AC Schnitzer gives styling and power upgrades to the 2012 BMW 3-series (F30)

Article by Anita Panait, on March 13, 2012

When it was launched in February at the Chicago Auto Show, the new BMW 3-series caught the attention of a number of visitors with its impressive specs and looks. A month later, everything has changed. Yes, for the better! The new BMW 3-series is now catching not just attention but also the emotions of the visitors at the 82nd Geneva Auto Show. 

With a few styling additions, tuning specialists at AC Schnitzer crafted a 3-series that is elegant on the outside but is a monster inside. Experts from AC Schnitzer did an excellent job on a performance upgrade for the BMW 328i. 

BMW 328i could now deliver 217 kW/295 HP of output, 410 Nm of torque, and 250 km/h of top speed thanks to AC Schnitzer’s extra control unit installed in the vehicle. The tuning specialist made sure that engine styling is reflected in the BMW 328i, as it installed a AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with two chromed "Racing“ tailpipes in right/left combination. 

The 328i by AC Schnitzer now dons an AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit that places the comfort level of the driver and passengers into a new dimension. The suspension spring kit ensures the driver that the 328i by AC Schnitzer will never lose ground adhesion even on sudden curves and bumpy roads.

BMW 328i by AC Schnitzer is riding on AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV BiColor and silver, Type VI and Type VIII in 18 to 20 inch, giving the vehicle an elegant sporty look.  A buyer could opt for the Type VIII wheel in BiColor silver, which comes in 18, 19 and 20 inch. The wheels’ lacquered silver and bright turned aluminium accents make them appear larger.

BMW’s 3-Series Sedan appears to be longer and even boasts a renewed vitality to the already present dynamic stance, especially when looked at from the side. The reason is that this area of the vehicle is dominated mainly with the strong tight surfaces that have sweeping lines. In addition, the sides have been shaped with what is known as the double swage line that is sure to catch attention.

This feature is composed of two character lines that go through the side with each other. The higher one starts from the front end, which has been slung low. It then goes above the front wheel through a discreet curve as if to remind those looking that this model is able to deliver on speed. The second swage line begins at an area that is lower down and at the back of the front wheel.

After that it goes through a precise curve all the way to the rear end. With these two swage lines, the side’s dynamic wedge form is highlighted even further. With how light and shade interact below these lines, it ensures that focus is put on the wide track. Meanwhile on the rear section, the use of the powerful horizontal lines helps emphasize how wide the track of this latest offering is and how broad its wheels are.

As a model from BMW, the lights in this section have been designed in the usual L-shape the brand is known for. On the far edges as well are the low-set reflectors that help direct the vertical lines that start at the greenhouse then go over the lights in the rear and finally to the wheels.

Like what the use of lines did for the side, the lines in the rear put more focus on the road presence this model offers. Of course, there is still the design element that is standard for the 3-Series range. Specifically, these are the two lines where one is placed on top of the bumper and the other under the spoiler.

Through these two lines, the rear section gets that stylish frame. As the line helps contrast the light surfaces, the new 3-Series Sedan’s rear section gets that new dynamic elegance.

This is helped further by how the defined edges, precise lines, and flowing surfaces interact with each other. Models from BMW are well-known for the Hofmeister kink that can be seen at the C-pillar’s base. However, a more prominent interpretation of this in the new 3-Series Sedan ensures that the profile of the new model has an even more attractive flair.

Beside this is a fine curve line that begins from the roof going to the boot lid. This allows the roof to appear lower when looked at from the side. This rather elegant but athletic lightness goes to the sides and the shade line which goes a bit upwards going to the heavily curved side, highlighting it even more. A large light surface can be observed on the side skirt; this helps improve the lines on the sides and their lightness.

Press Release

The BMW 328i Saloon by AC Schnitzer

It's still quite new on the market but already has many admirers: In February, the new BMW 3- series was launched officially. Now the smart, energetic Bavarian is winning even more hearts at the international Motor Show in Geneva - helped by the tuning specialists at AC Schnitzer.

The Aachen-based experts from AC Schnitzer help the 3-series make an even more impressive appearance with a performance upgrade for the BMW 328i. An extra control unit allows it to deliver 217 kW/ 295 HP and a maximum torque of 410 Nm onto the asphalt, and with its governed top speed of 250 km/h the 3-series by AC Schnitzer tightens the bonds to its driver. As appearances are also important, these inner values are reflected in the AC Schnitzer engine styling.

The saloon makes itself heard with the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with two chromed "Racing“ tailpipes in right/left combination.

In the 328i by AC Schnitzer, you ride out life's ups and downs on the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit. In combination with lowering, this ensures that you can never lose ground adhesion even on turbulent, twisty events. This is guaranteed with the AC Schnitzer wheels Type IV BiColor and silver, Type VI and Type VIII in 18 to 20 inch, which form a solid yet sporting and elegant basis for the wheelarches.

A new addition to the AC Schnitzer range is the Type VIII wheel in BiColor silver. This comes in 18, 19 and 20 inch and impresses with its sporting elegance. The colouring - lacquered silver with bright turned aluminium accents - makes it appear even larger.

The ACS3 reveals its inner values with the AC Schnitzer "Black Line“ aluminium cover for the BMW "i-Drive“ system controller, the "Black Line“ aluminium handbrake handle, the aluminium pedal set, foot rests and floot mats in velours. But that's not all:

The aerodynamic components from AC Schnitzer make the already excellent standard model into a vehicle with even more dynamism and sporting ambitions. The AC Schnitzer front spoiler, chromed front grille, rear roof spoiler, rear spoiler and rear skirt extension, complemented by designer stripes, can already be admired in Geneva but will only be available commercially from summer 2012. This delay will certainly not harm the perfect partner for "driving life" for many fans: after all, you don't give everything away on the first date!

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