Geneva 2018: Mercedes-Maybach S-Class owners can get luggage and accessories to match their cars

Article by Christian A., on March 12, 2018

Opulence has been the name of the game for the Mercedes-Maybach brand. This is especially true when it comes with the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which was recently updated to offer more luxury. Now, wealthy clients of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class could now avail of an exclusive collection of color-coordinated luggage items and fine accessories to suit their lavish on-the-road lifestyle.

These new luggage items and fine accessories are part of the Maybach – Icons of Luxury exclusive collection. The collection includes “The Jaunt I” travel bag, “The Streamlined I” garment carrier, “The Hideaway I” two-tone leather shoe bag, “The Cocoon I” key wallet, and “The Key Moment I” key ring. All of these products feature a two-toned color design scheme, such as deep-sea blue/ silk-beige, satin-red/ silk-beige and titanium-grey/ silk-beige.

Made using genuine leather, all products are hand-crafted and come with woven lining donning the exclusive Fleurs-de Maybach pattern. They also feature fine logo emblems and embossing. These new luggage items and fine accessories are designed to offer high levels of functionality,

The Maybach – Icons of Luxury exclusive collection will be up for grabs starting June 2018 at its boutiques in Berlin, Munich, Vienna as well as Abu Dhabi. The collection will also be available online at

The Jaunt I is a travel bag in weekender-format reinterpreting the shape of the Maybach logo. It is made up of two large zipped compartments with separate sections. The Streamlined I garment carrier, meanwhile, comes with various compartments and flaps. It also comes with a number of attachment options. The Hideaway I two-tone leather shoe bag has been reinforced on the sole side and features lining made from water-resistant, wipeable fabric.

On the other hand, the Cocoon I key wallet features a shape matching that of the car key. Its button features the classic Maybach Double-M logo. The Key Moment I key ring features a mechanism coated with fine palladium and boasts of a fine Maybach diamond pattern.

All of these new luggage items and fine accessories from the Maybach – Icons of Luxury exclusive collection greatly add to the opulence of the newly updated Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which now features a distinct and revolutionary headlamp technology Digital Light that projects certain HD symbols on the road directly in the field of vision. The Digital Light headlamps feature a resolution of over two million pixels (over one million pixels per headlamp).

The symbols projected onto the road by the Digital Light headlamps include guide lines, an extended pedestrian mark, a distance mark, a lane-keeping symbol and a blind-spot symbol as well as construction-site symbol, lane-keeping symbol, low-grip surface symbol, rear-end collision symbol and speed symbol.

Press Release

Exclusive Collection from MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY: Colour-coordinated luggage items and fine accessories for the new-look Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

At the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Mercedes-Benz and it’s license partner, MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY, are unveiling an exclusive associate collection to accompany the new-look Mercedes-Maybach S 650 (consumption combined 12.7 l/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 289 g/km). The range of products consist of a stylish travel bag set, a garment carrier, a shoe bag as well as a key ring and a matching key wallet.

To match the new look of the Mercedes-Maybach, all products in the collection exibit the two-toned colour design scheme – for example in satin-red / silk-beige, titanium-grey / silk-beige or deep-sea blue / silk-beige. During production, only genuine vehicle leather is used and processed with sophisticated handcrafting methods. All products are lined with woven lining bearing the exclusive Fleurs-de Maybach pattern.

Alongside first-class quality and design, the MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY’s highest priority is the functionality of its leather goods and accessories. Optically, fine logo emblems and embossings subtly embellish the products.

The travel bag in weekender-format is called “THE JAUNT I”. Its styling interprets the legendary shape of the Maybach logo. The weekender consists of two large zipped compartments with seperate sections.

The garment carrier, “THE STREAMLINED I”, offers various compartments and flaps, as well as different attachment options. These include the opening for a coat hanger and an additional leather strap with a snap hook for hanging on a rod or for a second hanger.

Shoes are kept clean and safe during transit in the two-tone leather shoe bag “THE HIDEAWAY I”. The leather is reinforced, in particular on the sole side. The lining consists of water-resistant, wipeable fabric.

The key wallet, “THE COCOON I”, matches the shape of the car key and constructed from vehicle leather in the appropriate colour design scheme. The button is adorned with the classic Maybach Double-M logo.

“THE KEY MOMENT I” is a high-quality key ring. Its key-ring mechanism coated with fine palladium, sports a fine Maybach diamond pattern. It reflects the embroidery of the Mercedes-Maybach seat design.

This exclusive collection will be available from June 2018 in the MAYBACH – ICONS OF LUXURY boutiques in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Abu Dhabi as well as online at

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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