Lexus LFA with Nürburgring Package coming to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on February 11, 2011

Lexus will show off its Nurburgring package for the LFA hypercar to the public for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. The Nurburgring Package will be offered on up to 50 of the 500 LFA units being built by Lexus.

An extra 10bhp power has been added to the 4.8-litre V10 engine to 562bhp after Lexus gave it a revised exhaust system, while a recalibrated six-speed transmission limits shift speeds from 0.2secs to 0.15sec. But the 3.7sec 0-62mph time and 202mph top speed remain the same.

Aesthetic modifications on the track-focused LFA include a larger, fixed rear wing and a new front splitter. Mechanical tweaks made on the model include a stiffer suspension system with increased adjustability and new lightweight alloys that are covered in semi-slick tires.

There are four colors to choose from: Black, Matte Black, Whitest White and Orange. For the Matte Black color scheme, the buyer has to pay another £15,000 premium. Buyers will receive a day of one-on-one driving tuition at the 'Ring and will be treated to a 365-day pass to the Nordschleife. Lexus has yet to announce pricing information but it is believed that this pack will cost close to £400,000.

The Lexus LFA takes pride in its top-notch class-leading aerodynamics to accomplish excellent high-speed handling and stability as well as drivetrain cooling. It undergoes comprehensive wind tunnel testing to create a wind-cheating profile with a 0.31 coefficient, a noteworthy accomplishment given the level of downforce created by the car at high speed. It delivers precise airflow control under, over and around the LFA.

A flat underbody and carbon fiber rear diffuser produce a significant down force together with an active rear wing that has a gurney flap on the top edge, further boosting the level even more. The steering, which is tuned for racing, delivers great response and feedback to produce an outstanding dynamic link involving the car and driver. The constant-rate rack and pinion system features the innovative Electric Power System that does not deplete engine performance.

The column shaft with a large diameter is mounted straight on the central chassis, providing the steering layout with excellent rigidity. The carbon fiber steering wheel comes with a flat bottom part and also accommodates the engine starter button as well as the instrument information selector switch.

This is adjustable for easy reach and rake. Characterized by its long wheelbase, short overhangs, front-mid engine layout, low-slung cabin and sophisticated aerodynamics, the lines of the Lexus LFA stretch out from the roof to the sill in a flawless convex to concave line. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic or CFRP with its high strength and low weight allows designers to freely create curves, edges and shapes that are nearly inconceivable with metal.

Nevertheless, the styling stays true to the L-finesse principles -- the design principles behind each and every new Lexus model. Form follows function -- a principle that’s apparent in the several aerodynamic details and air intakes and the design of door mirrors with a shape that directs air above the car’s shoulders to the air intakes of the rear.

The low-slung cabin consists of three zones: the human zone that has two seats at the car’s center, the driving zone incorporated with state-of-the-art instrumentation that joins driver and machine plus the mechanical zone that includes the framework of the car’s construction. The hand-built cabin has driver-focused ergonomics. The seats with fine leather upholstery and Alcantara provide a high level of support for the back and sides required in a car that has over 200 mph performance capacity.

The trim reiterates the sophisticated materials used in constructing the Lexus LFA, with exposed parts of gloss and matt carbon fiber. Trim details have a brushed metal finish while the throttle pedals and floor-hinged brake use forged aluminum. When it comes to the exterior, owner can opt for varied interior colors and details to meet personal preference.

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