Ginetta Akula is a 600-bhp supercar with technologies from LMP1 racer

Article by Christian A., on April 2, 2019

Ginetta Cars, a sports and racing car builder from Leeds, United Kingdom, is making its presence felt in Switzerland by unveiling an all-new supercar – the new Ginetta Akula.

According to Ginetta, the new Akula supercar marries its precision engineering expertise gained from building race cars and its heritage in creating high-power, low-weight road cars. In fact, the new Akula reinterprets Ginetta’s heritage into a modern one by taking inspiration from the G10 (1960s) and benefiting from technologies found from its 2019 LMP1 car (Le Mans Prototype).

As per Lawrence Tomlinson, chairman of Ginetta, the British carmaker started with a blank sheet of paper with its new its first supercar. Thanks to this, Ginetta was able to come up with a driver-orientated car for the road, as made possible by its mid-mid-engine design, in-house designed powertrain, all-carbon monocoque and LMP-derived aerodynamics.

Ginetta doesn’t want to compromise the performance of the Akula. Thus, they decided to employ a mid-mid-engine layout, with the ultra compact and lightweight mill mounted further back than in conventional supercars. Thanks to this layout, the new Akula boasts of 49 percent: 51 percent front: rear weight distribution. Furthermore, this layout resulted to optimal aerodynamics, the employment of a race-derived suspension, and a large boot. The Ginetta Akula has a dry weight of around 1,150 kg.

Serving as the core of the Ginetta Akula is a dry-sumped six-liter 90-degree V8 naturally aspirated engine, as built in-house by the carmaker’s engineers. This engine delivers more than 600 bhp of max motive power and around 700 Nm of torque. This means that the Akula offers a power to weight ratio of 545 bhp per ton. Power is sent from the V8 engine to the wheels through a six-speed sequential transmission with carbon propshaft. The new supercar from the UK boasts of an LMP1-inspired carbon fiber steering wheel with billet aluminum shift paddles.

Unlike current supercars that compromises boot size, the new Ginetta Akula boasts of a boot that is best in class, pegged at around 675 liters. The cabin, meanwhile, accommodates the occupants through lightweight ergonomic seats.

Interestingly, the new Ginetta Akula delivers 376 kg of downforce at 100 mph, thanks to a number of aerodynamic solutions such as underbody diffuser, body ducting, slash-cut side-exit exhausts as well as a rear wing with the same aerofoil shape as the latest Ginetta LMP1 racer.

According to Tomlision, only 20 units of the Akula will be built in the first year of production. Even at a price of £400,000, Ginetta already managed to sell 60 percent of the planned production (12 units).

Source: Ginetta

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