Porsche 957 Cayenne by Mansory drops in Geneva

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2009

Information has been released by Mansory saying that a new model, besides the four that they have already made available this week at the Geneva Motor Show, is coming out.

The new car is a standard conversion of the Porsche 957 type Cayenne (not so extreme as the Mansory Chopster) and highlights a list of revisions that could allow a power boost up to 600 hp. This new model is, again, a rebrand of the Rinspeed X-treme which was reported back early last year.

Included in the revisions of the car are an aero package for the front skirt, side skirts, front and rear wheel arches, rear skirt and an air diffuser. It has a new front spoiler and air intakes mounted on the hood and a new bumper at the back.

Wheel choices come in alloys with different color options including black, grey and silver, and two sizes, 22 inches and 23 inches with a set of spacers to broaden the wheelbase.

To improve ride quality further, new sports brakes and air suspension can also be ordered. Powerplant upgrades are attained by an air RAM system which provides an additional 15 hp, a fresh sports exhaust and an upgraded ECU.

A separate package provides 600 hp and all uprates are done on the regular Porsche Cayenne Turbo version.

Being more Porsche than any other model before it, the all-new Cayenne lost weight, put more space inside, and pushed for more efficiency and dynamic performance—ushering in the future of car technology in terms of design and sporting.

The Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid leads the first production of Porsche cars with hybrid drive. In fact, the latest roster of models gives way to innovative efficiency, cutting costs in fuel expense due to less consumption of up to 23 percent compared to previous models.

Similar to any Porsche, the latest Cayenne has been improved based on the Porsche Intelligent Performance standard: less fuel yet more power, more efficiency, and CO2 emissions that are significantly lower.

Based on these data, three out of five car models in the series are still at the parameter of ten liters fuel consumption for every 100 kilometers in the New European Driving Cycle. Both models – the Cayenne S Hybrid at 193 g/km and the Cayenne Diesel at 195 g/km – remain below the limit at 200 grams of CO2 per kilometer of emission.

The improvements such as the reduction of fuel consumption all throughout the overall series of Porsche Cayenne models are attributed to the launch of Porsche's new 8-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission. This unit is packed with Auto Start Stop plus more gear increments, recuperation of the on-board network, thermal management on the engine and transmission cooling circuit, variable overrun cut-off and, most importantly, constant omission of weight and smart lightweight construction.

Profiting from a well-balanced mix of materials and design shift on the entire car such as the brand new, super light all-wheel drive, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo has shed off pounds by a significant number not less than 185 kg or at least 410 pounds, in spite of the development in the substance of the product and a better standard of safety overall. This is definitely good news not just when it comes to CO2 emissions and fuel consumption but also in terms of agility, performance, and road handling.

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