Geneva Preview: ‘5 by Peugeot’ Concept announces the 508 sedan

Article by Christian A., on February 14, 2010

Peugeot Marque has introduced to the market a new concept that fully expresses what the brand stands for. Meet the "5 BY PEUGEOT," a concept car whose exterior designs can awaken the emotion with a guarantee of extraordinary comfort, convenience, and interior space.

This concept by Peugeot Marque integrates its own Hybrid4 technology which will also be launched with the Peugeot 3008 in 2011. The main engine is mounted on the front of the car and is linked with an electric motor located on the rear part.

Up front is a 163 bhp 2.0-liter HDi FAP diesel engine while the rear has an electric 37 bhp motor. The result of this is a combined 200 bhp power and fuel consumption of 74.3 mpg with CO2 emissions of 99 g/km. The electric motor though can be solely used when running at low speeds or when using a four-wheel drive and has zero emissions.

As additional proof of the car’s environmental strategy is the Hybrid4 system’s modular technology that can easily be combined with other engines depending on the requirement of the market. It can also be mounted on different body types or shapes and even on different platforms to make sure that there is always full enjoyment when driving.

Exterior Design

Though the technical features of the car are already an achievement in themselves, this feat is reflected in the style of the exterior giving it a more dynamic, elegant, and precise look. The contours seen on its exterior flow uninterrupted and smoothly starting from the end portion of the hood to the upper part of the boot lid.

Every surface has been aligned perfectly with the clearance of each of the elements, exhibiting a level of quality that rivals even that of goldsmiths. Thus, the end result is a car that appears to be sculpted directly from a solid material block.

The front portion of the concept car gives a good interpretation of the trademark feline look the brand is known for. Its use of LED lights is underlined by the fact that the illuminated surrounds manage to blend very well with the exterior styling. The state-of-the-art design of the concept car’s front grille gives the appearance of being detached and suspended from the car.

The headlamps also act as a frame for the front grill giving it a look similar to that of the Peugeot SR1 concept car. As expected from the brand, the front of the hood carries the modified Lion badge. The sides of the "5 BY PEUGEOT" have been streamlined and further enhanced by the surrounding aluminum-brushed and bevelled windows, door hands, and the wonderfully sculpted 19-nch wheel rims.

Whereas the front may have a feline look, the rear portion has a design that conveys strength and power. Furthermore the daring design of its rear lights, composed of three light clusters that are linked together, enhances the unique form of the vehicle even at night.

Even then its appearance shows that it does not forget the importance of history as this is seen in the exterior design. Indeed, the "5 BY PEUGEOT" conveys the vast experience of the brand in this particular market. Truly this concept car has the precision and elegance but not at the detriment of dynamism and personality, something Peugeot Marque took efforts to ensure.

Press Release

THE "5 BY PEUGEOT" Concept Car

Powered by Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology, it ensures both high levels of driving enjoyment and environmental protection - 200 bhp, four-wheel drive and CO2 emissions of 99 g/km or zero in electric mode.

Bold expressive design

Its dimensions, proportions and styling are a direct response to the changing trends in the large luxury saloon car market segment. It reflects the continual search for more status, quality and performance, combined with a modernity that encompasses the vehicle's general efficiency in terms of architecture, engines and styling.

"5 BY PEUGEOT" expresses the Marque's vision and experience in the large touring car market. This concept car is designed and built to have both elegance and precision, but without in any way sacrificing the personality and dynamism so beloved of the Peugeot Marque. The emotion aroused by its exterior design holds the promise of exceptional interior space, convenience and comfort.

A modern, prestigious and timeless styling

The contours of the exterior body flow smoothly, unruffled and without interruption or embellishment from the end of the bonnet to the top of the boot lid. All surfaces are perfectly aligned, with clearances between each element precisely determined to obtain a quality of assembly rivalling that of a goldsmith. The overall effect it creates is that of a vehicle that has been hewn from a solid block of material.

At the front, the interpretation of the Marque's traditional feline appearance is spectacular; "LED" lights are highlighted by the use of illuminated surrounds that blend perfectly with the overall exterior body styling. The headlamps frame a unique front grille design, whose visual appearance is closely influenced by the Peugeot SR1 concept car. The innovative design of the front grille gives the impression that it is detached from the vehicle; it appears to be suspended in front of the car. The new revised Lion badge naturally takes pride of place in a specially shaped area at the front of the long aluminium bonnet.

The streamlined sides of the car are enhanced further by the bevelled, brushed-aluminium window surrounds and door handles, combined with sculpted 19'' wheel trims. The rear design of the vehicle suggests both robustness and power. The bold design of rear lights, consisting of three separate linked light clusters, clearly distinguish the vehicle at night, but also provides a link back to some of the Marque's historic models.

A new driving experience

The elegance, precision and dynamic appearance of the car's exterior styling is also reflected in the car's technical specification. The "5 BY PEUGEOT" concept incorporates Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology which, will be launched in 2011 in the Peugeot 3008.

A 2.0 litre HDi FAP163 bhp diesel engine, mounted at the front of the vehicle, is combined with a 37 bhp electric motor at the rear. This arrangement provides an overall maximum power of 200 bhp, an electric only mode for low speed operation, four-wheel drive when required, and low fuel consumption and emissions of 74.3 mpg and 99 g/km of CO2 or zero in electric mode.

"5 BY PEUGEOT" is further proof of Peugeot's environmental strategy. The modular technology of the Hybrid4 system can be combined with a range of naturally-aspirated engines according to market requirements, and can be fitted to different body shapes and different platforms, helping to ensure future driving enjoyment.

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