Geneva Preview: Bmw X3 xDrive20d Emergency Rescue Vehicle

Article by Christian A., on February 26, 2009

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW X3 medical emergency vehicle which generates 130kW (177bhp), makes it a natural alternative for fast rescue operations in virtually any location. BMW has a long experience with special-purpose vehicles and this new creation was specifically designed for medical rescue purposes.

It comes with a plain white exterior finish contrasted by red film and red stripes located on the sides and trunk cover with double stripes on the hood to provide visuals even from afar. Visibility is further enhanced with contour markings with reflective gaps on the sides and the bottom of the trunk cover.

Just like any other emergency rescue transport, it comes with an alarm system that is mounted on the roof, with blue light, electronic siren and the word NOTARZT (emergency doctor) displayed through LED lights. 

Two extra flashers are installed inside the hood which provide warning to oncoming traffic when the hood is opened during difficult rescue situations.

The fittings for the inside of the BMW X3 are more subtle. Interior features include a tough metal frame divider between luggage area and passenger compartment, a radio device mounting including power supply and hand unit rest, together with a charging point located in the luggage space.

An extra 12-volt battery with isolation relay guarantees that the BMW X3 will always have power even after extended use.

The changes made to the front and rear sections of the new BMW X3 could be described as sensitive, yet stunning. The front and rear bumpers clearly split into two levels, as painted predominantly in the body color. These styling change help underscore the elegant, sporty and high quality appearance of the new BMW X3. Interestingly, only exposed protective elements are made from robust black plastic.

Just like all BMW X models, the new BMW X3 boast of the so-called "six-eyed look," as made possible by new double circular headlights with light sources and reflectors sitting behind a clear glass. This look is also made possible by fog lights arranged in a line sweeping diagonally from the headlights to the wheels. Thanks to this geometry and to the painted front apron below the outer bumper, the X3 gives off the impression of a powerfully dynamic vehicle crouching on the road.

On the other hand, the BMW kidney grille of the new BMW X3 is now more conspicuous thanks to its larger size and to the distinctive visual effect of grille fins finished in different colors, depending on the model and variant).

For instance, the BMW X3 3.0sd has its kidney grille fins finished in a Light Titanium color, while other six-cylinder variants have these fins in a Graphite Metallic finish. The four-cylinder X3 models, meanwhile, feature black kidney grille fins. The new X3 could now be fitted with an optional headlight cleaning system, which is now smoothly integrated in the front section, only extending when needed.

On the tail-end, the new BMW X3 feature new rear light assemblies with clear glass covers as well as LED-illuminated horizontal light rods. These lighting units give the new X3 a more striking design both in the day and night. Running from the tailgate down to the rear bumper are horizontal lines that help emphasize the dynamic looks of the new X3.

Press Release

Bmw X3 xDrive20d Emergency Rescue Vehicle

At its official public stand in Geneva, the BMW Group is displaying a BMW X3 xDrive20d emergency rescue vehicle. This is the first time it is being presented to the public, and by doing so, BMW has chosen not only to emphasise the X range's versatility, with its intelligent, electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, but it is also taking the opportunity to publicise its wide range of special-purpose vehicles.

The BMW X3 medical emergency vehicle presented at the Geneva Motor Show has 130kW (177 bhp) of power, making it a natural choice for fast rescue operations in virtually any location. Since BMW has plenty of experience with special-purpose vehicles, it has created, in association with a special-equipment company, a vehicle which is specifically configured for use in medical rescue situations.

The exterior of the BMW X3 is in plain white, with contrasting reflective red film and red stripes on the sides and boot lid, and double strips on the bonnet, to render the vehicle's special function visible even at a distance. To further increase its visibility, the car's contour markings have integrated reflective gaps on the sides and at the bottom of the boot lid.

Naturally, like any emergency rescue vehicle, it is also fitted with a special roof-mounted alarm system, including a blue light, an electronic siren, and an LED display with the word NOTARZT ("emergency doctor"). Two additional flashing lights are fitted inside the boot, which when opened, provide adequate warning to oncoming traffic during difficult operations.

The interior fittings of the BMW X3 emergency vehicle are somewhat more inconspicuous. These include a sturdy metal dividing frame between the luggage space and passenger cabin, a mounting for the radio device, which includes a power supply and a rest for the hand unit, as well as a charging point in the luggage area. To ensure that this special-purpose BMW X3 doesn't get stuck with an empty battery following extended use, it is also fitted with an extra 12-volt battery, complete with isolation relay.

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