Techart Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo boosts power and style with GrandGT Supreme kit

Article by Christian A., on February 28, 2018

The Panamera Sport Turismo is already an impressive car but German Tuner Techart and the Porsche specialists within the company plan to debut a special GrandGT kit for the upcoming 2018 Geneva Motor Show that is bound to enhance its appeal. After the upgrade called the GrandGT Supreme, the wagon now features an aggressive body and an opulent cabin.

Like the standard GrandGT kit, the version has a front bumper design similar to it but it comes with a hood that has a huge power bulge. The wagon now has a wider stance, thanks to the wider fenders and lower side sills. There are larger diffusers in the back that gain even larger strakes than the existing body kit. This wagon sits on new Techart Formula IV wheels, with five sets of double spokes, measuring at 22 inches.

To match the meaner look of this Sport Turismo, Techart can offer you a powertrain upgrade as well. The company’s engine upgrade can push the Panamera Turbo to have an output of 630 horsepower (470 kilowatts) and 664 pound feet (900 Newton metres) of torque. That is a lot more compared to the stock output of 550 horsepower (410 kilowatts) and 567 pound feet (769 Newton metres) of torque.

With Techart’s new engine, the wagon can now sprint from zero to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in only 3.4 seconds, and in 8.3 seconds, it can hit 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour). To add to that, the automaker offers an exhaust that mixes titanium and carbon fiber to decorate the outlets.

As you move into the cabin of Techart’s GrandGT Supreme Sport Turismo, you’ll find how comfortable it can be for a long drive. For instance, the tuner sourced a vegetable tanned Nappa leather that is short of chromium, and has no solvents in the finishing process. In fact, the wagon features these hides all over the car’s interior, from the foot wells to the door panels. As a visual flourish, multi colour stitching decorates areas like the front seat bolsters, door panels, and some areas of the rear bench.

Techart will definitely be present at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show from March 8 to 18. And Porsche enthusiasts will see this example and some others made by the German tuner. For the market launch, Techart will be presenting the GrandGT Supreme, which is an extraordinary signature edition that combines both sport and luxury.

Press Release

TECHART at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show World Premiere: TECHART for the Panamera Sport Turismo

From March 8 to 18, Porsche drivers can gain an insight into the world of TECHART Premium
Refinement and explore numerous new products of the Germany-based individualizion specialist.
At center stage of TECHART’s stand in hall 2: the world premiere of the new TECHART range for the
Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo.

For the market launch, TECHART presents the GrandGT »Supreme«, an extraordinary signature
edition which uniquely combines sportiness and luxury. The exterior is characterized by the new
TECHART GrandGT styling package for the Sport Turismo models, 22-inch TECHART Formula IV
wheels, a TECHART sport exhaust system with titanium/carbon fiber tailpipes as well as a custom
painted car body in Racing Green.

The inside is once again a masterpiece of the renowned TECHART interior manufactory. Already the
choice of the leather hides of the GrandGT »Supreme« is unconventional. Key challenge for
TECHART’s master craftsmen: the maintenance of softness and naturalness of the leather. And the
result is overwhelming. They developed an un-embossed Nappa with a smooth and natural texture. The
vegetable-tanned hides are free of chromium and are finished solvent-free. The ultra-premium leather
covers the complete interior of the Sport Turismo, including the footwell and the door panels. Combined
with numerous details such as the handmade multi-color stitchings, the customized TECHART sport
steering wheel and custom painted trims in body color, the GrandGT »Supreme« interior is a very highend
luxury interior.

Superior driving performance is granted by the TECHART TECHTRONIC engine power enhancement
which boosts the Panamera Turbo’s power output to 640 hp / 470 kW. The maximum torque raises to
900 Newtonmeters. The easy-to-fit engine upgrade shrinks the gap between standstill and 100 km/h to
3.4 seconds. From this point it takes only 8.3 seconds more to cross the 200 km/h line.

Additional TECHART Geneva highlights: the TECHART options for the Porsche 911 GT3, including a
Carbon Fiber Sport Package as well as carbon fiber sport tailpipes, the TECHART GTstreet R Cabriolet
based on the 911 Turbo S as well as the TECHART range for the Macan models including all kinds of
refinement options and the TECHART powerkit for the Macan Turbo with Porsche Performance

Source: Techart

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