Hyundai i30 connectivity project unveiled at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 10, 2013

Hyundai brought a New Generation i30 three-door model to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to demonstrate how smartphones can be used as an essential component to make the motoring experience more personalized, pleasant, and practical. Hyundai showed off how drivers can benefit from the more intensive integration of personal devices (smartphones) and Hyundai models.

Hyundai is running this innovative connectivity concept in partnership with LG. Under Hyundai’s connectivity project, the smartphone can unlock the doors and instantly personalize its settings, which include changing the electric seat and mirror positions, as well as its radio station presets, navigation settings, menu appearance and other preferences. When the smartphone is positioned in a particular location in the center console, it can be wirelessly charged.

This means that the driver can do away with having nasty-looking cables in the cabin. For the first time ever, this system exclusively uses wireless MirrorLink, which enables the driver to get access to and make use of the smartphone’s content by using the 7-inch high-resolution touch screen of the i30.

The driver or passenger is able to get to the mobile device’s navigation functions, internet-based apps like email, contacts and phone call lists, and multimedia content, including videos. Furthermore, this Hyundai app permits owners to connect remotely with their vehicles and find out if the car has been locked or if any of the windows and sunroof was left open.

Owners can also tell if the lights were left on. The Hyundai app enables customers to take a look at the feed from the rear view camera, a first among car companies. Customers are able to plan their next trip using this app, which permits for the remote monitoring of the vehicle’s fuel and oil levels, as well as driving range. It can also check the fuel use of the past trip. This app offers more convenience by allowing users to remotely check tire pressure and the temperature of the cabin. They can also use Google Maps to quickly find their way to where they parked their vehicle.

Compared to the previous version, the newest i30 from Hyundai both longer and wider though in terms of height, it is lower. For those who want specific figures, the new model is longer by 20 mm at 4,300 mm with the width increased by 5 mm and is now 1,780 mm. As mentioned, the height is lower and is now 1,470 mm, a reduction of 10 mm.

Wheelbase remains to be the longest one in the C-segment and measures 2,650 mm, though this is taken from the original i30. Given all of these, it means the proportions on the exterior are more athletic but not at the expense of the functionality of the interior. For the U.K. market, Hyundai will be offering customers a range of four engines having five power outputs from a low of 90 PS up to a high of 128 PS.

Each model though will have their engine paired with the six-speed transmission. CO2 emissions meanwhile is projected to be under 100 g/km. Hyundai said that it continues to develop clean diesel technologies working under the sub-brand known as Blue Drive. A good example is the 1.6-liter diesel engine which is fitted with the Intelligent Stop & Go technologies allowing the new i30 to showcase remarkable power to efficiency ratio. Output of the engine is at 128 PS with CO2 emissions of 100 g/km.

No doubt that this makes the i30 one of the most efficient models under the C-segment. Since Hyundai is confident on the quality and durability of its models, it will be offering customers of the U.K. market its Five Year Triple Care package, one of the best in the industry. This package includes unlimited-mileage warranty that is fully-transferable and good for five years.

It also includes road assistance and vehicle health checks, both for five years. According to Whitehorn, the Blue Drive i30 will be a good option to company car drivers and even fleet operators. He added that CO2 emissions for this variant is at 97 g/km with BIK at £876 per annum for 40% tax payers. This means that it has the best mix of low BIK and low fuel consumption. As such, it will be the lowest priced 5-door model with CO2 emissions under 100 g/km belonging to the C-segment.

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