Toyota FT-86 II Concept breaks cover at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on March 1, 2011

Toyota unveiled today the FT-86 II Concept (check the first version of the FT-86 Concept here) at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and as expected the new car previews the final design of firm’s next sports car. As expected, the car is inspired by the great Toyota cars of the past, including the iconic 2000 GT in the 1960s.

The FT-86 II Concept was designed in Toyota’s European design studio ED2 and promises to return to Toyota’s sporting roots. The concept measures 4,235mm long, 1,795mm wide and 1,270mm high, with a long, 2,570mm wheelbase.

The FT-86 II Concept combines a free-revving boxer petrol engine with a compact and lightweight six-speed manual transmission and a low centre of gravity in order to achieve the best power to weight ratio.

Toyota says that the new car will be rear-wheel drive and its engine will be positioned in the front, which means that FT-86 II Concept will be a fun car to drive.

The FT-86 II Concept is the latest stage in the development of a new, compact rear-wheel drive sports car developed by Toyota and Subaru. The production version of this car will be launched in Europe in 2012.

The new Prius+ features a new front end that reflects the latest evolution of the carmaker’s trapezoidal design. This design – with chrome-plated horizontal trim -- comes with a smaller upper grille opening for maintained and smooth airflow over the vehicle’s upper body as well as larger grille opening for enhanced engine cooling efficiency. The front is well marked by halogen headlamp clusters, which has top ends that don a curved line detail that made its debut on the current Prius.

The front bumper -- home to LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) – sports flat vertical extremities that help boost the Prius+’s stability and stance, but also form 'aero-corners' that rectify airflow passing over the front wheels, thereby minimizing turbulence within the car’s wheel arches.

The rear end of the new Prius+, meanwhile, is marked by a top hinged tailgate bordered by large combination lamp clusters. These lamp clusters feature Synergy Blue ornamentation that runs on the corners of the body for better visibility.

Moreover, the spacing between the rear combination lamps has been made as wide as possible to maximize tailgate opening width and to boost the car’s broad, stable rear stance.

The profile of the new Prius+ is marked by the iconic Prius family triangle silhouette, which has been evolved to feature a strong spindle shape as created by the seamless flow of the bonnet, A-pillar and roofline and by the sweeping side glazing highlighted by blacked-out B- and C-pillars.

This spindle shape is also created by a rising crease in the lower body that flows into the rear bumper. Toyota considers the smooth convergence of airflow coming from the roof and body sides as important to the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency. In fact, the Prius+ features a tapering body, with airflow away from the hybrid and smoothed by a roof spoiler optimized for length and angle; by an 'air kick' shape integrated into the rear combination lamp clusters; and by aero corners to the rear bumper.

The vehicle also has front and rear spats mounted at the front of each wheel arch, all serving to suppress airflow changes around the tires, further enhancing the vehicle’s steering performance as well as straight-line stability. Thanks to these aerodynamic measures, the new Prius+ is able to boast of a best-in-class drag coefficient of Cd 0.28.

The Hybrid Synergy Drive in the Prius+ is marked by the hybrid blue lamp ornamentation and Toyota badging as well as by the front wing 'Hybrid' badge. The hybrid rides on 16-inch alloy wheels – with aerodynamic wheel caps -- or the available 17-inch aluminum alloys. Both wheels are wrapped in tires with a rolling resistance that is five-percent lower than those on the standard Prius. Customers may specify their new Prius+ in any of the seven available exterior colors, including the White Pearl finish.

Press Release

Toyota FT-86 II Concept

The new Toyota FT-86 II Concept makes its world debut at the 2011 Geneva motor show, giving the clearest indication yet as to the final design of Toyota's next sports car. It marks a return to the passion for driving that has inspired great Toyota cars of the past, starting with the legendary 2000 GT in the 1960s.

With its long, low bonnet, high wings and rear-set cabin, the Toyota FT-86 II Concept pays homage to Toyota's sports car history and is an entirely driver-oriented concept. It was created at Toyota's European design studio ED2, where its styling was dubbed 'functional beauty': its bold, sweeping form has been generated purely according to the constraints of function and aerodynamics.

The low, highly aerodynamic bodyshell is stretched tight over the engineering hard points, with the muscular bodywork rendered as compact as possible. The concept measures 4,235mm long, 1,795mm wide and 1,270mm high, with a long, 2,570mm wheelbase.

Rather than using a heavy, large displacement powertrain to secure performance, the FT-86 II returns to Toyota's sporting roots by combining a free-revving boxer petrol engine with a compact and lightweight six-speed manual transmission and a low centre of gravity to achieve the best possible power to weight ratio.

Both the powertrain and the driving position have been set as low and as far back as possible to optimise balance for maximum poise, high-speed stability and agility. With a front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration, this gives the car lively, accessible performance that is easy to harness and enjoy.

The Toyota FT-86 II Concept is the latest stage in the development of a new, compact rear-wheel drive sports car that is being jointly developed by Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru). The new model will be launched in Europe in 2012.

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