Diagnosing problems with your car’s interior door handle

Article by Christian A., on September 4, 2018

As much as you would want to stay within the comfort of your car, you also need to get out and do things that need to be done. To get out of your car, you first need to pull the door handle. It is pretty frustrating when you grab and pull the handle, yet the door won't open and you can’t exit from the car.

Not being able to open a door to exit the car could be frustrating. However, there are some people who ignore the importance of being open the door from inside. They treat it as something trivial that doesn’t need their attention. But the truth is, a defective interior door handle is really a safety hazard, especially during an emergency. If the car catches a fire or gets involve in an accident, its occupants need to get out as soon as possible. A non-working interior handle means the door can’t be opened as needed.

Thus before any emergency happens and you can’t exit the car because of malfunctioning interior door handle, it would be better if you know how to diagnose whether this part of the car is already broken or in bad condition.

One of the signs that the interior door handle is failing is that they come loose when pulled. Usually, the interior door handles are made from plastic or a metallic coated polymer. Attached to the door panel, the interior door handle is usually connected to an electric relay that electronically opens the doors. The handle may also be connected to a manual cable that operates the door lock mechanism. Because of continuous operation, the interior door handle can become loose over time and, in turn, loosen the cable attached to the door lock. This might eventually cause the cable to break and the door latching mechanism would fail to work.

Usually, it is fairly easy to open the door using the interior handle. But no thanks to continuous usage, the handle hinge may slip or loosen. Once this happens, it would become much harder to open the door. Furthermore, a kink in the hinge could may it harder to open or close the door, which means you need put more effort when doing so.

There could be a bigger problem with the interior door handle if, no matter how hard you try, the door will not open. It might be because the interior door handle is already broken inside, or the door latch inside has already. It might also be because the grease that keeps the components lubricated inside a door is already drying up, causing them to seize up. In any case, a door that won't open poses a great safety issue during emergencies.

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