MTM brings biturbo Audi R8 V10, TT RS at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 2, 2011

For the Geneva Motor Show, MTM brought two custom rides – a biturbo Audi R8 V10 as well as an extreme version of the TT RS. The Audi R8 V10 has an output of 777 hp and 888 Nm (655 lb-ft) of torque. Meanwhile, the Audi TT delivers 472 hp and a peak torque of 600 Nm (442.5 lb-ft).

The TT can go from zero to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and its top speed is 312 km/h or 194 mph. Its braking system uses 380x34 mm discs and eight-piston calipers. The car features MTM 20-inch rims that are covered in high-performance tires.

With just a look, the quality of the Audi R8 is quite clear. It has a low and wide appearance which is strongly highlighted with the rear end which looks like a muscle flexing, the same one on a sprinter ready to leave the starting line. Similar to most race cars, the engine of the R8 has been placed at the back of its cockpit which determines its characteristic proportions. An outstanding example of this particular design is the Audi Union Type C Grand Prix car, which is one of the antecedents of the R8.

Since the engine has been placed in the center, it provides an advantage to the driving dynamics especially with the weight distribution of 44% to its front and 56% for its rear. Appearance-wise, the Audi R8 is compact. With the front end and the smoothly curved roof arc that are then drawn in a sweeping line, it shows without a doubt that this two-seater R8 is truly an Audi. Even the side view shows familiar lines.

The shoulder line and the dynamic line just above the wheel arches for example intertwine with the front part, the side and the rear part, imbuing the doors and its side air vent with a strong presence. It also highlights the standard rounded wheel housings that hold the big wheels. Meanwhile the cabin of the R8 has been pushed forward farther, a typical feature in many mid-engined sports car. It also provides the visual clue for the R8 race car.

The FSI V8 engine is positioned at the back of the cabin and in front of its rear axle. This sculptured work of engineering can be seen through the shield-shaped rear window and even from inside the car. With a length of 174.5 inches, width of 75 inches, and height at 49.3 inches, these are indeed the dimensions one can expect from a true sports car. Since the wheelbase stands at 104.3 inches, this allows room for both the longitudinally-mounted engine placed behind it and a roomy cabin.

Just behind its doors is the sideblade large-surface air deflector that stretches from the wheel arch to its roof section. This configuration ensures that air is delivered to the V8, helping it breathe and allowing for cooling. The sideblades come in a paint finish that contrasts with the body color though it is possible to request that it come in the same color as the body. Looking at the front end, one can see the trapezoidal style of the Audi single-frame grille.

This is bordered on the left and the right side with air intakes having large dimensions. Unlike in the previous models, the Audi four-ring badge in the R8 has been placed on the hood and just above its grille. On the top of the air intakes are the LED daytime running lights that are covered with clear-glass. The interaction of the convex and concave lines is able to shape the side-on view of the rear portion. Just below this well-defined separation boundary is a flat vertical surface that is bordered on its sides with rear lights equipped with LED technology.

A third brake light runs through the entire width of the roof which is responsible for forming the edge of its engine hood. This particular feature is in fact another example of its visual highlight as one can immediately see the V8 engine, the very heart of the R8. With the use of white LEDs as standard for the indirect engine compartment lighting, it allows the engine to be seen even at night. Proving that the style of the R8 is determined by aerodynamics are the two large-format diffuser openings located in the rear bumper.

The two pairs of the twin circular exhaust tailpipes meanwhile are placed on the left and right just at the top of the diffuser openings. Since the rear spoilers are able to immediately deploy, it helps give that extra downforce in order to increase the suction effect that is created by the aerodynamic style of the diffusers and underbody.

When running at low speeds, the rear spoiler retracts automatically with the body. The body is composed of aluminum and utilizes the Audi Space Frame design which shows a perfect mix of maximum rigidity and minimal weight. This makes it perfect for optimum driving dynamics with excellent weight-to-power ratio at 8.6 lbs/hp.

Press Release

World premiere: Polished MTM R8 Biturbo - more than 1.200 working hours MTM TT RS with 472 hp / 347 kW

MTM from Wettstetten will be represented at the Autosalon in Geneva from the 3. - 13. March 2011 with two cars. In hall 5 MTM, car manufacturer and upgrading specialist, presents not only technical details and masterstrokes but also a visual highlight, which lets the exhibition hall shine in the truest sense of the word. The MTM R8 Biturbo with 777 hp / 571 kW and a top speed of more than 350 km/h was highly polished by MTM , this unique specimen with a worth of over 400.000 € was depainted completely in a special procedure and the aluminium chassis was polished in more than 700 working hours - all handmade . As well to see at the Autosalon: the MTM TT RS in the MTM design with 472 hp / 347 kW, which reached a top speed of 312 km/h at first test drives in Nardo.

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