Gumpert releases teaser for Tornante by Touring Superleggera

Article by Christian A., on February 13, 2011

Gumpert has released a teaser image for the Tornante by Touring Superleggera model that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Fans surely know the Gumpert Apollo to be one of the most powerful hypercars in the world so any new release is bound to generate some excitement. This image was intended to give the impression that the car is being seen in a dream. It is believed that the Tornante by Touring doesn’t offer as high a performance as the Gumpert Apollo.

However, the car is still expected to offer a high level of “go-fastness” but in a more relaxed manner, combining this with a GT attitude. Italian design house Touring Superleggera signed the design.

2011 Geneva Motor Show will be the setting for another exceptional world premiere. Specifically, TOURING SUPERLEGGERA will be revealing its latest design concept -- the GUMPERT TORNANTE. This static style model was planned and engineered in order to complement the V8-powered driveline and its new central engine chassis.

The Tornante is expected to become part of the GUMPERT model line by 2012. While the 2-seater coupe was being developed, TOURING was contracted to come up with a design that would combine comfort, elegance, and space into a package that already has competition engineering and motorsports imbedded to it. From these efforts came the Fast Tourers, a possible new class that has characteristics that include performance, pleasure, and superior efficiency.

Due to the dynamic properties and performance goals, the designer was faced with some tight constraints. While extra attention was given to the ergonomics and comfort, the designers also made sure to recognize the importance of ground effect, ventilation of the engine and brakes, and the aerodynamics. From two different viewpoints, both the GUMPERT and TOURING follow the principle of removing everything that is not necessary.

As a result, its shape is well-balanced, efficient, and clean. Even the rear portion has ground-breaking proportions. Standard features would of course include the wide rear hood and the gull-wing opening of the two doors. It has a chrome-molybdenum steel space frame that has a carbon fiber monocoque with composite body panels placed over the frame. The reason for this is that Tornante had to have torsional stiffness and be a light vehicle.

This is the same idea that echoes the construction method of the original Superleggera. This is a method that Touring patented in 1936. While the Tornante continues to have the DNA of the GUMPERT Apollo, it is now equipped with the Biturbo V8 engine.

This 4.2-liter engine is able to deliver 700 HP. The drivetrain though is an offshoot of Apollo and has the TT40e gearbox with its paddle shift control as standard equipment.

While it also has the Apollo’s built-in double-wishbone suspension arrangement, it has been improved to meet the needs of the Fast Touring mission profile. In addition to the basic version, an alternative powered Tornante is scheduled for 2012.

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