How to protect the interior of your convertible car from damage?

Article by Christian A., on September 5, 2018

Perhaps, nothing can beat a convertible – or cars which roof are removable or deployable – is delivering the joy of open-top drive and ride. Its occupants get to experience of thrill of travelling while exposed to the elements.

Nonetheless, because the interior of a convertible is exposed to the sun and the elements, they are more prone to damage that the cabin of a fixed-roof vehicle, like a sedan, a coupe or an SUV. Of course, there are many things you can do to protect the interior of your convertible.

First, you need to properly maintain the top of your convertible. Maintaining the convertible top means you need to clean it up regularly to ensure that it is free from elements that may damage it over time.

Protect the soft top

If the top gets damaged, its ability to protect the interior from damaging element gets compromised. To clean the top of your convertible, you would need a car shampoo and top protector that are both formulated for the material type of the top. You would also need microfiber towels, soft-bristled brush and plastic cleaner the vinyl window of the top. Then follow these steps.

Step 1: Rinse the convertible top while it is still closed, thereby loosening and removing the dirt and debris stuck on the material.

Step 2: Apply shampoo to the convertible top. The top is made from either vinyl or cloth, so make sure that the shampoo you are using is formulated for the right type of material.

Step 3: Scrub hard-to-remove dirt, debris and stains, with a soft-bristled brush.

Step 4: Rinse or spray off the cleaner. Wash away the shampoo and the resulting suds.

Step 5: Let the convertible top dry.

Step 6: Spray on the top protector. Ensure that this top protector is formulated for the top of your convertible. Apply the convertible top protector once a month for optimal protection.

Keep the interior of your convertible clean

It will help protect the car from damage and keep it look, feel and smell good. Cleaning up the interior of your convertible can be done once a week. You would need a cleaner and conditioner, both formulated for the material of the interior. You would also need microfiber towels, soft-bristled brush and vacuum. The follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove any trash. As much as possible, take any visible trash as you leave the convertible. Of course, there might be some trash that might be left and you could remove them during your regular cleanup schedule.

Step 2: Wipe down all surfaces like the seats, console, dash, and doors using a damp microfiber cloth. When wiping down leather surfaces, make sure that the microfiber towel isn't too damp.

Step 3: Apply cleaner to the interior. Do this as needed, especially if the cabin is too dirty.

Step 4: Remove and shake out the floor mats to get rid of dirt and debris.

Step 5: Vacuum the car. While the floor mats are still removed, vacuum the carpet, the seats as well as other surfaces.

Step 6: Apply conditioner. If applicable, use a conditioner, which is formulated for the material of the interior.

Purchase a sunshade

Third, you can purchase a sunshade to serve as the second layer of protection – aside from deployed top – for the interior from the harsh rays of the sun. Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to use the sunshade. Usually, it entails unfolding, positioning and keeping the sunshades in place.

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