Nissan Leaf electrifies the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 6, 2013

The new Nissan Leaf is likely to become even more popular as it will feature a better range of 199km and charging time that has been cut by about 50%. About 50,000 units of the Leaf have been sold, making it the top-selling EV. The new Leaf made debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It will be built at Nissan's Sunderland factory in the UK.

It is assembled in Europe and re-engineered for European buyers but it has gotten over 100 modifications mainly based on its customers’ feedback. The real-world driving range of the new Leaf is improved due to the single aesthetic revision to the car.

It now features a mildly modified front grille that helps lower the aerodynamic drag coefficient Cd figure from an impressive 0.29 to 0.28. Under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), the new LEAF has a driving range at 199km. This stands for an improvement from 175km in the older model. By transferring the charger from the rear of the LEAF to under the bonnet, the luggage area could be increased by up to 40 litres.

Its overall boot capacity has also become bigger to a massive 370 litres. Another highlight is its charging port area at the front of the car. Because of the use of a new LED inspection light, drivers don’t anymore have to depend on street lights as they hook up their cars to an electric source in the evening.

The charging port was changed to boost usability and security and an electric switch now uses its release mechanism. In addition, the charge cable now comes with an electro-mechanical locking mechanism that eliminates the requirement to manually lock the cable to the car. The other improvements to its details include a new i-Key that controls the charging port cover and cable lock as well.

The devil is proverbially in the details, but when done right, the details can yield some heavenly results. This is the promise of the new Nissan LEAF which comes with a myriad of tiny details that when added up spells a car that is nothing short of special.

An uprightly sharp V-shaped design in front greets the viewer of the Nissan Leaf, then one’s attention is naturally drawn to the light-emitting diode(LED) headlights that have a blue internal feature that emanates from its long, up-slanting design. There is more to the Nissan Leaf’s headlights than just a visual statement. The headlights, split strategically, are capable of wind noise and drag reduction. This it does by re-directing airflow away from the door mirrors. The details do not end there, as the headlights are built for economy and efficiency by allowing it to use up 10% only of the conventional lamps’ consumption.

Inside the Nissan Leaf are other impressive details. Bright colors style the cabin interior of the Nissan Leaf. The Nissan patented Aqua Globe body color creates a visually-light and environment-friendly blue earth tone that adorns the exterior of the introductory models of the Nissan Leaf. The blue theme extends to the dashboard highlights and instrument illumination, giving the Nissan Leaf a cool and relaxing vibe.

Nissan Leaf also comes with an exclusive IT system so modern and advanced that it is capable of providing 24/7 driver support in terms of entertainment and information. The IT system also powers the monitor display that gives the Nissan Leaf’s driver an idea of the car’s remaining power or reachable area and the options for help among the charging stations in the nearby areas.

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