Sketches of Sin S1 supercar hint at modular nature

Article by Christian A., on December 8, 2017

Sin Cars, the Bulgarian automaker, may not be a familiar name yet but we’re willing to bet that it would be on everyone’s lips the moment that it launches the S1 supercar at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this March. This week, we learned that the car manufacturer decided that it would expand the current lineup by adding the unusual S1 to it. It will stand as an entry level model, and what makes it so special is that its body can be mixed and matched depending on how you want your car to look. Apart from that, you can also choose from a number of powerplants depending on your preference.

The first teaser the company has published online shows the S1 as a topless roadster with no roof or doors. But as mentioned earlier, there are many other ways your S1 could look - from a roadster to a coupe and whatever else you can think of. Having said that, one can opt for an S1 with a closed cockpit variant or a fully exposed fenderless variant with open wheels. Sin adds that customers can keep changing the design of their car for the lifetime of the vehicle.

So far, the automaker has not mentioned anything more about the powertrain apart from the fact that customers have a handful of choices. It also said that the S1 can come as a hybrid, be fully electric, or have a conventional gasoline engine with as much as 450 horsepower. Furthermore, customers could order their paddle shift transmission, traction control and anti-lock brakes.

For those who are interested in the new automaker’s entry level vehicle, you might want to head to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March next year where it will make its debut. Also, expect the first batch of S1s to be delivered to their respective owners in early 2019. Right now, the automaker has not shared pricing details just yet but they did say that the S1 will be affordable.

For the meantime, Sin will start selling their cars within Europe, but they are looking into expanding to the United States, which is why they are applying as a low volume manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Once approved, they will be able to sell 325 units of the road-going vehicles in the US. If not, they will be stuck to selling track-only S1s.

Sin is quite new in the industry, which is why not everyone knows of the brand. The very first model they came out with made its debut at Frankfurt in 2015. It was a pre-production R1, and it was promptly followed by a road-going version. Under its hood was a 6.2 liter V8 from General Motors that carries out 518 horsepower (386 kilowatts). In only 2.5 seconds, it could hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers) from a standstill.

Press Release

SIN CARS – the fastest growing super car manufacturer!

Newcomer SIN CARS, worldwide approved small series car manufacturer, has achieved rapid success with both its R1 550 and R1 GT4 models. While the R1 550 tears up the streets with blistering performance and stunning looks, the R1 GT4 has been competing around the globe in International GT4 competition, racking up numerous wins and podium finishes in both Europe and North America. A true high-end supercar, the SIN R1 has successfully launched the SIN brand onto the world stage.

Building on that success, and bolstered by worldwide interest in the current models, SIN CARS is excited to announce the addition of an all new model; the SIN S1! The S1 is a revolutionary vehicle; a multi-functional, configurable, road or track car at an affordable price level. One might even say – it’s an affordably priced, modular car.

For the road, starting with the S1 chassis, you can have different drive train options, different body designs and different interior options. You can have it as an open top cabriolet, or a fully equipped, closed coupe with air conditioning, power windows and a refined interior to suit the most demanding drivers. Or, you can choose something in between. You decide the level of performance, the level of comfort and even your body style. Because of it’s modular design, you can start with one body package choice and later add different components to update your S1, or change from one design to another.

For the track, the S1 will represent an exciting, new track day machine. Select one of the high-performance engine options and choose a closed coupe for the real sports car experience. Or, choose the fenderless, open cockpit option and you’ll get the open wheel, open cockpit formula car sensation for you and your passenger! For even more performance, you can add on a paddle-shift transmission, traction control and ABS brakes. You decide on the package you want.

Either way, road or track, you choose your powertrain. There are gasoline engines up to 450 horsepower, a Hybrid, or fully electric. You choose your body style. The body starts as an open cockpit sports car, to which you can add components and make it a closed coupe. The modular design allows you to update, or change the design of your S1 for the lifetime of the vehicle. All at an affordable price!

Plans are for the new S1 to be built in both Europe at the current SIN factory and in the USA. SIN CARS is in the process of applying for approval from the US NHTSA as a low-volume manufacturer, which will allow for the sale of up to 325 road-going cars a year in the USA.

The new SIN S1 will be the entry-level model in the SIN CARS line-up. Official launch of the new model will be at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, with the first deliveries planned for early 2019.
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Source: Sin Cars

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