How you can drive alone over long distances

Article by Christian A., on November 21, 2018

When you need to drive to a place really far away, it is typically advisable to have some who can relieve you from the driving duty. However, this advice isn't always applicable especially if you are living alone or if the supposed alternate driver can’t get behind the wheel for a reason.

When the time comes that you really have no choice but to drive alone over long distances, you might find these tips usable. These tips are divided into two sections: before and during the trip.

Before the trip

Tip 1. Check if your car is ready for a long journey. Most likely, drive alone would mean having no companion to help you in case in any trouble happens. Just to be sure, you have to check the worthiness of your car for the long trip. You or a mechanic could check the tires, the braking system including fluid, battery, the oil and transmission fluids as well as other vehicle matters that are essential for a long journey. Also check if the gas tank is full.

Tip 2. Have some important items on standby. A lot of things may happen during a long trip and it pays to be ready. Pack things like a pressure gauge, roadside emergency kit including an emergency triangle, flashlight, first aid kit, cell phone, a battery pack, a car charger and even a blanket. You may also need toilet paper. To keep yourself full and hydrated, bring some food as well as a cooler with some drinks.

Tip 3. Plan your trip. Plan out the route you are going to take. If possible, choose routes that have gas stations, restaurants or emergency phone lines on the way. You’ll never know what happens on the road and where you drive does matter. Many vehicles now have a navigation system or a GPS, and these could be pre-programmed for your trip.

Tip 4: Get plenty of rest. A long drive alone is pretty tiring. By having enough rest would ensure that you won't fall asleep while driving. Likewise, make sure that you eat something before leaving, as this can help you to stay awake while driving.

Tip 5: Prepare a playlist of your favorite music. Listening to music while driving can make you stay awake and focus on the road.

During the trip

Tip 1: Always check the fuel gauge. Don’t wait for your fuel tank to get empty before refilling it. You car’s fuel gauge can help you determine whether it is already time to look for a gas station on the road. A map or your car’s navigation system can help locate these stations.

Tip 2: Take breaks. It is advisable to get some rest after a few hours of drive. You can lessen the stress in your eyes and stretch your legs. When you need to pull over and take a break, it is best to do this on a gas station or on a road-side restaurant. This way, you can rest while filling up your car or your stomach.

Tip 3: Stop for the night. When the trip is already going to the deep of the night, you shouldn’t force it. Try to look for a place to stay like a hotel when the sun sets. Driving in the night for a long time can be disastrous. Most navigation systems can indicate the nearest place to stay for the night.

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