Leaked: Vw concepts by Giugiaro revealed ahead of 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on February 25, 2011

Earlier today, we revealed you the fact that Italdesign Giugiaro will bring two new Volkswagen concept cars to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but we couldn’t give you any details due to the fact that nobody had any clue. The answer regarding the new Giugiaro Vw concepts came very quickly as the Spanish arm of Autoblog revealed the first photos with the new cars.

As you can see on car may preview the next-generation Volkswagen Polo, while the other one may actually show us how the Vw Up may look like.

Of course, more details about these concepts will be revealed next week, when the 2011 Geneva Motor Show will open its doors.

While these two concepts will be featured at Giugiaro’s stand, Volkwagen will also bring a concept version of the new Golf Cabrio as well as a new minivan concept.

Moreover, Volkswagen AG will also bring the new Audi A3 Sedan Concept, powered by an impressive five-cylinder engine delivering 408 hp. This engine is mated to an S Tronic transmission and can deliver the power to the road using the all-wheel drive system.

With a wheelbase as long as that of the Passat at (2,700 mm), Go! measures 3,990 mm in length but with smaller overhangs. Its layout has the battery pack located just underneath the front and rear seats, allowing the Go! to feature a 58/42 front/rear weight distribution. The Go! has an exterior marked by extensive glass surfaces, going against the recent trend of building cars with smaller windows. Because of larger glass windows and a completely glass roof, the cabin is amply illuminated and provides maximum outside visibility for both the driver and passengers.

Moreover, the A pillar is now farther forward than its usual position while visibility provided by door mirrors is now taken care of by cameras. Its high and upped side windows now extend below the waistline, a layout achieved by adding a longitudinal structure crossing the side windows.

This configuration – seen first in 1988 with the Asgard prototype – provides maximum visibility even when maneuvering and tackling tight curves. Giorgetto Giugiaro remarked that with the new Go!, he was able to continue the design of a car that fully utilizes its interior. He disclosed that this project commenced with the 1976 New York Taxi, continued with the 1978 Megagamma, the 1998 Structura and culminated with the 2010 Emas.

He remarked that while the Go! measures less than 4 meters long, its passenger room is larger than that of a large SUV and comes with a cargo boot with space of between 400 liters and 525 liters. Like on the 2010 Emas, only the portion of the windows beneath the longitudinal structure can be electrically lowered. This means that its electric window mechanism has lesser weight to support while meeting the needs to perform essential operations like refueling.

On the other hand, since the seat H point has been placed higher than that of volume cars but lower than that of an SUV, ingress and egress has become easier and more comfortable. The Go! Has an electronically driven system that pushes the door outwards and pulls it back, as inspired by the system found on the VW Milano Taxi unveiled in May 2010. This allows the doors to slide without sacrificing their section, thereby making it possible to avoid the unsightly tracks on the body.

The front end of the Go! features a grille centrally marked by a large VW badge as well as front light clusters with Xenon/LED technology. Air intake is located above the fog lights, thereby horizontally splits the front spoiler. This helps adjust the air flow need for cooling the front electric motors. On the rear, the tailgate features glass surfaces disrupted by a longitudinal insert that also conceals the windscreen wiper and rear cameras.

Cargo loading has been made easier on the Go! as the tailgate can be operated electronically for both opening and closing. Likewise, the tailgate can be opened by simply moving the foot, thanks to a sensor installed underneath the bumper.

Meanwhile, light clusters positioned under the glass surface are now rendered invisible when the panel is off. An opened tailgate is marked by two additional taillights in the lower part of the bumper just beside the rear air intake. The hatchback’s rear fog lights are also mounted on the lower part of the bumper. All of these exterior details help provide beauty and elegance to the Go! while proving the needed practical functionality.

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