How to Drive Safely in Stop-and-Go Traffic

Article by Christian A., on November 23, 2018

Getting stuck in a stop-and-go traffic is one of the things that really annoy drivers. It takes away not just their time, but also their patience and focus on the road. This is why accidents do happen in stop-and-go traffic. Nonetheless, you can drive safely in such a situation. Here are some tips how.

First of all, you need to ensure that your car is traffic-safe even before you leave your home. You can do this by:

1: Ensuring that brakes are functional. Being stuck in a stop-and-go traffic means that majority of the time, your right foot is on the brake pedal.

2: Ensuring that the brake lights are fine. Vehicles behind you usually depend on your brake lights to see if you are slowing down or stopping. If the brake lights aren’t on, it means you have no plans to stop.

3: Adjusting the car mirrors. Visibility is one of your greatest allies in a stop-and-go traffic. A car in your blindspot could mean accident. Thus, always make it a habit to adjust the side and rearview mirrors before driving.

After preparing for your journey, it is now time to tackle the daily traffic. You can stay safe while on stop-and-go traffic by:

1: Being always on the lookout. Always pay attention to what is happening outside your car, especially on the front. Likewise, don’t forget to check your side and rearview mirrors. You will never where danger may come from because a lot of cars are usually packed into a small space in heavy traffic.

2: Paying attention to the brake lights of other vehicle. As mentioned, brake lights tell whether a car is on a halt or not. By checking the brake lights of the car on your front, you would be able to tell if it is still moving, slowing down or on a stop.

3: Not tailgating other vehicles. Tailgating means driving behind another car without leaving enough distance to stop without causing a sudden collision. By maintaining a safe distance, you’ll have enough time to slow down if the car in front suddenly stops.

4: Avoiding distractions. Distractions do cause accidents, especially in a stop-and-go traffic. Distractions --- like calling or texting while driving, browsing the Internet or using a smartphone app, or even a noisy passenger – could drop your focus on the road.

5: Merging carefully. When two cars simultaneously merge into the same lane, an accident happens. To prevent this from happening, always turn on your indicator lights to signal to other drivers that you are going to merge. Likewise, be always on the lookout for cars that might be planning to merge on the same lane as you are.

6: Not accelerating as quick as you can. Sharp accelerations in stop-and-go traffic are a futile exercise since the drivers have to stop as soon as they catch up to the vehicle in front. Moreover, sharp accelerations usually lead to accidents.

7: Avoiding road rage. You may not be the only one who is frustrated with the heavy traffic. Nonetheless, don’t let such frustration to turn into road rage. There is really no benefit to it except rubbing your ego.

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