineers appears to be at it again with a new V12 hypercar that is also street-legal. Hidden under the codename AM-RB 001, Aston Martin revealed that it will be called the Valkyrie, the name given to the female warriors of Norse lore.

Making this hypercar even more impressive is that while it is slated to become what may be the fastest production car there is, it is the result of a collaboration of a number of big names in the industry. In the lead, we recognize Red Bull Advanced Technologies and the Chief Technical Officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 Adrian Newey. Meanwhile, the naturally-aspirated customized 6.5-liter V12 engine was worked on by Cosworth together with Rimac, who will be responsible for the hybrid configuration. Rimac is well-known to many as the one who created the electric Concept One hypercar.

Aston Martin expects that the Valkyrie with have a power-to-weight ratio of 1:1 and this will be transmitted to the road using the seven-speed gearbox that Ricardo will be specifically developing for this model. It will have magnesium alloy wheels measuring 20 inches on the front and 21 inches on the rear. The wheels will then be fitted with the Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires from Michelin sized 265/35 ZR20 for the front and 325/30 ZR21 on the rear.

The big names do not stop there as the carbon fiber MonoCell with be supplied by none other than Multimatic. To make sure that the Valkyrie has the needed stopping power, the carbon discs and the high-performance brake calipers were put in, courtesy of Alcon and Surface Transforms. Bosch will be on hand as well to share its knowledge in software and will be providing the one needed for the engine control unit, or ECU, as well as that of the ESP and traction control.

With these well-known companies helping together with the ultimate hypercar, it won’t be surprising that its already spectacular spaceship-like design will have the performance to match it. A batch of 150 units is scheduled to be manufactured with customer deliveries expected to begin by 2019. However, Aston Martin will also be coming out with 25 units geared specifically for the racetrack.

So what’s the price tag on this magnificent model, you may want to ask? Chances are if you needed to ask that question, then it may well be beyond your range. Even if Aston Martin does reveal the price, it has no bearing since everything has been pre-sold.

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