Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept shows it face at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 6, 2013

The Alfa Romeo Style Centre and design students worked together to build the 'Gloria' Concept currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Fiat & Chrysler Design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti said that in this project, the Master in Transportation Design students gave "their completely independent interpretation of a new Alfa Romeo saloon."

Even if it’s just a styling exercise, the vividly designed Gloria was brought to the European Design Institute display. The Gloria borrows a few design cues from various Alfa Romeos (old and new) but it keeps the typical saloon car dimensions with a focus on passenger comfort and space.

It is powered by some very advanced V6 or V8 bi-turbo engines. According to Lorenzo Ramaciotti, they guided the projects so that they can get the most from their “spontaneous expressions of creativity.” By doing so, the product became stimulating and was “marked by professional and creative excellence.”

Alfa Romeo is slated to launch the Giulia, a new saloon, in 2014 to be the replacement of the 159 in the inactive executive saloon segment. After the Giulia saloon is launched, it will be the turn of an estate version, which is a lot like the 159 (the Giulia's predecessor). It will have the same underpinnings as the Giulietta hatch and Dodge Dart. But of the three, it will be the largest model.

In the 2011-2012 academic school year, twenty students from Italy and other countries who were taking up their Masters programme put their creative brains together into a full scale final project that made them come up with a grand design for a sports car.

The result is 4700 mm long, 1920 mm wide, 1320 mm high with a wheelbase of 2900 mm. The result is the Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept, a sports saloon that is simply a sight to behold with distinctly beautiful lines outlaying the side to the rear end that give emphasis to the three-dimensionality of the car. State-of-the-art V6 or V8 bi-turbo engine powers the Gloria Concept, consistent with the Alfa Romeo Style which it draws inspiration from. This homage to its history is also seen at the front which showcases leather strips as a throwback to the luggage compartment leather straps of the Alfa Romeos of old.

The European Design Institute whose students helped develop the Gloria Concept is proud of its involvement with the Alfa Romeo Style. César Mendoza, Director of IED, Turin, remarked that Alfa Romeo is the best brand to teach its students how form and volume can convey strong emotions, which boost the desire to design a car.

The Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept is proof that brand passion combined with unconventional thinking and fresh ideas from different sources will deliver some unexpected outcomes. And as seen in the Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept, doing so can lead to astonishingly beautiful creations.

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